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Washington commonly refers to:
George Washington (1732–1799), first president of the United States
Washington (state), United States
Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States
Washington (name), including a list of people with the given name or surname Washington
Washington may also refer to:
The Washington metropolitan area
A metonym for the Federal government of the United States

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  1. 2A-Jay

    Washington gas tax change faces vote

    Washington State considering Changing Gas Tax to a Miles Driven Tax (Road Use Tax based on how many miles you have driven)...
  2. D

    Washington  Wrong news reporting

    Just watched KEPR news in Tri-Cities. Reporter essentially said you must have training, per 1639, to own a semiautomatic weapon. Not to buy but to own. I called KEPR and bubblegumed so we'll see if they correct their mistake. I doubt it but stuff/reporting like this burns my a$$. MSM screwing it up...
  3. S

    Washington  Quick 1639 question...

    Do the provisions of 1639 apply to WA residents or to any transfer within the state? For example, there is an FFL near where I work and I usually try to arrange transfers there while on lunch... Even OR residents. Now with 1639... If I have an OR resident come here to do transfer of a...
  4. Hyak55171

    7mm rem mag federal premium 150gr

    Bought without thinking about it yesterday. Paid 45 a box before tax at cabelas, will take 40 a box or trade for 7mm precision hunter 162gr eldx, 45 acp or 45-7p
  5. Dave Workman

    Washington  King County 'Gun Safety Action Plan'

    ALERT!! https://www.libertyparkpress.com/deep-blue-king-county-wa-has-gun-safety-action-plan/ The County Board of Health is having sessions Tuesday and Wednesday evening in White Center. Sorry for the Short notice.
  6. beangrinder

    Chuck Stapel Custom Knife - can ship.

    This is another rare and beautiful custom knife from the collection in my other thread. It's a Chuck Stapel Damascus steel blade with a brass thumb-drop guard. The handle is comprised of stag antler with a micarta spacer, an oosik (fossilized Walrus bone) mid-piece, another micarta spacer and...
  7. czgunner

    WTS WA  Rifle length Superlative Arms piston kit and upper

    Looking to sell my low round count (20'ish) Superlative Arms piston kit in rifle length with clamp on .750" gas block. I have a new bushing to go with the kit. Looking for $225 for the kit. Upper not included.
  8. C

    Gen 4 Glock 21 (Only 1 mag fired through it)

    Purchased well over a year ago, Will come with factory glock box with normal accessories, 2 aftermarket 26 round mags, and a little less then 100 rounds of federal hst hollow points, pretty much a brand new gun, Selling for $500 obo or will trade/cash for a Glock 48, Glock 19x, or a Glock 45...
  9. Mygrainman

    WTS WA  Big Bore AR Stripped upper(450,458,500etc.)

    Mounted but never fired Stripped Upper Ejection Port was factory milled to accommodate larger caliber ARs ....EG .450 Bushmaster, .458 socom, .500 Beowulf.... Got it on an Upper that didn’t need the larger port so I swapped it out. $60 Willing to ship on you... See the difference :oops:
  10. beangrinder

    Several Tops Knives - will ship. (Only One Knife Left!)

    This is a selection of Tops knives that I purchased new and then stored in my safe, so they are essentially unused. As always, you are welcome to inspect any of them before buying. Not looking for any trades. Prices are for local cash sales. Payment by PayPal and shipping (USPS Priority mail at...
  11. beangrinder

    Price Drop: Several Custom Knives For Sale - can ship.

    A good friend and neighbor who is a retired knife salesman gave me several very nice custom knives to sell all of which appear unused, having been stored in his collection for many years. The Mike McClure does have very small some dark spots on the blade. As always, you are welcome to inspect...
  12. fredball

    Walther PPQ M2 45acp

    Walther PPQ M2 45ACP/ 3 x 12 rd mags 4.2 inch barrel EXtra back strap extra Ambi mag release LIKE NEW CONDITION Less than 300 rds Background check included if sold in Vancouver Will travel to Oregon but not far Please make All comments in a PM $450.00
  13. fredball

    Sig Sauer p 320 9mm

    Sig Sauer P 320 9mm 3 /17 rd mags paddle holster Rd count less than 300 4.7 inch barrel Nitron Black finish LIKE NEW CONDITION Background check included if sold in Vancouver, can travel to Oregon but not far Please make all comments in a Private Message $500.00
  14. JBSTRD

    WTB WA  Gen 5 Glock 19,19x, or 45 Slide

    Looking for a Gen 5 G19, 19x, or G45 Slide. I need internal parts but I don’t need Barrel or RSA. Looking for new or lightly used. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  15. m1marty

    WTS/WTT WA  S&W 386PD Sc/Ti 7shot .357

    *SOLD* Putting up for sale an incredibly tough to find S&W 386PD .357 7 shot. L frame, Scandium frame, Titanium wheel/bolt. Sub 20oz unloaded (18.5 I think) One of the best "packing" wheelies made. Produced from 2001-05, they weren't made in huge numbers and are tough to find on the secondary...
  16. S

    Washington  Encountering coyotes in the neighborhood...

    There have been numerous coyote sightings in my area as well as pets being attacked and/or killed... I've seen quite a few and ran a couple off which were attacking the neighbors dog, I'd have shot them if not for the inopportune backstop this got me to thinking... What IS the legality of...
  17. Hyak55171

    Kimber 1911

    Kimber custom ii with high viz sights. Bought it and then won a gunbroker bid on a different gun that i wasn't expecting to win. Unfired, been out of the box to clean it and take pics paid 750 for the pistol itself, another 100 for 2 more mags and a box of ammo. Want to get 750 out of it and...
  18. TOVO

    WTS WA  12 pounds 38 special brass

    WTS WA/OR. I have 12 pounds +/- of CBC 38 special brass. I do not how many times the brass has been used. For full disclosure our CAS rifles do not like this brass. Nothing wrong with the brass. $20 for the whole bag.
  19. NWRider

    Leupold Mark 5HD 3.6-18x44mm M5C3 ILLUMINATED - 1650

    Hi all, Putting up for sale my new to me (and new) Leupold Mark 5. This is the illuminated model, brand new and never mounted from what I've been told and will include the factory sunshade. I dont have any practical use for glass this capable, so pricing to sell. MSRP is ~$2800 as this is...
  20. BlacktoyGlock

    WTS WA  LMT Mlol Mlc barreled upper. It is carbine length (newest version) with 11.5in barrel. Upper

    WTS LMT Mlol Mlc barreled upper. It is carbine length (newest version) with 11.5in barrel. Upper has been mounted and test fired at the factory like new. asking $875 face to face NO BCG OR CH Payment PP FF or + Fee's text @206-326-9929 No trades please text for more pictures Description...