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  1. T

    12 gauge Federal TSS Turkey #9 shot

    I’m not planning on doing any turkey hunting this year so I don’t need these. 4 rounds of 3 inch #9 TSS. Bought new in March last year, has been stored indoors (climate and humidity controlled). $25 or trade for ammo, brass, or bullets. Looking for 9mm, .40, .45, 5.56, .308, 300 BLK.
  2. RicInOR

    Other State  Home invasion suspect, posing as sheriff's deputy, shot, killed by homeowner near Lindsay Fake? CA so who has guns? Aren't they supposed to be locked up?
  3. Landhawk Arms

    Shot Groupings from Popular Handguns

    I went to Threat Dynamics today to compare a couple different handguns. I’m no competitive shooter by any means. I just thought the results were interesting. 10 shot groups. All ammo was same brand 115 grain FMJ 9mm. Here were the guns tested: Sig Sauer P320 Glock 45 Walther PPQ Glock 43x
  4. Kruel J

    Other State  4 year old dies after being shot in head while play wrestling with dad

    Nope, I smell BS. The Glock fell from the dads waistband and went off?
  5. Cerberus Group

    SHOT Show 2020

    Spent the last 3 days at SHOT show. Landed Sunday afternoon, and got back yesterday I've got a 1911 Armorer class to teach this weekend. Had a great time, made all the vendor contacts for both the training and ammo businesses. Had a little time to see a few things on the side...
  6. Rlmfire

    Single shot only competition?

    I'm looking into upgrading my CZs for some fun competition & i keep seeing these single shot adapters online. As I'm going along finding things i stumbled into an Anschutz 54 looking for a Winchester model 52. The Annie is wonderful, omg what a trigger, the Unertl scope. Im interested in it...
  7. A

    Is shooting shot loads from inline ML (1:28 twist) safe?

    What are some recommended load types to use?
  8. DLS

    Follow up to video posted in "Standards of draw to first shot based on the recent Church shooting:" thread

    I thought this was an interesting addition to the earlier video, I hope it's helpful:
  9. B

    .410 shot and 000 Buck 2.5 Inch. 83 rounds

    I'm selling all of this .410 ammunition as a lot. 83 rounds for $60 41 rounds of .410 Handgun Federal Ammunition 2.5 inches. 000 Buck. 11 rounds of .410 Winchester Supreme Elite 2.5 inches PDX1 12 rounds Remington Express .410 2.5 inches 19 rounds Spherical Bullet .410 2.5 inches. 000 Buck...
  10. awshoot

    Other State  FLORIDA MAN conducting home invasion, shot with his own gun
  11. C

    Henry single shot shotgun question~~~

    Do any of you own a Henry single shot .410 bore shotgun? Do you like it? Have you read many reviews about this shotgun or shot one of your friend's Henry shotguns? Blued steel/walnut stock. H015-410 We have never seen a Henry shotgun in...
  12. Koda

    Oregon  Ring in NY with negligent discharge, who hoo..

    What is it about some people that think its cool to show selfies with them pointing guns? Yes, the gun community needs to encourage owners take more gun safety classes. This just gives gun owners a bad name...
  13. The Heretic

    New Federal ammo - split shot 00 buck ammo, hard cast polymer coated bullet ammo, new HP ammo
  14. Camelfilter

    Other State  Texas homeowner fatally shot 3 men who broke in...
  15. R

    Any Stores Local to Portland Area Carry Steel Shot for Reloading?

    Is there a local shop that carries steel shot? Cabela's, SW, and all the small gun shops that I have tried do not. (Even lead shot shell loading supplies are rare.) I am in need of loose steel shot and steel shot wads for reloading. My recent Ballistic Products order got FUBAR'd. I would...