1. s1xty7

    For the love of guns!

    I love guns! I know, they're practical; they're for protection against ne'er-do-wells, home invaders, and tyranny, but at the end of the day, I just love me some guns. Sometimes I love the mechanical operation or the visual appearance or the durability/ruggedness of a particular design or the...
  2. cigars

    Truck with guns and ammo stolen

    Not good. Hope they catch the thieves.
  3. bikemutt

    Vancouver, Washington, resident charged with multiple counts of illegal firearms possession – some firearms are ‘ghost guns’

    I have no idea how anyone could fly under the radar this long, 1999 to now buying guns illegally. I'm speechless.
  4. fishpoem

    Will Joe Biden designate Walmart and Toys “R” Us as terrorist organizations? They sell plastic guns!

    One almost universal trait of true anti-gun devotees: they know NOTHING about guns. Never fired one, never touched one, never want anybody else to have one. Why should people who know nothing about guns be allowed to write gun laws? What if your local auto mechanic decided to open a...
  5. W

    Beware of buying used guns . Read my nightmare!

    A yesr ago I bought a used shot gun from a local pawn shop. Paid $800.00 hard earned dollars .At the time it was a alot but I had to have the gun and I had been looking for one and came upon it by chance and bought it. My lucky day...... I thought. Last week I answered a call from a Detective...
  6. R

    47% of guns stolen in Portland are taken from cars

    I hope you guys aren't leaving your firearms unattended in your vehicles in Portland
  7. S

    Murdocks Guns in Idaho SCAM SITE ?

    Murdocks Guns in Idaho SCAM SITE ? Prepared to order a Ruger Hunter $ 408 , too good to be true ! No credit cards just pay sites that dont have guarantees. Anybody else see this as a scam?
  8. The B

    Other State  guns, guns, no BGC guns everywhere

    i dont have much to say, just am sitting here sipping a beer in a dive bar, thinking about the dude's house i was just at. hes a big time gun guy, buys and sells often, is a felon, owns a literal unknown number of dozens of guns, just offered me a very nice price on a very nice "chicago...
  9. B

    Guns were the number 1 killer of US children/teens in 2020

    Guns were the number one cause of death to US children/teens in 2020 yet dems won't allow gun safety classes in school cause they obviously want more dead kids/teens
  10. titsonritz

    Guns and Ammo Are Out of the Picture. Now What?

    Insert which ever scenario you wish...WWIII has come and gone and we're at 'I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.' -or- It's World War Z and noise brings the herds of undead flesh-eaters (a.k.a. crackheads) -or- <insert...
  11. CountryGent

    Why no modern(ish) guns or conversions to 7.62㎜ Tokarev?

    The idea of something new / good in 7.62㎜ Tokarev has been kicked around from time to time. As far as I know, no manufacturer currently makes such a pistol, nor, again AFAIK, a conversion barrel/kit. The story I've read on the intratubes is the standards, quality control, etc. of ComBloc...
  12. VinnieBoomBah

    NutterButter Canadians want to go after bad guys, NOT guns .
  13. Reno

    Best guns? Which country?

    Who makes the best guns? “Best” can be many things to many folks so it doesn’t hurt to give a brief explanation of your choice and reason. I am a firm believer that we, the USA make the best guns. Not only some of the most innovative, but there are other aspects like quantity and...
  14. Lennie

    Trafficking ring moved nearly 300 guns from Georgia to Philadelphia
  15. CountryGent

    Your fallout shelter guns .... then (oh no!) another plot twist, its the early 1980s ....

    The genesis of this wacky one is thumbing through the classic nuclear survival book, Life After Doomsday, by one Dr. Bruce Clayton. While most of the text was about other preparations for a atomic exchange with another world power (*cough* Soviets/Russians), there was a chapter on pew-ish...
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