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Washington commonly refers to:
George Washington (1732–1799), first president of the United States
Washington (state), United States
Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States
Washington (name), including a list of people with the given name or surname Washington
Washington may also refer to:
The Washington metropolitan area
A metonym for the Federal government of the United States

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  1. bradsteen

    Washington  3-lug barrels and ban compliance

    I'm trying to interpret the dumpster fire that is HB1240 to determine whether 3-lug barrels on pistols are OK, or if they are considered "threaded" for the purposes of the law. I'm going to call a lawyer for assistance, but floating this here as well just to get people's thoughts. Regarding...
  2. K

    Washington  WA AWB, Magazine ban, current lawsuits, injunctions, status, updates

    As a resident of WA, these are the only two issues i really care about right now. Yet I have no idea what lawsuits are currently out there, the status, or what the heck is going on. I know the magazine injunction is languishing without a decision, but what cases are currently challenging the...
  3. Gunbuggy

    Washington  Booster? Direct thread adapter? Anyone try and order one?

    Wondering what kind of hell on earth I should prepare for. Placed an order tonight for a direct thread adapter for 2 of my cans. Anybody order any post 1240? Did the company fulfill the order? I know they should as it is not banned, but some people are spooked by our terribly worded...
  4. jchris

    Washington  Masterpiece MPA30T Legal?

    I've done an initial search here and on Google with no luck. Post Washington State HB1240 taking effect, I've read the illegal gun list and the Masterpiece is not mentioned. Other than the threaded barrel, is this pistol illegal? I'm a new FFL 07 licensee and doing my best to stay within the...
  5. bloodnguts

    Washington  Threaded Rimfire Handguns?

    I was recently at a gun shop that I will not name(just in case). I was surprised to see they were still selling threaded rimfire handguns. I thought these were banned with 1240? The owner of the store said they’re still perfectly legal to sell. Thoughts?
  6. skywag

    Washington  Is my Remington Nylon 66 still legal in WA?

    I think the "magazine" or tube holds 19 rounds.
  7. Jcremer24

    Washington  Selling a “Banned Firearm” to an FFL

    Does anyone know if you can- from out of state- sell a banned firearm + mags to an FFL in WA. This is indeed legal right? Couldnt find much in my research
  8. B

    Washington  What if you move to another state but leave banned guns here? Are they still legal?

    Let's say you leave this God forsaken cesspool of a state. You keep your house here, but want to buy a house out of state and establish residency there. You will still spend part of your time here since you have ties to the area. Are your banned magazines, guns, etc. still legal for you to...
  9. bradsteen

    Washington  Request for Assistance from SMF

    Hey folks, just saw this and am passing it along. If you had a firearm purchase blocked by the signing of HB1240 (you had made the purchase and were waiting on the background check or mandatory 10 day delay when the bill was signed into law), the Silent Majority Foundation wants to hear from...
  10. RobMa

    Washington  Attention Washingtonians (AWB relevant)

    It might be pertinent to your situation in regards to not being able to take possession of a firearm that you "legally purchased" and then were denied because of King insly's decree.
  11. ATCclears

    WA State - flow chart on HB1240 and if the firearm is now deemed an "Assault Weapon"

    Typical caveats apply in that this was created by a gun club, and was created at a point in time based on their understanding of HB1240 (ie., updates to WA State laws may not be represented in this decision tree).
  12. Sporting Systems

    Washington  HB1240 - Motion for Injunction Denied

    HB1240 lawsuit update: Hartford et al v Ferguson (Western District Federal Court) Moments ago, Judge Robert Bryan Denied the Motion for Preliminary Injunction or an expedited trail. Critical points he makes in his highly flawed decision: - Semi automatic guns and their parts are NOT in...
  13. rayrunspdx

    Washington  Legal status of shooting at English Pit for Oregon residents.

    I’m wondering what the legal status is of shooting at WA gun ranges as an Oregon resident. Can I bring my AR, pistols, and standard cap mags to places like English Pit and Safefire?
  14. boxof22

    Washington  Mossberg shockwave rules on barrel

    Thought about this the other day and couldn't find a direct answer when searching. Question- what is the legality of shortening the mossberg 590 shockwave barrel? also- doing modifications such as adding a longer barrel, adding a pistol grip, and or a stock? The shockwave is classified as a...
  15. KalashnaKobold

    Washington  Heading into WA from OR with AR or AK to shoot at range then return home?

    Hey all, Pardon the ignorance and possibly stupid question, after a short sweep of the section I didn't see anything specific to what I'm asking, or only was being discussed prior to the law passing. I'm an Oregon resident who usually shoots near Castle Rock, but haven't been since before the...
  16. Koda

    Washington  Lawful carry in healthcare facilities

    I haven't been able to find anything on this, so asking the community here. Does Washington prohibit CHL carry in public and/or private facilities that provide heathcare? eg. hospitals, or assisted living facilities
  17. gmerkt

    Washington  Another blow to Washington gun shows

    Lately, I've begun going to the WAC gun shows here again. Today was the first one I've attended since HB1240 passed. Due to the impact of this new law, the AR guys and all their parts and accessories had vanished. Which diminished the size of the show. Loss of vendors reduces the revenue for...
  18. RobMa

    Washington  When a tyrant wants to become governer

    TF wants to rule over us like a dictator.
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