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  1. rdb241

    Security Guard Disarms a rioter with a stolen Police AR-15
  2. outontherange

    Remington 870 Police Magnum with extras

    Police used a 870. I took out to range and it shoots extremely smooth. Great shot gun!! Funding another project. Speed feed stocks are no longer available and go for $170 alone as I just saw one on eBay. Consider it a huge bonus as it holds 4 extra shells. The side saddle holds 6 and the tube...
  3. Stomper

    Cali Police Stand-Down After Marine Vet Challenged Officers Integrity

    This was amazing... please watch the entire video!
  4. PaulB47

    Other State  KY EMT killed in police raid on wrong apt

    Cops bust into wrong home. Man wakes up and fires at invaders, hitting a cop. Cops fire 25 rounds, miss the man but put 8 bullets into his girlfriend. Man arrested for assault and attempted murder of a police officer. Black woman shot and killed after Kentucky police entered her home as she...
  5. P

    LIKE NEW .38 Smith and Wesson model 10-7 Service Revolver Royal Hong Kong Police, collector

    This is a .38 smith and wesson service revolver, it is a collector item and has the stamp for RHKP which stands for Royal Hong Kong Police. It is in excellent condition and looks like it has never been fired or not fired very much. Not interested in trades, Can meet at FFL
  6. ch139

    Remington 870 Magnum Police/Riot length

    This gun was born an Remington 870 Wingmaster Magnum. As a Wingmaster it has the nice old blue finish and hard chrome bolt and lifter. As a Magnum the action negotiates 2 3/4 and 3-inch shells, the barrel is thusly chambered, the serial number ends in the letter M and the side of the receiver is...
  7. H

    Paris Police officer carrying APC9?

    Paris Police I linked to the article from today, but is this police officer in Paris carrying a B&T APC9?
  8. RicInOR

    National  District Court Finds Bump Stock Ban May Constitute a Taking, Because the Federal Government Lacks a Police Power

    District Court Finds Bump Stock Ban May Constitute a Taking, Because the Federal Government Lacks a Police Power
  9. RicInOR

    Other State  Unarmed Man Shot By Police ....

    The Bad actor had struck a cop in the head with the pistol, and shot a cop in the shoulder. Of course after they defended themselves, he went down and became unarmed. But this is what the city councilman was reporting and it lead to rioting...
  10. Sporting Systems

    Washington  Washington Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and Legislators to Governor - Firearm industry is essential!

    This is the letter sent to the Governor an hour ago. The images shared, is the Legislative letter. This effort was spearheaded by Senator Lynda Wilson and the SAF attorneys (Joel & Matt). A big thank you to Sheriff Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs association for the Sheriffs personal cell...
  11. T

    Are local police broadcast systems "trunked or encripted" ?

    Looking to buy a police scanner but wonder if the locals in Hillsboro and Portland block their communications? Anybody know?
  12. Ross G1911

    Colt "Official Police" 4inch 38spl

    Up for sale or trade Colt official police 4inch barrel ramped front sight, finish is fairly well worn but still has good luster. Mechanically it is 100% sound. Has really nice factory grips as well asking $460 obo. Will consider trades though no shotguns. message me here or call/text 541 four...
  13. fredball

    police will stop responding in person

    Portland police will stop responding in person to calls that aren’t life-threatening, citing coronavirus concerns The new policy is meant to lessen officers’ exposure to the new coronavirus that’s circulating in the community. Author...
  14. deckert

    Other State  UPS worker planning mass shooting had 20,000 rounds of ammo and weapons cache, police say Dan
  15. J

    Danish lathi pistol police issue set.

    I have a all numbers matching swedish lathi pistol with the 2 extra mags, holster, mag loading take down tool and cleaning rod. For sale or trade. Can ship for 50 from my ffl to your ffl. Free pick up in Missoula Mt.
  16. Baseacegoku

    70's Police Wingmaster

    This gun is a police trade-in I bought years ago as my first foray into scatterguns. I have since aquired newer scattergats and this poor girl has been relegated to the back of the safe. I hate to have it just sit around and not get used. So up for sale she goes. It has never jammed on me and...
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