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Portland most commonly refers to:
Portland, Oregon, largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest region
Portland, Maine, largest city in the U.S. state of Maine, in the New England region
Isle of Portland, England, a peninsula in the English Channel
Portland may also refer to:

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  1. turbo_vanner

    WTT: Aero ultralight 1" scope mount for comparable 30mm mount

    Like the title says, I have a 1" aero ultralight scope mount, just looking to trade it for a 30mm if anyone has one laying around in pdx. I can throw cash or some 556/9mm on top if you have a nicer mount. I commute from the se to nw industrial, meeting somewhere in there would be preferred.
  2. Ghoul

    Wheeler speaks about Antifa 17th protests.

    I don't like fox news but this is a great interview with wheeler, it shows what a treasonous snake this guy is. Wasting all the good peoples taxes time and resources to support Antifas childish tantrums of terrorism. He's such a Judas. Watch this fool make a freudian slip around 5:04, priceless.
  3. Gotyoursix

    WW2 KKW German .22 Trainer rifle $700 obo/trade

    History These were used during the interwar years leading up to WW2 as a way for the German military to introduce firearm training through competitions to the German populace in preparation for the outbreak of WW2 hostilities. As WW2 loomed closer the German military commissioned that the rifles...
  4. ScottInPDX

    Hello from Southwest Portland

    I joined recently just to sell a rifle, and found an unexpected community. I'm interested in pretty much all firearms, from muzzle loaders and fudd guns to tacticool and absurd. I'm a former USMC infantry assaultman, so I've had the opportunity to shoot just about every type of weapon that can...
  5. jon321

    Anyone know of a place in Portland /Vancouver that sells Rocksett other then online?

    Just got my new can last week and the 3 lug mount that threads into the can will get loose when I dump 2 mags in my CZ Scorpion.I tightened it up really good but the heat is the issue just wondering if there is a place local to find some Rocksett. Thanks
  6. UnionMillsNW

    Carry at Keller Auditorium in Portland?

    Hey Folks, I'm attending an event at Keller Auditorium this week in Portland and was wondering what the security checks are to see if I can carry my CHL. I'd like to be able to carry in Portland and not have to put it in the truck lock box. Any insight is appreciated!
  7. CantTouchThis

    New and upcoming Hunter from Portland! Looking for mentors and friends!

    Hi everyone! I have been a gun owner for the past 2 years and just this year have decided to start hunting! Whether it be small game or big game, I just want to get out there and learn all that I can. I want to pass down my guns to my family's future generations. I plan on hunting this upcoming...
  8. pdxparabellum

    People Coming Up From The Sewers In Portland

    :eek: People in Portland sewers: Group coming up from manhole caught on camera Thought I'd seen it all...I used to live right near here 8 yrs ago.
  9. Smitty79

    Buying a Surpressor, Near Portland, in Easy Mode?

    One of the things I most enjoy doing, is taking non-shooters to the range and showing them things about guns. I have several guns that have no other use case than to let other people shoot them. I've never really gotten the interest in suppressors. When I'm shooting for fun, I wear hearing...
  10. osprey

    How bad is the traffic around Portland at 5-6 AM during the week ?

    I planning on towing my big heavy saltwater boat from N of Seattle to Sportcraft Marine in Oak Grove for a repower. I would like to miss as much heavy traffic as possible. I will be leaving my house about midnight midweek, so that would put me through the Portland area about 5-6AM. If it is...
  11. P

    Colt Series 80 (O1991), Clark County

    For sale, not interested in trades unless you're looking to trade a 250cc-300cc standard, naked, or sportbike (I will also be posting an Aero Precision AR separately). $700 OBO. Handgun in question is a Colt Series 80 O1991 blued model purchased new in 2015. The handgun has finish wear...
  12. Ura-Ki

    Oregon  Park Rose H.S. Shooter!

    Attempted School shooting At Park Rose H.S. Today! No reports of shots fired, but Anti Gun MSM spin in 3.................2................1
  13. DivCurlGrad72

    Portland Gun Show this Weekend 5/18-19

    Wes Knodel Gun & Knife Show Portland Expo Center I’m planning on going. :) $10 for parking :mad:
  14. W

    Veterans Needed that live in mid valley and drive to Portland for medical

    Those of us who have been waiting to get a doctor for years at the Salem VA medical facility will understand what I am about to say. It sucks having to drive for one to two hours each way for a regular doctor appointment or if you need antibiotics because you are very ill. The local VA will turn...
  15. S

    Portland Gun Show

    Anyone going to the gun show this weekend? Kind of looking for an AK preferable a Wasr 10. Anyone know if they have decent deals, never been to this one.
  16. burnsidePDX

    Hello from Portland

    took a while sorry! Hello everyone!
  17. redsuit

    New Member Portland

    Heyo all, I am from the wonderful land of liberalism and complete understanding of firearms and their purpose! My entire world is surrounded by folks who ask me if I have a permit for wearing my fixed blade knife on my side! It's truely wonderful and I would never change it for anything, I love...
  18. PeterShafer

    Hello from Portland

    Hello from Portland, Oregon. I recently took up shooting again after a long hiatus. I'm interested in learning about firearms, so I dove head-first into the scout rifle concept with a Steyr Scout chambered in .308 (Cabela's knocked $300 off one color variant and I couldn't pass that up.) I'm...
  19. Witsendidk

    Outdoor range near Portland?

    Ok so i know this question has probably been asked before but I'd like to find a free spot where i can bring my own steel target stands, for handguns and 10/22 (50-75 yds would be cool), ideally that would be relatively low key crowds wise on a weekday. Im fine with driving an hour or so out, i...