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  1. citizen a

    Washington County, OR CHL Renewal - super fast

    Tip of the hat to the CHL unit at the WCSO. I sent in my renewal form Monday (4/26). Went to the mailbox this morning and my renewed CHL card was there. Less than a week from mailing the renewal to receiving the card. If I knew they would be so fast I would have waited a month to send in the...
  2. jason m

    Delayed with a chl.

    Anybody else have this happen? Bought two pistols and am number 5047.. bought a pistol sunday and was 4th in line and was done in 20 min. No luck of the irish today lol.
  3. CountryGent

    CHL Phone Scam?

    My parents where here this last week and my mother was telling me about a new phone scam in which the method to your info is calling about your CCW/CHL license. A quick google search indicates it is a real thing. Out of curiosity, has anyone received one of these? I received an endless parade...
  4. R

    Mulheur (OR) County CHL Process

    I don't know if every county in OR uses the same web portal, but Mulheur was absolutely painless; fill out the electronic form, attach PDFs of ID Enhanced CHL, $65 on CC, make appointment for fingerprints/picture two weeks hence. I did receive a request to provide an actual training...
  5. CountryGent

    OR CHL + NV and AZ?

    So, I may very soon be making a trip via air to Sin City, then from there across the state line into the Grand Canyon state, then back to the Silver state, and finally flying back to Beaver state. (Obligatory "teehee" issued.) Being as that I'm told this bat country, I need to be properly...
  6. peteNW503

    Got my Oregon CHL!

    I finally got my CHL in the mail after a long 7 month process! Wow it’s took a while but I’m glad to finally have my Oregon concealed handgun license. I’ve always been responsible with firearms but this brings a completely new level of responsibility. I plan on getting a USCCA membership; I plan...

    Oregon  OR CHL for WA resident

    Good morning! I hope you all had a merry Christmas. I was an OR resident with an OR CHL and a WA non-resident CPL. I also have an AZ non-resident CCP. I recently just moved to WA state. I still travel to OR for business reasons. Is it possible to receive a non-resident CHL in OR as a WA...
  8. W

    Washington Resident - Oregon CHL Question

    I am a SW Washington resident and currently have an Oregon CHL. I need to renew it before 09/2021, I want to get this done as soon as possible or at least started due to the times that I have been hearing taking forever to get completed. If I submit for a renewal, does it make my current...
  9. Librarian

    Oregon  Lane County Sheriff adds CHL apppointments

    Email today Ours were June 30, now rescheduled to May 7.
  10. L

    60 days since CHL appt. and still nothing - Multnomah County

    I had my CHL appointment at the Multnomah County Sheriff's office on October 7th, and I have yet to receive my CHL or any other form of communication from the Sheriff's office. The 45 day mark (stated maximum processing time) was on Nov. 21st. Is this normal? Or can anyone think of a reasonable...
  11. S

    CHL renewal online wait time

    Hello. Jut finished my renewal online for my CHL and was curious the wait times? Ive herd the horror stories of first timers taking very long times and was wondering if its the same for renewal.
  12. A

    Oregon  Firearms in SUV, no CHL.

    When taking firearms in a SUV, what does Oregon law say about having them in the car while traveling in Oregon? We will have no storage options outside of the car. No CHLs either. Edit: found some law that seems to exclude long guns from any restrictions and says that handguns need to be in...
  13. P

    Northwest  OR CHL for ID Resident

    Hey All, Born, raised and lived in Portland area for most of my life. Wife and I moved to Idaho this summer, however most of our immediate and extended family as well as childhood friends live in MultCo. So, will be in the area often. Unfortunately never applied for my CHL despite getting the...
  14. J

    Oregon  Mult co Oregon “truck gun” legalities, with CHL

    Hi all, just looking for some more experienced voices here. I live and work mostly in Mutnomah county, I have a CHL. What permissions does that grant me, truck gun-wise? If I understand correctly, I can carry concealed and loaded an AR pistol, but what about carbines or long rifles? I’ve...
  15. skyscam

    Day 2 of Oregon CHL Carry

    Milestone alert, today marked my second full day of concealed carry in public. The preparation and training and research and waiting was all worth it. I’ve had the CHL since 2017, got it shortly after I purchased my carry gun, but never actually found a setup that I wanted to carry. I got...
  16. kbf64

    CHL on tribal lands...

    So is it tribe by tribe if you can carry concealed on tribal lands? Does reciprocity come into play? I.E. you have a Utah permit, and you travel through tribal lands in WA?
  17. kbf64

    What's the maximum CHL reciprocity you can practically get?

    Utah + AZ + OR = 39 states? Check my match...
  18. D

    Idaho Enhanced CHL instructor recommendation

    I am an Oregon resident interested in getting an Idaho enhanced concealed handgun license and was wondering if there were any Idaho residents here that could recommend an instructor. Would be looking in the Boise/Meridian area as that's the most convenient area coming from Oregon. Ideally we...
  19. T

    Recommendations for CHL insurance?

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