Joe Link
Portland, OR
Jul 28, 2008
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Joe Link

Well-Known Member, from Portland, OR

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Problems? Let me know Dec 1, 2015

    1. MichaelLindsey
      Joe, I’m just east of you. Do you belong to Tri-County range?
    2. SmokeEater
      Hi Joe. I just turned in a report on the thread where I got scammed by a member. I sent him $90 via PayPal for a set of dies, but it's been many weeks now, I never received the dies and he won't answer my emails. His NWF handle is ereese, his email on PayPal is I want to report this to the forum that other members won't get screwed over, like I (foolishly) did. I should have known better.
    3. Ou576http
      TPI PDX Wants this former USCG/OPS person to get a job, Due to my former experience and training thought high profile security would be a perfect job
    4. Tarpon1959
      I did however get his note very quickly after posting a classified for things I was selling. I am not a vendor just a hobbyist. thank you and good luck, your forum appears to be like all others be it cars, furniture building or what ever high on process low on understanding.
    5. Tarpon1959
      Please remove my profile from this site... I was unable to see a link to do so on my own and saw at one time you sent a note about this site out to its members. You may check my posts for the reasons. Second time was a charm for me and just not worth it. I asked Deadeye to do so because of his response to my post and have not had a response.
    6. 41mag
      Renewal funds headed to you. No pay pal for me. Impressive upgrade.
      1. Joe Link likes this.
      2. Joe Link
        Joe Link
        Thank you!
        Mar 14, 2017
    7. Certaindeaf
      You need to have a forum for holster trades!
    8. Clarkston_cz
      After 10 years and 20,000 members, I gave up forum ownership.

      Now there are 2 thriving CZ recozined CZ forums for people these days.

      However, I have to say that both forums are very cordial in comparison to some.

    9. Joe Link
      Joe Link
      Problems? Let me know
    10. SWWSurplus
      Hi Joe- this is the new account I created for SW WA Surplus. ~Larry
    11. g.i. joe
      g.i. joe
    12. Joe Link
      Joe Link
      Test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test
    13. Hans Gruber
      Hans Gruber
      how do you use this damned site
      no way to contact staff allegedly on site, no way to get a simple answer to use of site i.e. the classifed ads and how simply to list a new ad
    14. Hans Gruber
      Hans Gruber
      so if your staff how do I put on a classified ad for a gun I want to sell???
      1. Sargentjoe likes this.
    15. Liberty97045
      How do I renew an existing level of membership? It shows on account upgrades but there is no buy or renew button
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