1. DougHeffernan

    Do all Oregon counties offer conceal carry permits for Washington residents?

    Moved to Washington from Oregon and I just called the Marion County Sheriff office and they told me that I no longer qualified for an Oregon CHL since I am no longer a resident. I was just calling to get my address changed. I thought that if you lived in any of the surrounding states like...
  2. ilikegunspdx

    Oregon  Can you conceal carry a SBR in OR with a CHL?

    Does converting a pistol with brace to sbr mean you can't carry it concealed (with a chl) in OR? Also any changes to ability to carry loaded (concealed or otherwise) in vehicle? Thx!
  3. ATCclears

    Seven Inconvenient Truths of Concealed Carry

  4. Softball4Ever

    Oregon Conceal Carry Permit - 4 WA Residents

    Hi, I live in Washington and travel to and through Oregon on a regular basis. Can anyone tell me what county is the easiest county to get an out-of-state CCP. I tried Washington County and got the runaround. Any help that you can provide would be appreciated.
  5. RedRover

    How conceal handgun licenses may be handled post M114.

    I realize that there are no provisions in M114's wording that exempts CHL holders from the requirements set forth to acquire a Firearm Purchase Permit. However, I'm under the presumption that the legislature will need to enact some sort of structural rules & regulations (through legislation?)...
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