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  1. Mikej

    Hornady One Shot case lube......

    Up to this point I've been using the RCBS lube and pad. Yeah yeah, I know, heard it before, it is a PITA, but it's been satisfactory up until now. I've had this can of one shot and going to give it, a "Shot". I'm going to do a bunch of .223 brass, like 300 shells. I've read the techniques...
  2. USAF Medic

    CCI 22LR shot shells

    Has anyone here used 22LR shotshells? If so, what did you use them for? Will they work in semi-automatic firearms? Like a 10-22 or a ruger semi-auto pistol? I was thinking of using v them in a Ruger Bearcat to fend off rattle snakes. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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