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  1. Lennie

    Departures of Police Officers Accelerated During a Year of Protests
  2. S

    Police / Military Handedness

    This might not be in the right forum, but I was watching Bosch last night for the 3rd time. In the series, he's a dead left-hander. But he shoots right-handed and has his holster on the right side. In real life, are lefties trained to shoot only right handed so that there can be a common...
  3. nwwoodsman

    Conditons of Guns After Held For Evidence

    Has anyone ever had a firearm returned after being held as evidence by police? If so, what condition was it in? My initial thought is that in order to preserve evidence that they would take relatively good care of a firearm, but maybe they just throw it in a box and hope it doesn't rust. Any...
  4. ATCclears

    Seattle police OK pilot program of BolaWrap, non-lethal tool to subdue suspects

    The Seattle Police Department will participate in a pilot program in which officers will deploy a non-lethal way to take suspects down, a trial period that the agency will use to determine if it should be rolled out to more officers on the force. The device was credited with saving the life of...
  5. Knobgoblin

    So now this is a thing. More batman BS for the police to be saddled with.

    Can't wait to see this go live. BolaWrap. Looks it's been around almost 5 years, but now it's ready for prime time babeee!
  6. Kruel J

    Police consider using "Clown Gun" for less than lethal

    Jeez I thought this was a joke at first......
  7. devnull69

    What gun is in pic? another crazy portland police story ...

    i totally understand why Portland police are quitting ..
  8. Lennie

    Seattle loses almost 20% of police force amid year of nationwide protests: "We're not allowed to intercede"
  9. ma96782

    The Best thing since 9/11....

    Defund the Police. Well..... it works for Portlandia and other liberal cities. LOL. Aloha, Mark PS.....Why even talk about this issue? Welcome to Police Brutality Training.
  10. Lennie

    Met officer stole drugs money in fake police raids, court hears

    Sounds like this gig was far more lucrative than plain old bribes
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