Shot a .460 S&W Yesterday!

    Well, finally shot a friends 8" ported .460 S&W. Not as bad as I thought it would be but it needs better (and bigger) grips. I'd compare it with a 6" .44 mag Super Blackhawk with full house loads.
  2. Capin JRo

    Shotgun card, shot shell card whatever you want to call them

    Im looking to dive into the Shotgun card world and am looking for first hand experience and some recommendations on brands. From want I can tell is the cream of the crop, I don't mind paying for them but want to make sure they are worth it.
  3. B

    9 shot .22lr revolvers check in!

    I accidentally high jacked a thread, asking about L.L.'s H&R 939 and posting a picture of my NEF R92 and the focus was taken off the original post! Made me realize maybe we need another thread! Okay, I've owned 2 High Standard Sentinel 9 shot revolvers in the past (gave one of them to my best...
  4. C

    WTS-Brand New Stevens Model 320 12 gauge pump shotgun, has never been shot

    Stevens Model 320 12gauge pump shotgun. Grandpa gave it to me a couple years ago for Christmas. And I never ended up shooting it. Not much of a shotgun type person in general. I did take it out one day to hunt deer with it in the battle ground unit. But I never ended up seeing anything, so it's...
  5. sagia308

    Mauser 30-06 cougar at 500 yards 6 shots spun~~ plate 3rd shot 155gr match

    130 grs didnt do to bad some times they are low? 50 grs powder wc 844 i see the flash out of the barrels last shot
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