Permit may refer to:
Permit (fish), a game fish of the western Atlantic ocean belonging to the Carangidae family, Trachinotus falcatus
Various legal licenses:

Work permit, legal authorization which allows a person to take employment
Learner's permit, restricted license that is given to a person who is learning to drive
International Driving Permit, allows an individual to drive a private motor vehicle in another nation
Disabled parking permit, displayed upon a vehicle carrying a person whose mobility is significantly impaired
Protest permit, permission granted by a governmental agency for a demonstration
Construction permit, required in most jurisdictions for new construction, or adding onto pre-existing structures
Filming Permit, required in most jurisdictions for filming motion pictures and television
Home Return Permit, Mainland (China) Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents
One-way Permit, document issued by the PRC allowing residents of mainland China to leave the mainland for Hong Kong

Thresher/Permit class submarine, a class of nuclear-powered fast attack submarines in service with the United States Navy
USS Permit (SS-178), a Porpoise-class submarine of the United States Navy
USS Permit (SSN-594), the lead ship of her class of submarine of the United States Navy

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  1. ATCclears

    FYI/Warning - WA State HB 1143 (onerous process for a Permit to buy any firearm) just progressed to next step

    I know there is another section in the Forum. For those in WA State please be aware that HB 1143 is moving forward in the current legislative session. My advice to friends and family is to get busy and buy what you want or need under the current laws...
  2. ScottInPDX

    Could Measure 114 affect silencer pickup?

    I have a couple of silencers I started Form 4s for recently, and I don't expect them to be approved before the end of the year. If Measure 114 passes do you think it could affect my ability to pick them up in 2023 after the ATF finishes their BS? I've read the Measure text and didn't see any...
  3. 11Charlie

    Conceal carry permit holders save lives

    We need the country to see more of these articles. Gunman On Rampage At Walmart Is Shot And Killed By Two Concealed Carriers
  4. DB is Here

    Other State  Gun permit holder reports being chased by group, shoots and wounds 15-year-old

    In St. Paul, gun permit holder shoots teen, reports being chased
  5. P

    Washington State non-resident carry permit

    As mentioned in my intro, i will be travelling to Washington next month for about 2 weeks. I am considering applying for a non-resident carry permit while im there. My main squeeze is from Washington and we travel there occaisionally for her to visit family. I was looking at the process for...
  6. RicInOR

    Other State  NJ - Governor Wants to Raise Gun Permit Fee 2000%

    N.J. Gov. Phil Murphy Wants To Raise Gun Permit Fees by 2,000 Percent Now that your outrage is up .... "The New Jersey ID card itself currently costs $5, but Murphy wants to raise the price to $100." " additional, separate process to obtain a handgun permit, which currently costs just...
  7. D

    Is it required in WA State to show an officer your CPL on a traffic stop?

    Is it required in WA State to show an officer your CPL on a traffic stop ? Thanks
  8. O

    what permit is this?

  9. E

    CHL Permit

    I am just getting my CHL Permit for Oregon and I know the laws for our state but I am wondering about going over to Vancouver for my job and carrying over there. What do I need to do to be able to carry over there too or whom should I contact over there about it does any one know?
  10. 4Freedom

    National  Alabama Police Shoot and Kill American Soldier with Legal Permit and are Acquitted

    Police officer justified in fatal mall shooting of black man: Alabama AG Stories like this just terrify me.. A law-abiding citizen with a concealed handgun license was sitting in ready position after gunfire erupted in the mall. He also was in the Army and serving our country. The police saw...
  11. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  SB501 permit required to own guns, 20 rounds per month limit, bans mags over 5 rounds

    Senate Bill 501 Requires person to secure permit before purchasing or otherwise receiving firearm. "May issue" by the Sheriff. Restricts ammunition receipt to 20 rounds within 30-day period. Prohibits transfer of firearm by gun dealer or private party until latter of 14 days or Department of...
  12. RicInOR

    Gun Permit Application - Steve McQueen - "Special" Consideration Requested

    October 17, 1970 Mr. Edward Rubin Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp 6380 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90048 U.S.A. Dear Eddie: As you know, I have been selected by the Manson Group to be marked for death, along with Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones. In some ways I find...
  13. NW1441

    WA CPL permit traveling into Oregon

    I have a WA Concealed Pistol Permit. I know that Oregon does not share reciprocity with WA. My question is... If I have a loaded gun concealed in my vehicle and cross the bridge into Oregon. Am I now breaking the law? I know I definitely would not be able to conceal the gun on my person. But...
  14. T

    Oregon non-resident permit issues

    Have had an Oregon non-resident Mother May I Card for some years, time to renew. Requruirement is to attend in person, get new prints photo, sign renewal, pay their bribe. I got my first one in COlumbia County, at the Sheriffs' office in st. Helens, Renewal was easy.. show up, wait for available...
  15. Joe Link

    Oregon  Woman who fatally shot friend in downtown Portland gets 100 days in jail for not having gun permit

    Woman who fatally shot friend in downtown Portland gets 100 days in jail for not having gun permit
  16. Joe Link

    International  Killer of teenage children got gun permit from NSW firearms registry

    Killer of teenage children got gun permit from NSW firearms registry
  17. Joe Link

    International  Up to 40K Israelis Could Be Allowed to Have Guns as Gov't Mulls New Permit Rules

    Up to 40K Israelis Could Be Allowed to Have Guns as Gov't Mulls New Permit Rules
  18. elsie

    Other State  Freebie CHL in Florida

    Particularly when they don't do the background check. Florida stopped doing gun permit checks for more than a year elsie
  19. Honor

    How do I obtain an out of state conceal carry permit for Oregon? (I'm a resident of Washington)

    Years ago, Sheriff Palmer of Grant County liberally issued conceal carry permits to those residing out of state. He came to Vancouver and upon presenting evidence of completion of the class instruction requirement and submitting to fingerprinting right there, processed permit applications...
  20. N

    Concealed carry permit a threat to your safety?

    I don't like carrying ID with my street address on it. If I'm knocked in the head by a thug, they can get my house keys and my ID with address (drivers license and CC permit). OR if you lose the CC permit whoever finds it has a good idea that address has guns. I see no reason to put street...
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