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  1. Art_Vandelay

    Rifle Cases For Sale

    Selling 9 used rifle hard cases I don't need anymore. I believe all but one are 48", and one is maybe 36". Priced to move since they're now taking up room in the garage! $150 OBO.
  2. F

    Be careful with price manipulation on Bud's guns

    I was looking at S&W M&P Shield prices on Bud's Guns this morning using a CCleaner browser. I saw two different prices - $445 and $399 - simultaneously in slightly different locations. I launched a chat and asked about it. Here's an excerpt from what the woman told me: "Our prices are...
  3. Firemansim

    Democratic sponsored bill to tax guns and ammo

    Seems to be true.
  4. Red98422

    Reloading is the gateway drug of old guns.

    So it has occurred to me as a reloader, that sometimes I find myself intentionally looking at firearms that are only viable in the realm of handloaders (centerfire converted Vetterli, 44/40 revolvers, ect) and I seem to think it is handloading itself that has lead me on this path of “obsolete”...
  5. Nick Burkhardt

    Other State  They are coming for your toy guns now!

    ‘My Poor Kids Thought We Were Going to be Arrested.” Toy Gun Causes Chaos on Zoom
  6. The Heretic

    Other State  Man Sues The ATF For Damaging Seized Guns And Losing Parts
  7. ma96782

    National  Senate Democrats push for regulation of ‘ghost guns’

    Someone let the "secret" out..... Aloha, Mark
  8. UnionMillsNW

    If These Guns Could Talk...

    Hey Folks, My favorite rifle is my CMP M1 Garand Special. It's a mix of parts and a 308 barrel. The receiver and bolt are post war...However the entire trigger group, and the Op Rod, is from 1940-1941. Was my trigger group at Bastogne? Or maybe on Iwo Jima? Perhaps my grandfather carried part...
  9. RedneckRampage

    Three Guns for High End 1911

    Looking for a Wilson, Baer, Brown, maybe a top of the line Springfield or a Dan Wesson 4” - 5” 1911 in .45. I have - Glock 19 gen 3, night sights, a bunch of mags and ammo, 5 Shot Leather holster. Remington Tac14 with custom hardwood grip and Police wood forend, +1 extension, lots of ammo...
  10. awshoot

    Other State  Man Arrested with 90 Firearms and 20+k Ammo
  11. CountryGent

    Wooden Crate for Long Guns

    I am looking to acquire a sturdy, wooden crate, capable of storing/transporting 6—8 long guns. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just functional. Thanks much.
  12. R

    Cool old guns

    1915 12 gauge "Texas Ranger" circa 1900-1915 Good wall hanger=$100.00 1930's western auto 12 gauge excellent cond. $150.00 both long barrel trap guns. gun rack $30.00
  13. DB is Here

    The Guns of Cinco de Mayo Interesting read.
  14. R

    Many guns for sale!

    Moving...couple months...This is what I have: Can send pictures...FFL transfer required...541-930-9298 ...KC...Serious inquiries only...Thanks.. 1. .45 acp S&W 4506-1 (1992) ex police in excellent condition. 2- factory 10 round and 2 aftermarket 10 round, +P recoil spring also. Custom leather...
  15. glockguy

    NEW EDC belts. $

    I have 5 edc belts that's left over stock from my old business. I have 1 small (28-32) and 4 mediums (32-36) I wear one everyday and honestly best belt iv owned. They are made by ox creek tactical...40$ each shipped.
  16. 2A2Dend

    South Sound Guns = Closed?

    Disregard I been trying to call SSG. No answer on several attempts. Then the phone gets picked up, and hung up. Can anyone confirm if they are open and answering the phone?
  17. Mephistopheles

    EGW Guns

    Had an excellent transaction with EGW Gun Parts located in Quakertown, PA. They specialize in 1911 and AR parts with sights and other pistol parts. I bought a couple of Star BM barrel links from them at a great price (Sorry I got the last two). Shipping was extremely fast and communication was...
  18. osprey

    What’s with the 9mm pcc’s and 9mm AR pistols gaining favor for serious work?

    I love the caliber, it is offered in a multitude of platforms, cheap to shoot, accurate and most people can handle the recoil easily. But a decisive stopper round it is not. I see many threads here touting these pcc’s and ar pistol builds for hd , truck guns and such. I get it if that is all you...
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