In mathematics, a vector measure is a function defined on a family of sets and taking vector values satisfying certain properties. It is a generalization of the concept of finite measure, which takes nonnegative real values only.

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  1. Flymph

    OFF's legal fee's Dine & Dash
  2. ddd1911

    New from Measure 114 land

    Army vet. Living in Oregon. Love this website and what it has to offer. Happy to help support the 2A
  3. killing field

    Oregon  Measure 114 "Registry/list"?

    Let me start by saying that from my understanding of the text of the 2A, anything less than "Constitutional Carry" is by definition, an infringement. That being said, I saw a poll on here a month or so ago where people were saying they would not purchase from FFLs in the future if M 114's...
  4. peteNW503

    Oregon  Measure 114 January 3rd 2023

    I know people are tired of measure 114 post as am I but until this thing is completely over with I would like to stay up to date. As of right now December 28th what is the purpose of the next hearing? To my understanding it will be about the 10 round magazines and the “ loophole”. Does OSP have...
  5. K

    Silent Gunowners that voted for Measure 114

    I think many new and old gun owners voted for measure 114 or didn't vote. It's because they already have their guns. Many are silent and don't want to get chewed out by pro-gunners. Example, one friend, a new gunowner told me that he voted for it because it will make the streets safer. And it's...
  6. PiratePast40

    Oregon  Measure 114 Legislation 2023 Session

    I'm starting a new thread for information specific to the legislative side of 114. Regardless of the outcomes of the legal battles, there is little doubt in my mind that the legislature will take up some form of lawmaking with regard to 114. At this point, we don't know what will remain, but...
  7. arakboss

    Oregon  Does Measure 114 Allow For Letting Others Use Your 11+ Mags?

    Does "control" in this language mean that a shooting partner could legally use your 11+ mags in an otherwise legal setting while you were present? "a) The large-capacity magazine was owned by the person before the effective date of this 2022 Act and maintained in the person's control or...
  8. arakboss

    Oregon  Poll: Harney County Dec 13th Hearing Prediction Poll

    What do you think the results will be of the Dec 13th Harney County hearing on Measure 114? You can vote for up to two choices.
  9. DvlHownd


    36 REASONS WHY MEASURE 114 PASSED BY 24,972 VOTES. Voter turnout, county by county as of 6PM on 12/7/2022 are shown below. Some of the results are pathetic. Predictably, the highest support for the measure was in the cesspool of Multnomah County, with 75% to 25% in favor. The measure led in...
  10. Z

    Oregon  Oregon Supreme Court denies AG’s petition to intervene in Measure 114 case
  11. EHJ

    Oregon  Oregon Supreme Court DENIES AG’s petition to intervene in Measure 114 case...

    Yup. 114 is technically (for now) Blocked by the Harney County Judge - AND the Attorney Generals plea to the Oregon Supreme Court to intercede in same case was denied.
  12. MichaelH

    Oregon  Documenting Pre-114 10+ Capacity Magazine Ownership

    How are you documenting magazine ownership prior to enactment of 114? I'm newer to shooting so I can probably access lots of my receipts from online vendors, but not all, and I can't--easily--document purchases from folks on NWFA. I took time-stamped digital photos of all my magazines, labeled...
  13. Yarome

    Oregon  FLASH - Measure 114 is on ICE!!

    From OFF: "...this afternoon, a county judge in Harney County changed everything by issuing his own temporary restraining order against the measure, putting it on hold. We can thank Gun Owners of America for that as they were the only ones to file in state court. So while the Federal Judge did...
  14. S

    Oregon  GOA Lawsuit on 114 successful??

    See image below. Just posted on their official IG account
  15. arakboss

    Oregon  Transfer Completed Notification Requirement In Measure 114.

    Measure 114 requires that FFLs and other transforers, notify the "state" within 48hrs of a transfer being completed. (c) The dealer may not transfer the firearm unless the dealer receives a unique approval number from the department and, within 48 hours of completing the transfer, the dealer...
  16. M

    Oregon  M114 and carry permit

    A friend/acquaintance told me that if you already have a carry permit in OR it qualifies you for the “gun safety” class needed for m114. Is this true?
  17. Artilleryman

    Portland mercury: Gun Humpers Try to Torpedo Measure 114

    Gun humpers, eh? That was the headline. In their story while whining about firearms owners who oppose measure 114 they had another libelous comment: “The suit is also presumably supported by other cowards who crawl through their lives in fear while turning a blind eye to mass shootings.”...
  18. arakboss

    Oregon  arakboss's Measure 114 Legal Fight Fundraising Thread.

    I am going to try some different things to raise money for Oregon Firearms Federation and/or Firearms Policy Coalition. First up is this: If you are a NWFA supporting member and purchase a firearm (paid in full) from Tigard Pawn 4 More on either Dec 2nd or Dec 3rd, I will donate an amount equal...
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