The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL) is a professional sports tournament organization specializing in computer and console video game competitions. It was founded by Angel Munoz on June 27, 1997 in Dallas, Texas. The CPL is considered the pioneer in professional video game tournaments, which have been held worldwide. The CPL's tournaments are open to all registrants, but due to the ESRB content rating of some video games, CPL competitions are restricted to participants age 17 or older. The CPL has distributed more than US$3 million in cash prizes.
In 2005, the CPL moved to a World Tour format. The 2005 CPL World Tour focused on the one-on-one deathmatch game Painkiller, and had a total prize purse of $1 millions. The winner of the CPL Grand Finals event, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, went home with the grand prize of $150,000, while Sander "Vo0" Kaasjager took home the MVP trophy for having the most tournament wins.
In March 2008, the CPL ceased operations, citing a "crowded field of competing leagues". On August 25, 2008, the CPL announced that it had signed an acquisition agreement with an investment group based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. On August 23, 2010, the former parent company of the CPL, announced that the two-year acquisition process of the CPL was finalized, and that the sole owner of the CPL (and its subsidiaries) was now WoLong Ventures PTE of Singapore. Following this acquisition, the CPL has hosted annual competitions in China, in collaboration with the municipal government of Shenyang.

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  1. salmon creek gary

    Washington  New! Clark County, WA, Now Has a Web Page for On-Line CPL Applications

    The Good News: Clark County, WA, recently updated the Sheriff's web page to enable on-line Concealed Pistol License (CPL) applications. By "recently", I mean within the past few days. Residents of unincorporated areas of Clark County may now apply on-line for an Original CPL as well as for...
  2. ATCclears

    Bellevue, WA - Confrontation over mask policy: Customer pulls gun on Bellevue gas station employee

    Does she have an active CPL? Will this be deemed brandishing? If she has an active CPL, will she lose her CPL over it?
  3. ATCclears

    Mukilteo, WA - loaded rifle, CPL expired, purported to be drunk, arrested

    I think this guy just said goodbye to any future concealed-pistol license (called a CPL in Washington State)...
  4. CountryGent

    Has your county modified CHL/CPL license processing?

    So, I checked the site of our local sheriff because I'll need to renew my CHL before fall of this year. They no longer are processing or issuing new licenses, but are handling renewals via post and email. I called and left a message asking to confirm what all they'd need mailed in. Those...
  5. ATCclears

    Oak Harbor, WA - Man accidentally shoots woman at restaurant

    The article indicates the man had his WA State concealed-pistol license (CPL). Let's be safe out there. If you're going to carry, be proficient and have your chit together... snippet: An 80-year-old woman who was accidentally shot while eating dinner at an Oak Harbor restaurant Friday...
  6. ATCclears

    Washington  CPL holder drinking, then later has ND and hits Uber driver

    Queen Anne Uber shooting suspect claims it was an accident Queen Anne Uber shooting suspect claims it was an accident
  7. 2

    Process to recieve a handgun with an expired (renewed) CPL?

    I've never had a situation like this, so some useful feedback will help settle my wondering how the process works. First off, I am a Washington resident. My CPL expired 03/04/2019 and was renewed the same day. I'm in wait status for the new permit to arrive. Meanwhile I purchased a pistol that...
  8. 2

    When does your CPL expire?

    Here I be, sitting here reading through the forums, when I get the notion to check the expiry date of my CPL. I knew it was getting close to renewal time, so I checked. Expires 03/04/2019. Tomorrow I know where I'll be going. Talk about cutting it close. LOL
  9. D

    Your CPL Renewal And Your Sheriff

    My Washington CPL recently expired and I do not plan to renew it. Asking for permission to exercise my rights from an anti constitution sheriff seems to me to be inviting future tyranny and weakening of our rights. I am a proponent of nonviolent solutions and carry a gun only for self defense as...
  10. ATCclears

    Washington  Rural Olympia, WA - CPL holder at party hands over his 9mm, infant ends up getting shot

    'They deserve jail time': Mom of infant accidentally shot at party wants justice snippet: "The shooting happened Saturday night at a party involving six adults, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol, according to the Thurston County Sheriff's Office. Allen, who was at work, learned that one of those...
  11. ATCclears

    Washington  Burien - CPL holder gets into shootout after being carjacked

    Carjacking leads to shootout in Burien neighborhood
  12. ATCclears

    Washington  SB5174 - CPL holders must take an approved training course

    Washington State Legislature Adds a clause to not issue a CPL unless: "Has not provided evidence of handgun proficiency, in the form and manner required by the Washington state patrol"
  13. Wayne

    Washington  Nics and insta check with CPL

    Beginning July 1, 2019, NICS will no longer extend the courtesy of completing a NICS check via telephone or electronically using E-Check for those purchasers with a CPL. Local law enforcement will be responsible for both the NICS checks and additional background checks for all handgun purchases...
  14. F

    WA CPL Question

    I want to apply for a CPL in WA. My question is if my address on my license needs to match the address I put on my application for residence. Upon googling I only found that you need a valid license. The reason my address is different is because I am currently living with my gf but I am not on...
  15. NW1441

    WA CPL permit traveling into Oregon

    I have a WA Concealed Pistol Permit. I know that Oregon does not share reciprocity with WA. My question is... If I have a loaded gun concealed in my vehicle and cross the bridge into Oregon. Am I now breaking the law? I know I definitely would not be able to conceal the gun on my person. But...
  16. sigboi

    Washington  Shooting at Tumwater Walmart, armed civilian engaged and neutralized shooter

    Awesome job, exactly whey we carry. Watching the news live on Kiro, reporter interviewed witness who said her husband saw armed civilian take down the shooter. Link should update with more info. Happened within the last hr or so. Police respond to reports of a shooting inside Walmart in Tumwater
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