Washington () is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Named after George Washington, the first President of the United States, the state was made out of the western part of the Washington Territory, which had been ceded by Britain in 1846 in accordance with the Oregon Treaty in the settlement of the Oregon boundary dispute. It was admitted to the Union as the 42nd state in 1889. Olympia is the state capital. Washington is sometimes referred to as Washington State or the State of Washington to distinguish it from Washington, D.C., the capital of the U.S., which is often shortened to Washington.
Washington is the 18th largest state with an area of 71,362 square miles (184,827 sq km), and the 13th most populous state with over 7 million people. Approximately 60 percent of Washington's residents live in the Seattle metropolitan area, the center of transportation, business, and industry along the Puget Sound region of the Salish Sea, an inlet of the Pacific Ocean consisting of numerous islands, deep fjords, and bays carved out by glaciers. The remainder of the state consists of deep temperate rainforests in the west, mountain ranges in the west, central, northeast and far southeast, and a semi-arid basin region in the east, central, and south, given over to intensive agriculture. Washington is the second most populous state on the West Coast and in the Western United States, after California. Mount Rainier, an active stratovolcano, is the state's highest elevation at almost 14,411 feet (4,392 m) and is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States.
Washington is a leading lumber producer. Its rugged surface is rich in stands of Douglas fir, hemlock, ponderosa pine, white pine, spruce, larch, and cedar. The state is the biggest producer of apples, hops, pears, red raspberries, spearmint oil, and sweet cherries, and ranks high in the production of apricots, asparagus, dry edible peas, grapes, lentils, peppermint oil, and potatoes. Livestock and livestock products make important contributions to total farm revenue, and the commercial fishing of salmon, halibut, and bottomfish makes a significant contribution to the state's economy.
Manufacturing industries in Washington include aircraft and missiles, shipbuilding and other transportation equipment, lumber, food processing, metals and metal products, chemicals, and machinery. Washington has over 1,000 dams, including the Grand Coulee Dam, built for a variety of purposes including irrigation, power, flood control, and water storage.

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  1. K

    ISO gunsmith for drill and tap for rem 870

  2. SIG34

    Can Washington state residents buy Rifles in Oregon?

    Can a Washington state resident buy a Rifles in Oregon? From a Oregon resident at FFL? Wondering if anyone knows if I can buy a Rifle out of state?
  3. fredball

    Washington  I-1639 / More info

    Washington State I Drank 3 cups of coffee reading this B.S. Office of the Attorney General Attorney General Bob Ferguson Initiative 1639 Initiative 1639: Frequently Asked Questions In November 2018, Washingtonians overwhelmingly adopted Initiative 1639, which made a number...
  4. 2

    FFL's <> Near YOU <> Washington State

    I thought this was a nice resource to bookmark. Maybe make this a "sticky" I think this is kept up-to-date. Gun-Bid.com FFL Finder Washington
  5. DB is Here

    Washington  Washington State Debuts Unique Tool to Reduce Gun Suicides

    Washington State Debuts Unique Tool to Reduce Gun Suicides Now you can suspend your own gun rights...How convenient...:rolleyes:
  6. P

    Washington State non-resident carry permit

    As mentioned in my intro, i will be travelling to Washington next month for about 2 weeks. I am considering applying for a non-resident carry permit while im there. My main squeeze is from Washington and we travel there occaisionally for her to visit family. I was looking at the process for...
  7. Joe Link

    Washington  NRA Supporting Challenge to Washington State Release of Gun Owner's Private Data

    NRA-ILA | NRA Supporting Challenge to Washington State Release of Gun Owner's Private Data
  8. C

    Recent quote about how Washington State felons are unredeemable

    I thought I saw it in a forum here, but someone put up a quote of how felons are irredeemable in the eyes of the state. And like an idiot, I lost the stupid quote... Anyone recall it?
  9. Joe Link

    Washington  Washington state legislature considers 4 new gun control bills

    Washington state legislature considers 4 new gun control bills
  10. slimmer13

    Washington State, a little closer to soylent green?

    Washington legislation would legalize composting human remains
  11. ATCclears

    Washington  SB5062 - magazines limited to 10 rounds

    Washington State Legislature 30) "Large capacity magazine" means an ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than ten rounds of ammunition, or any conversion kit, part, or combination of parts, from which such a device can be assembled if those parts are in the possession or...
  12. ATCclears

    Washington  SB5174 - CPL holders must take an approved training course

    Washington State Legislature Adds a clause to not issue a CPL unless: "Has not provided evidence of handgun proficiency, in the form and manner required by the Washington state patrol"
  13. BSG 75

    Washington  SB 5172: Washington State Senator Proposes Firearms Test for Politicians Who Want More Gun Control

    This is a great idea. Lord knows they need some education. EDIT: link to the bill SB 5172 http://lawfilesext.leg.wa.gov/biennium/2019-20/Pdf/Bills/Senate Bills/5172.pdf EDIT: I sent an email to my state senator with links to the story and the bill asking for a similar bill to be...
  14. WowReactsOnly

    Washington  Nra carry guard outlawed in washington state?

    Washington state deems NRA-branded insurance program illegal I have USCCA i wonder if they will get hit next. This is bullsh*t
  15. Caveman Jim

    Washington  Abolish I-1639

    Let's all get busy, time to do what all you fence-sitters who didn't vote should have done before the election!!! To abolish unlawful, unjust, and unconstitutional gun laws in Washington state (I-1639). | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government
  16. trikerdon

    Washington  Help fight I 1639 in Washington State

    We need all the support we can get. This is a horrible bill...
  17. Joe Link

    Washington  No, Hunters Did Not Open Fire on Australian Firefighters In Washington State

    No, Hunters Did Not Open Fire on Australian Firefighters In Washington State
  18. Joe Link

    Washington  State superintendent: Washington state will not arm its teachers

    State superintendent: Washington state will not arm its teachers
  19. awshoot

    Washington  Washington State AG Ferguson Joining the Dogpile on Defcad

    AG Bob Ferguson sues Trump administration over decision to allow public access to 3D-printed guns
  20. Joe Link

    Washington  Washington state firearms initiative survives challenge

    Washington state firearms initiative survives challenge
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