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International rules football (Irish: Peil na rialacha idirnáisiunta; also known as inter rules in Australia and compromise rules in Ireland) is a team sport consisting of a hybrid of football codes, which was developed to facilitate international representative matches between Australian rules football players and Gaelic football players.
The first tour, known as the Australian Football World Tour, took place in 1967, with matches played in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The following year, games were played between Australia and a touring County Meath Gaelic football team, Meath being the reigning All-Ireland senior football champions. Following intermittent international tests between Australia and Ireland, the International Rules Series between the senior Australian international rules football team and Ireland international rules football team has been played intermittently since 1984, and has generally been a closely matched contest. The sport has raised interest and exposure in developing markets for Gaelic and Australian football and has been considered a development tool by governing bodies of both codes, particularly by the AFL Commission.
International rules football does not have any dedicated clubs or leagues. It is currently played by men's, women's, and junior teams only in tournaments or Test matches.

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  1. DB is Here

    National  SCOTUS rules in favor of Illegal Immigrants in possession of Firearm

    US Supreme Court rules in favor of illegal immigrant in possession of firearm
  2. BBgun

    Stupid gun counter rules

    Stopped by a larger sporting goods store a couple days ago and couldn’t help but check out the gun counter. I was fondling a handgun and wanted to take it down to check out machining quality. I was told no guns were allowed to be field stripped in store, not by customers or employees. I then...
  3. Joe Link

    Washington  Inslee signs bills tightening gun rules

    Inslee signs bills tightening gun rules
  4. RicInOR

    Other State  MA - 1st Circuit Rules Magazine Limit Ban is OK

    Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Opinions Worman v. Healey Worman v. Healey Without Supreme Court Review, MA Judge Upholds Sweeping Gun Ban
  5. DB is Here

    National  Gun rights backers scoff at proposed change to rules at heart of Supreme Court case

    Gun rights backers scoff at proposed change to rules at heart of Supreme Court case
  6. PlayboyPenguin

    Rules for shooting on private land in Skamania Co. ???

    Does anyone know the rules for shooting on private land in Skamania county? I have been reading all the statutes and they primarily deal with managed lands.
  7. arakboss


    OFF is reporting that Rep. Post has been booted from the House Judiciary Committee. This committee was already stacked in favor of antis. If Rep. Post removal is accurate then we can expect them to run anti-gun bills through at will. Not good news. PRO-GUN LEGISLATOR SILENCED - Oregon Firearms...
  8. ATCclears

    Supreme Court Rules Against Excessive State Fines

    Supreme Court Rules Against Excessive State Fines snippet: The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Wednesday that states may not impose excessive fines, extending a bedrock constitutional protection but potentially jeopardizing asset-forfeiture programs that help fund police operations with...
  9. jlhopwo

    Trying to understand IDPA rules on PCC...

    So, if I understand the rules correctly, then the Extar EP9 does not qualify as a PCC because it's not a rifle? I don't get this at all! Can anyone help me understand this? Thanks!
  10. Joe Link

    Washington  Seattle defines what ‘safe gun storage' means under new rules

    Seattle defines what ‘safe gun storage' means under new rules
  11. Joe Link

    International  Up to 40K Israelis Could Be Allowed to Have Guns as Gov't Mulls New Permit Rules

    Up to 40K Israelis Could Be Allowed to Have Guns as Gov't Mulls New Permit Rules
  12. ma96782

    SCOTUS rules FOR sports betting

    Supreme Court makes sports betting a possibility nationwide Aloha, Mark
  13. OrdinaryJoe

    National  Mass: AR-15 and hi-cap mags not protected by the 2nd Amendment?

    Looks like a Federal District judge in Massachusetts said that AR-15’s and high capacity magazines are not protected by the 2nd Amendment. He quoted Scalia to support (or provide precedent?) to his decision. Court rules Second Amendment doesn't protect AR-15, assault rifles and large capacity...
  14. A

    National  Clear Backpacks to thwart "Gun Violence" at school.

    ------------------------------------------------ Stoneman Douglas students question new security measures regulating backpacks Scott Travis Contact Reporter Sun Sentinel April 2, 2018 5:50 PM Marjory Stoneman Douglas High created a new environment Monday, with clear backpacks, bag searches...
  15. Kruel J

    Welcome! Please read the Community Rules.

    Please read and familiarize yourself with NWFA's community rules before participating. Thank you and Welcome Aboard! Community Rules
  16. druiseeker

    What are some common sense range handling rules?

    I'm always armed. My weapon is always loaded. It seems like common sense to me. I know firearms safety is a very important topic. I've always done my best to observe the 4 weapons safety rules as taught to me by my grandfather and the military. I realize that what is common sense to me is...
  17. Andy54Hawken

    Please do not take your muzzleloading gun for granted...

    I am posting this in the General Firearms Section in the hope of reaching those not familiar with Muzzle loading firearms. For those of you who do not know me very well... I have a few original muzzleloaders that I like to display and share with folks. I do this throughout the year , but mostly...
  18. R

    Rules on open carry with licenses

    So can someone explain the rules on carrying a loaded weapon in Oregon that is not concealed? I read that you are allowed to open carry a loaded weapon as long as you have a license but a co worker of mine told me it is not legal only concealed carry? So I was just hoping someone could clarify...
  19. Dave Workman

    Washington  Judge rules in favor of SAF in gun tax PRA case

    Judge Rules Against Seattle in Gun Tax Public Records Case :) A King County Superior Court judge on Friday ruled in favor of the Second Amendment Foundation and the senior editor of its monthly publication,, in a lawsuit against the City of Seattle over violation of the Public...
  20. RicInOR

    2017 IDPA Rules

    Anyone gone thru all of the changes / updates ? The 2017 manual is much, much better than any previous version. available on
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