The 2013–14 CHL season was the 22nd season of the Central Hockey League (CHL). It was the last season of the CHL, as the league ceased operations in October 2014 after only seven teams remained. Allen, Brampton, Missouri, Quad City, Rapid City, Tulsa, and Wichita were accepted as expansion teams into the ECHL.

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  1. S

    Oregon CHL price raise Anyone else see this price hike. Its like they dont want broke people to be able to carry.
  2. M

    CHL reciprocity with Washington State question

    Greetings! My wife has both an Oregon resident CHL and a Utah non-resident concealed weapon permit. At the time she received the Utah permit Washington recognized Utah CHL licenses, allowing her to carry in Washington. I understand that Washington no longer recognizes Utah CHL's due to an issue...
  3. T

    Recommendations for backup CHL 22 pistol ....

    to accompany a 38 revolver or 9 mm pistol. Thinking of deep concealment. Any ideas? Thanks....
  4. Mark

    Oregon  Left Oregon, but still need an Oregon CHL

    Hey all, I recently moved to WA, however still need my OR CHL. What office would I go through to update my existing OR CHL to a WA address and/or do I need to get a new one, if so from who? I’ve already applied for a WA license. That appointment is next month (oof).
  5. Mrlomeli

    CHL Appointment, what to expect?

    So I have my appointment at the sheriff's office this week, and would like to know what to expect. Being new to owning firearms and having a tendency to overthink things, I have a bit of anxiety. I have everything on the checklist, but will I be questioned about anything the application doesn't...
  6. T

    Washington  Washington Resident looking to get Oregon CHL

    I live in Vancouver, Wa, and I am looking for guidance on how I can acquire a CHL for Oregon? Thank you!
  7. S

    How early can I renew my Multnomah County CHL?

    Anyone know hoe early you can renew? I expire March 20, 2022 But am moving this week... Dont want to have to do change of address and then have to back to renew... Or... Anyone know the grace period on change of address? Trying to do both in one shot, but the website has zero info for me
  8. Mark

    Washington  CHLs, moving to WA from Oregon

    So I am moving to WA soon, I have an OR CHL and Utah... Will I need to get a WA CHL once I move there or will Utah still apply? I know some states only allow out of state licenses if non-resident, can't find out where WA stands on this.
  9. ScatPackLife

    Finally got my CHL. Got some questions.

    So I know most of the obvious laws in regards to CCW in Portland, but are there any obscure laws that aren’t well known?
  10. Snoopy23

    Background checks and CHL

    Good evening all, I was at a gun shop recently and found a Remington 870 Police turn in for a very fair price. I filled out my 4473 and presented my CHL. The gal compared it to my driver's license and address on the 4473 and told me because the addresses don't match, I likely wouldn't be able...
  11. dbg19

    Oregon  CHL Validity Question

    Not seeking legal advice. Any insight on other's past experiences on this would be helpful. I just got differing answers on two phone calls. I just moved from Marion County to Multnomah County. I called into Multnomah County the week of my move to inquire about how to transfer my CHL. The guy...
  12. pharmseller

    My boy turned 21, looking for CHL class in Eugene

    My boy is a full-time student at Oregon, looking for a CHL class so he can get a CHL. What are his options? Thanks, P
  13. raindog

    Oregon  Multnomah County: How Far in Advance Can You Renew Your CHL?

    My Oregon CHL expires in January. I'm thinking that if I wait until it expires then there will be a gap when I can't carry, so I should renew in advance...but I can't find on the MCSO web site how early you can renew it. Anyone know?
  14. ZigZagZeke

    Referendum on SB554 Kicks Off!

    The referendum on SB554 has just been kicked off! Let's overturn SB554!!! Print out petition forms here, sign them and mail them in. Get your friends and family to sign them too!
  15. washagonian

    Oregon  SSB 554 - My Personal PARTIAL Analysis

    6/26/21 - partial analysis of NEW Oregon law - SB554 These are my notes regarding my analysis of the recently passed Oregon firearms law - SB554. These notes are NOT a complete or thorough analysis of the law. They are just my notes regarding how the law relates to my situation. There is a...
  16. citizen a

    Washington County, OR CHL Renewal - super fast

    Tip of the hat to the CHL unit at the WCSO. I sent in my renewal form Monday (4/26). Went to the mailbox this morning and my renewed CHL card was there. Less than a week from mailing the renewal to receiving the card. If I knew they would be so fast I would have waited a month to send in the...
  17. jason m

    Delayed with a chl.

    Anybody else have this happen? Bought two pistols and am number 5047.. bought a pistol sunday and was 4th in line and was done in 20 min. No luck of the irish today lol.
  18. CountryGent

    CHL Phone Scam?

    My parents where here this last week and my mother was telling me about a new phone scam in which the method to your info is calling about your CCW/CHL license. A quick google search indicates it is a real thing. Out of curiosity, has anyone received one of these? I received an endless parade...
  19. R

    Mulheur (OR) County CHL Process

    I don't know if every county in OR uses the same web portal, but Mulheur was absolutely painless; fill out the electronic form, attach PDFs of ID Enhanced CHL, $65 on CC, make appointment for fingerprints/picture two weeks hence. I did receive a request to provide an actual training...
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