Washington commonly refers to:
George Washington (1732–1799), first president of the United States
Washington (state), United States
Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States
Washington (name), including a list of people with the given name or surname Washington
Washington may also refer to:
The Washington metropolitan area
A metonym for the Federal government of the United States

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  1. ilikegunspdx

    Washington  Crystal ball time, how do u think WA mag ban will be enforced & to what extent?

    Was thinking about Colorado magazine ban from years ago. My understanding is to anyone in the gun community it was kind of viewed as a joke and many retailers were even selling standard cap mags that were blocked to 10 round size along with kits to return them to normal capacity. Forgetting...
  2. RobMa

    Washington  Washington’s AG at it again!

    And…. the fascist raise their ugly heads again, even after the recent Supreme Court ruling. All this does is confirm what totalitarian zealots they are:
  3. frosty

    Washington  Post ban selling of guns

    Once the standard cap ban is in place in WA, when selling or trading a gun, Are you able to include the original >10rd mags?
  4. arakboss

    Washington  Long Gun Purchase From WA FFL Age Requirements

    What are current State age requirements for semi-auto and bolt action long gun purchases/transfers at WA FFLs?
  5. Mathias

    Washington  Receiving mag ordered now but receive after 7/1.

    I ordered a 12 rd mag today. Arrival time is between 6/9 and 7/1. IF it arrives on 7/1 will that be illegal? It's paid for already.
  6. Glock45

    Washington  oregon resident shooting in washington with high cap. mag

    Since washington passed the ban on high capacity mag, which does not go into effect till july 1st, will you still be allowed to shoot there after the ban is in effect? the bill only regulates the sell, manufacture, and distribution of high capacity mag.
  7. Mathias

    Washington  Federal Red Flag Law

    What does the federal red flag law stipulate as to who can report someone? A relative? A neighbor? A friend?
  8. Gunbuggy

    Washington  Fixed blade knife concealed

    I know Washington says no “dirks or daggers” concealed. I’m wondering #1 if anyone follows this and #2 if there’s a “loophole” (I hate using that word) on this. I know a lot of guys that conceal a fixed blade either in their edc pack or their Fanny pack. Those guys breaking the law? Not that...
  9. Gunbuggy

    Washington  Carrying at Clark county fairgrounds concert???

    Hey y’all. Have an upcoming concert I’ll be a attending at the Clark county fairgrounds. Anybody know their stance on carrying firearms? Regardless of this, anyone who’s been to a concert here, do they have metal detectors or any sort of situation like that? Thanks
  10. W

    Washington  10 day delay for pistols

    My local FFL ( first time using them. Pawn shop) told me Vancouver PD low on staff it could take 10 days to clear. I dont ever remember it taking it this long, except for semi auto long guns? Is this the current state of transfer backlogs? This is bananas..
  11. Jsm11

    Washington  Shipping Handgun to buyer within WA State

    Curious about shipping a handgun to Vancouver from Tri-Cities. I’d normally just drive over but with the 10 day minimum wait and fuel at $6/gallon I’d prefer to just ship. If I’m interpreting the laws correctly, I can ship as a private individual, a handgun via UPS or FedEx to their chosen FFL...
  12. Nickerz

    Weird situation with my VEPR today in Washington state... where's a good place to sell?

    So I can't make heads or tails from this. So I called around a couple places locally to put my VEPR on consignment since values have gone up on them. Figure since it's stritctly a home defense gun I'll trade down to another AK-12ga clone like the Saiga or other. One shop I call sounds very...
  13. ATCclears

    Video - Can You Use Lethal Force If You're Being Robbed in Washington?

  14. L

    Washington  shipping to an out of state FFL

    hello I have a contender frame I am shipping out of state I have been in contact with the FFL holder and he has faxed me his license I am ready to box it up what is the procedure next with the license and the carrier which one is better thanks
  15. Flyboy3394

    Washington  July 1st magazine restrictions apply to mag baseplates?

    Hi all, Looking for some clarity. Does the July 1 magazine law apply to mag extension basepads which add capacity?
  16. KCKracker

    Washington  Whats happening July 1st?

    I know the 10 round magazine law is happening but what else? I keep seeing ads saying buy this before July 1st. 🤷
  17. Dave Workman


    WA Supreme Court Upholds State Preemption in SAF-NRA Lawsuit v. Edmonds The Washington State Supreme Court has unanimously upheld the state’s long-standing model firearms preemption statute in a lawsuit filed against the City of Edmonds by the Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle...
  18. C

    Washington  Does a Muzzleloader now require an FFL?

    I tried asking elsewhere and I am getting mixed results. I have a muzzleloader I would like to sell in WA yet I can not get a firm answer on if I need to go to an FFL or not. When I bought it several years, I got it online and they were able to ship it right to my house with no involvement of...
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