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Washington commonly refers to:
George Washington (1732–1799), first president of the United States
Washington (state), United States
Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States
Washington (name), including a list of people with the given name or surname Washington
Washington may also refer to:
The Washington metropolitan area
A metonym for the Federal government of the United States

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  1. W

    Washington  Prefiled Bills A few bills worth looking over; HB 2196 Standards for issuing an ERPO HB 2202 LEO exemption for firearm safety training requirement for semiauto rifle purchase or transfer. SB 6402 Prohibiting the use of title-only bills. SB 6044...
  2. DB is Here

    Washington  What Is Behind Washington’s Concealed Carry Climb?
  3. rutilate

    Washington  I-1094 Signature Gathering--Need Everyone's Help This Weekend!

    Folks, we need everyone's help to gather 300,000 signatures by December 25 to repeal 1639. This is an ALL OUT PUSH TO THE END! Here are the signature-gathering locations for this weekend 12/14-15 that I know of. Which of these locations can you help out at? Organized by Curtis Bingham...
  4. G

    Washington  Oregon family member gift gun to WA resident

    Hello all, Was wondering if you could help me answer a question that my family and I have been wondering about. My uncle lives in Oregon and would like to give me one of his pistol as a gift. I live in Washington state. Does he have to mail it to my local FFL here in WA to receive his gift...
  5. Mikej

    Washington  What to do when the authorities don't act?.....

    I'm not sure if this article is an update on the the murder/suicide earlier this week, or if it's a completely different case. It's very tragic that authorities had the guy in their hands, and allowed him any bail at all considering the risk that should have be realized. From the...
  6. gmerkt

    Washington  I-1639 was too broad but not I-976

    Well, the Deep State in Washington has done it again. Today, a judge placed a preliminary injunction on I-976, the tax reduction intitiative involving transportation issues. Basis for the Deep State fighing this is that the initiative violated the state constitution by being concerned with...
  7. JO JO

    Washington  shooting in parking lot of a Vancouver school today
  8. Patriot1668

    Washington  States that still allow face to face transactions?

    What states still permit old fashion face to face transactions between private partys (no FFL transfer required)?
  9. terdog

    Washington  RED FLAG LAW ARTICLE

    I received an email from the Spokesman - Review where the author, Shawn Vestal touts the success of Washingtons RFL's...
  10. Red98422

    Washington  Pistol trading questions

    Let me start off with the disclaimer that I am not in this situation, and quite honestly hope to never find myself in this situation. This is simply for information. Now let’s say you are trading a pistol for a pistol with another person. What happens if you were to pass the background check...
  11. ATCclears

    Washington  Planned 2020 Legislative activity on guns

    The 12-point agenda is thorough, including goals to regulate access to ammunition and high-capacity magazines, “address the intersection of alcohol and firearm violence,” allow local governments to enact stricter gun control, create a centralized background check system, and more. 2020 gun...
  12. WoodsPlinker

    Washington  Major US city trying to tax away the 2A

    Video is on the new Tacoma gun and ammo tax
  13. nammac

    Washington  Do I have to renew WA cpl in the issuing county?

    So, in the spring my non-resident Washington CPL issued by King County will expire, can I simply renew that through say Clark County? Honestly, I haven’t even looked yet, though I’d post it here to this knowledgeable base of users... Do I have to drive to King County, please tell me I don’t...
  14. F

    Washington  Why am I still waiting?

    So it took a week, but I got a proceed to get my new Bren 805 rifle. The FFL called and told me I could pick it up. But when I got there, they told me I actually couldn’t have it until the 15th. Why? Is there a mandatory wait I’m unaware of? If my background check came back good, what am I...
  15. koolminx

    Washington  No Lead hunting in Cali question

    California is always a sore subject, but I'm curious about the impact the new lead ban has on Muzzle Loaders and Flint Locks etc... Are the locals coming up with home solutions or are they being taken care of by the ammunition industry? Thanks for the chat ladies and germs. 8)
  16. B

    Washington  Help understanding 594 and 1639

    So I have looked at both laws and have a few questions I hope someone in the know can answer. 1: Can WA resident siblings gift each other a semi auto rifle or pistol without the otherwise required background checks and waiting period? Under 1639 Sec. 11 (4) A It appears siblings are exempt...
  17. DB is Here

    Washington  Tacoma City Council Delays Vote On Guns & Ammo Tax
  18. Red98422

    Washington  Proposed tax to be added to Tacoma FA and ammo For those that don’t do Facebook the post is copied below from Areo. Also a copy of the proposed bull is also attached
  19. DB is Here

    Washington  Washington Insurance Commissioner Fines USCCA $100,000 for Selling ‘Unauthorized Insurance’ in the State
  20. doubblea

    Washington  New Washington Resident Purchasing Guns

    Hello all, first post here. I moved to Washington in the middle of June, but just got my new license last week. I heard rumors of needing to be a resident for 90 days before being able to purchase a handgun. Is this true? Am I considered to have been a resident for 90 days, or just a week? Any...