Holder may refer to:
People with the surname Holder:
Holder (surname)
In mathematics:
Hölder condition
Hölder's inequality
Hölder mean
Jordan–Hölder theorem
In sports:
Holder (American football)
In devices:
Candle holder
Cup holder
Flame holder, a jet engine device
Hill-holder, an automobile braking mechanism
Toilet roll holder
In places:
Holder, Australian Capital Territory, a suburb of Canberra
Holder, Illinois, a town in the United States
Hocutts Crossroads, North Carolina, formerly Corinth-Holder
In ships:
USS Holder (DE-401), US destroyer escort
USS Holder (DD-819), US destroyer
In law
Holder (law)
Copyright holder, the legal person who owns the rights to copy and use a document
Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project (2010), U.S. Supreme Court decision

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  1. DB is Here

    Other State  Gun permit holder reports being chased by group, shoots and wounds 15-year-old

    In St. Paul, gun permit holder shoots teen, reports being chased
  2. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  SB 979 Another Place Holder Anti-Gun Bill

    Monday 4-8-2019 at 8am in Hearing Room C at the Capitol: SB979 Another "Gut and Stuff" Omnibus Bill. Amendments have not yet been posted. They will likely do so late Friday/over the weekend. Who knows what the will be stuffed into this bill, worse than SB978. Keep and eye on this one SB979 2019...
  3. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  SB 978 Place Holder Anti-Gun Bill

    Directs Department of State Police to conduct study on reporting of attempted unlawful firearm transfers and present report on findings to interim committees of Legislative Assembly related to judiciary on or before September 15, 2020. Who could argue with that? But here is the problem. All...
  4. RicInOR

    National  Mance v Whitaker Mance v Holder

    Mance v. Whitaker. Story here: Supreme Court Should Clarify Second Amendment Test Holder was the AJ when this started. Whitaker is current ACTING AJ (which has some up in arms, where is that permitted under the law, Trump argues Obama policies established the precedent ) Ultimately...
  5. IRY

    5.56 tight fitting in shell holder

    Hello everyone. I have a question about some 5.56 cases I have been collecting lately. I pick it up at the local shooting area and I usually decap it then clean. Some of this brass is a very tight fit in my shell holder if it fits at all. I would guess I'm throwing away around 25%. I don't...
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