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  1. W

    Pacific DL-266 12ga Shot Shell Press

    Excess to my needs is this Pacific DL-266 12 gage shot shell press. Looks to be one of the early RED versions, probably from the '80s. Shows signs of use and storage (surface rust). It works with everything intact except primer feed tube. It has an original price tag of $117.98! These are...
  2. RicInOR

    Other State  LA Cop Shot

    The gist is this. The cops are un-happy they put a 4 story apartment for low income / mentally ill folks next door to a cop shop. Officer got shot at his car, from a "sniper" in that building. But no hole in the officer - took shot in vest. Anyways back to our usual paranoia - can't...
  3. RicInOR

    Flu Shot

    Check out Target's prices. Some of you are covered by your insurance. If you have a co-pay, be sure to check out CVS Pharmacies inside many Target stores. †Flu shots available when immunizing pharmacist is on duty, while supplies last. Age restrictions apply. At MinuteClinic®...

    Oregon  Vehicle shot up on Wildcat Mtn. near Sandy

    Just saw in the news a woman picking berries on Wildcat Mtn. Drive Near Sandy came back to find her vehicle shot up. It was reported this is a popular shooting area.
  5. GOG

    3.4 Mile shot Video

    I though some of the shots in Iraq & Afghanistan were long, this one is amazing. Of course it was a stationary target with no return fire, so quite a bit different, but incredible just the same. There's a list of equipment and suppliers at the end of the video you can see that it's an expensive...
  6. NCW_Robert

    National  Remove your front door windows or be shot

    link >> sheriff shoots homeowner through front door side window If you have any type of clear glass ether in your front door or beside it, you should remove that glass, paint it or frost it RIGHT NOW. Does a LEO act on his own accord or act according to how he/she has been trained by his...
  7. RicInOR

    Other State  MD - 9 shot in 11 hours in Baltimore City; 3 Killed as Police Ask for Tips

  8. OldTengu

    Other State  CHP Officers, Suspect Shot During Gunfight in Riverside

  9. User 1234

    Remington 514 single shot 22LR $40 works fine

    This was new in 2016. Works fine, but being a beginner rifle the bolt is not polished or refined, rather tight compared to a CZ452. Iron sights. Approximately 500 rounds since new. Buyer pays transfer fee. Keep in mind I am not going to drive an hour to sell a $40 rifle, so please be...
  10. IM Shootin

    .44 mag hollow points and bird shot

    44 mag rounds: I have one box that contains 41 rounds of factory 240 grain hollow points, and additionally 4 bird shot rounds. $30 cash Or trade for .308 ammo or .223
  11. slimmer13

    At least they weren't shot (CA stabbing spree)

    Evil will always find a way https://www.foxnews.com/us/southern-california-suspect-kills-4-injures-2-in-series-of-stabbings-robberies
  12. R

    Washington  Man shot in head after argument over RV dumping in Thurston County

    https://q13fox.com/2019/08/01/man-shot-in-head-after-argument-over-rv-dumping-in-thurston-county/ https://www.theolympian.com/news/local/crime/article233385612.html My read based on what facts are stated in these two articles is that this is absolutely not a clean shoot. If the neighborhood man...
  13. 00Cheroke

    CCI 22 WMR 40 Grain JHP, 30 Grain JHP = V, 30 Grain Polymer Tip, 52 Grain # 12 Shot Ammo Lot

    Up for sale is 1,183 Regular rounds (see pics for grain and bullet type as well as quantity of each) and 30 shot shell rounds of CCI 22 WMR ammo. Will consider trades of .44 Mag & .454 Casull but cash is king. Selling it as a lot of 1,213 Rounds total
  14. Gassyman

    Speer empty shot capsules; 44 and 38/357

    Selling about 120 38/357 and 100 44Cal shot shell capsules. $45 for all. $20 for the 38 only and $25 for the 44.
  15. G

    Nice sized lot of 410 gauge shotshells 7½ shot 1/5 oz Rifled Slugs

    Included are the following: 410 Gauge 3 Boxes of 25 Remington 2½ Inch Long #7½ Shot (Total) 75 1 Box of 25 Remington 3 Inch Long #5 Shot (Total) 25 2 Boxes of 5 Winchester 2½ Inch Long 1/5 oz Slug (Total) 10 3 Boxes of 5 Federal 2½ Inch Long 1/5 oz Slug (Total) 15 1 Box of 5 -1- Partial Box of 2...
  16. DirectDrive

    Florida Man Shot Down Over Libya

    US Air Force veteran shot down over Libya while flying as a mercenary fighter pilot - John Q. Public
  17. DB Wesner


    Man who shot, killed two alleged attempted burglars in Deerfield is out of jail He shot the intruders with a gun left to him by his father and because he didn't register it he's being charged with a Felony...SMH Colion Noir on the disingenuous intent of gun registration