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Washington commonly refers to:
George Washington (1732–1799), first president of the United States
Washington (state), United States
Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States
Washington (name), including a list of people with the given name or surname Washington
Washington may also refer to:
The Washington metropolitan area
A metonym for the Federal government of the United States

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  1. Sporting Systems

    Washington - statewide gunrights and activisim

    Please visit and share this website across Washington. We used it during the repeal effort and it was an amazing resource. We will continue to using it as clearinghouse for information, activism, contracting reps, providing original content relevant to Washington laws, calendar of events...
  2. D

    Washington  I-1639 Registry & HIPPA - Legal Beagle Question

    My understanding is that, prior to I-1639 a WA resident purchasing a pistol allowed a 1 time release of their otherwise confidential health information, but that the changes in I-1639 made it persist into perpetuity and granted the state whatever frequency of inquiries they wanted. Also I...
  3. Taco_lean

    Washington  Contact your WA reps!

    Here are links. It takes literally seconds. I mentioned the 1994 assault weapons ban and mag limit had 0 effect on crime. And that is will turn lawful CHL hokders who carry a pistol with greater than 10 rounds into a...
  4. DB is Here

    Washington  Embattled WA Lawmaker Shea Talks as Rights Fight Looms
  5. HahnsXD

    Washington  WA CPL Renewal at 43 Days and Counting.

    Drove down to the Clark County Sheriff's Office on December 10th to renew my CPL for the 2nd time. Upon completing the paperwork and getting my picture taken, I was told it would be 30-35 days. I thought about saying that the law says they must be completed in 30 days, but I kept my trap shut...
  6. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  Live Video Executive Hearing Session on SB 6077 companion bill HB 2240 High capacity magazine ban

    This is happening tomorrow morning January 23rd at 10am. It's executive session hearing on this. Carry over bill from 2019 legislative session to 2020 session. This is coming up tomorrow January 23rd, at 10am ...
  7. asbtg

    Washington  Shooting 4th & Pine downtown Seattle at 5:11 PM Jan 22 2020

    Not a lot of hard facts yet but what is supposedly known is up to 5 victims, no deaths reported yet, gunman at large. EDIT: 1 dead, 5 injured.
  8. Sporting Systems

    Washington  1639 Lawsuit update - 1-22-20

    1639 Legal Update: Haven't posted much recently, as there is a lot of activity, but not a lot we can publicly discuss. Last night, about 11:59 PM, we filed our last response to the state's latest discovery request. The calendar has not been our friend up until now. We will see some real movement...
  9. deckert

    Washington  SB 6288

    You can listen to the discussion in the Law & Justice Committee (yes it's an oxymoron) about creating a NEW Agency in the State named...Washington office of firearm violence prevention that was discussed on 1/21/2020 here. Start at 1:27:23 with the staff report that precedes the testimony. From...
  10. Nick Burkhardt

    Washington  Knife laws

    Washington knife laws are stupid
  11. nwheavy75

    Washington  HELP

    Just checked My e-mail and found this on short notice. I have to pass this on to all. I could not find a duplicate thread, so putting it here. Time to mobilize and join members of Clark Rifles. Members of Clark Rifles The...
  12. Z

    spend 30 seconds to help support Washington 2A sanctuaries

    Hello, After conversing with some Washington state legislators, I can confirm that they are largely ignorant of gun ownership statistics and demographics. While they can choose to ignore the hundreds of protesters at the capital (thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday despite the weather)...
  13. A

    Washington  Washington State Law Regarding Out Of State Purchases

    I was looking in to WA State law regarding firearm transfers and found this law regarding out of state firearm purchases: Out of State Purchasing (RCW 9.41.122)Residents of Washington may purchase rifles and shotguns in a state other than Washington from a federally licensed dealer. For...
  14. Nick Burkhardt

    Washington  Richland 2A Rally 01/18/2020

    Sorry, I just found out about this. 2nd Amendment gun rights rally planned this Saturday at John Dam Plaza in Richland in support of Friday’s rally in Olympia. The Richland event is 1-2:30 p.m. Saturday at 815 George Washington Way.
  15. B

    How about contacting the media??

    Greetings, Spreading the word out further to the general public might not be a bad idea, particularly shining a spot light/highlighting the very worst parts that are buried in the fine print, like HB2241's registration requirement:eek:. Or HB 2519 the BGC on ammo. These are the kinds of...
  16. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  Multiple Gun bills and hearing dates

    The following is an alert for gun control hearings in the state legislature scheduled for the dates of 17, 20, and 21, of January at the Washington State Capitol in Olympia. Friday, Jan. 17, at 10:00 AM Civil Rights & Judiciary Committee, John L. O’Brien Bldg., room 204A HB 2467 – Unspecified...
  17. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  Magazine Bans & Hearings for HB2240 & SB6077

    HB 2240 Link: Tentative scheduled live hearing and testimony and usually video too for HB2240: "Jan 21 Scheduled for public hearing in the House Committee on Civil Rights & Judiciary at 10:00 AM (Subject to change)...
  18. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  New Back ground check Bill HB 2467

    New background check they want to put in place and more background check fees. Live Video on Friday January 17th at 10am. If you're in Olympia you can sign in to testimony to opose it. Video link...
  19. B

    Washington  NRA-ILA link to oppose SB6077 (CPL Red tape).

    NRA-ILA link to oppose SB6077 if you're so inclined: Boss
  20. DB is Here

    Washington  Fatal Shootings Up in Seattle; WA Gun Control ‘A Failure,’ Says CCRKBA Hey, Anti-gunner...facts don't care about your feelings.