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Washington commonly refers to:
George Washington (1732–1799), first president of the United States
Washington (state), United States
Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States
Washington (name), including a list of people with the given name or surname Washington
Washington may also refer to:
The Washington metropolitan area
A metonym for the Federal government of the United States

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  1. Sporting Systems

    Washington  State background check system for LE agencies down

    Heads up Washington - last night we were informed that the state has installed a new background check system for Law Enforcement Agencies to perform background checks for handguns and semi automatic rifles. It was supposed to be a ONE day installation cycle. We are quickly approaching a week...
  2. Dave Workman

    Washington  Significant turnaround in WA CPLS

    WA Concealed Carry Turnaround: Nearly 5,000 CPLs Added in May After steadily losing ground for more than a year due to COVID-19 shutdowns of basic counter services by law enforcement agencies, Washington state sheriffs’ and police departments are evidently back in the concealed pistol license...
  3. gypsydanger556

    Washington  WA Private Party FFL sales ID

    I’m planning on selling a handgun on Tuesday in Washington to a Washington resident. I am an Oregon resident and the Oregon DMV is taking forever on sending me a new license because mine expired about a month ago. Do I have wait until my new license comes in to do this transaction or is there...
  4. Knobgoblin

    Washington  Open carry ban signed into law today in wa state. Silver lining?

    Go away Jay scratched his signature on SB5038 , forced onto the fast track as an emergency measure in late April, making it state law today. Plenty of opportunities to abuse enforcement on this infringement of both the first and second amendments. But ; can we assume that this may provide...
  5. Triton900

    Oregon  How to attain my CPL in OR (Salem) if WA resident

    I travel through OR and to Salem often, I was looking into the steps I need to go through in order to attain my permit. I even contacted the Sherifs office in Marion and Polk counties but have not received any reply. Can anyone give me some insight on the proper steps to take? Looking it up, I...
  6. LeonK291

    Washington  Oregon transfer to WA and vise versa?

    Wanting to do a trade with an OR resident. What are our options? It would be a rifle transfer to OR, and a handgun to WA. I know I can just have both shipped from an FFL, but I have heard an OR resident can come here to transfer. Just looking for clarification! Would love to save on shipping if...
  7. B

    Washington  I've HAD IT! I'm PO'd & fed up!

    I'm so po'd & disgusted with our 'elected officials' I had to let go and blow up. I did the link from the American Firearms Association but the damn thing said no profanity & refused to send. My words are freedom of speech & nobody but nobody will prevent that! I don't need or want anyone...
  8. JohnnyMac

    Washington  On a bright note....

    Gotta love small towns! Wahkiakum County commissions on Tuesday made good of their intention announced last week to adopt a resolution opposing infringement of rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States...
  9. D

    I found a old box ofArmmer peircing 30cal ammp are they legal b

    I found a old box of 30cal armmer peircing rounds that had belonged to my grandma who was in ww2 are they legal to have and sale?
  10. goatpower

    WA state - HB 1439 Authorizing military surplus vehicles to operate on public highways.

    Hello fellow MV owners. I apologize if there is a current thread on this topic as I was unable to locate one. It appears that we have another chance to get out MV's licensed and street-able in Washington state this year. Please follow the link and contact your representatives - spread the word...
  11. Mad Pick

    Washington  EAOTD #19: Open carry ban back in the Senate, help needed!

    Please post in this thread after you call and/or email! Let's get some momentum! From the Washington Civil Rights Association: ALL HANDS-CALL/EMAIL ANDY BILLIG TODAY DEMAND HOLD, NO CONCURRENCE VOTE ESSB 5038 BANNING OPEN CARRY DURING PROTESTS AND ON THE CAPITOL GROUNDS IS BACK IN THE...
  12. Mad Pick

    Washington  EAOTD #18: Open carry ban vote coming, please email!

    Please post in this thread after you email! Let's get some momentum! From the Washington Civil Rights Association: ALL HANDS-EMAIL REPRESENTATIVES TODAY ESSB 5038 OPEN CARRY BAN IS ON THE FLOOR ESSB 5038 banning open carry during protests and on the Capitol grounds could come up for a vote...
  13. B

    Washington  FFL Transfer Question

    I'm in WA state and if I want to buy a semi automatic rifle from someone in OR can someone confirm the only two ways to do so are: 1. Have them go to an OR FFL and ship it to my WA FFL. 2. Have them cross state lines and meet me at a WA FFL near the OR/WA border. Lastly, in any of those...
  14. DLS

    Washington  5038 (Open carry ban) hearing this Tuesday! Follow links to file testimony with the committee!

    Urge Committee to Oppose Carry Ban, Senate Bill 5038 (
  15. Dave Workman

    Washington  Mag Ban Bill dies at deadline Ammoland coverage of anti-gunners' angst over their magazine ban bill biting the dust.
  16. C

    Washington  Polymer 80 legality in WA state

    Hello everyone, I was curious if anyone knows for sure if it is still legal for someone to purchase and build a Polymer 80 kit for personal use in WA state? I've been eyeballing things on 80p Builder, but I am concerned because I know a law passed awhile back that I think pertains to these. Thanks
  17. Sporting Systems

    Washington  Washington anti gun bills nearing Senate vote - be ready to call and email

    URGENT: ALL HANDS-STAY SHARP, STAY READY Remaining anti-gun bills could well be brought to the floor TODAY If they do, we’ll go nuclear! Today is the last day to pass bills out of the house of origin in preparation to cross over to the other branch. These bills are still pending: SHB 1283...
  18. ddjchemist

    Washington  Has anyone experienced delayed background check on private sales at FFL?

    Has anyone experienced delayed background check on private sales at a FFL dealer? The reason I am asking this question is that it seems every seller assumes that background check goes through immediately. What would you do if it does not? Should buyer pay after his/her background check clears...
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