Safety is the state of being "safe" (from French sauf), the condition of being protected against physical, social, spiritual, financial, political, emotional, occupational, psychological, educational, or other types or consequences of failure, damage, error, accidents, harm, or any other event that could be considered non-desirable. Safety can also be defined to be the control of recognized hazards to achieve an acceptable level of risk. This can take the form of being protected from the event or from exposure to something that causes health or economical losses. It can include protection of people or of possessions.

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  1. throneofbeards

    criminal who killed a home owner gets glock foot.

    Story: Glad they caught the perp but the story reveals why Glock is the most returned handgun in America. Not safe that even a criminal in the act of committing a...
  2. T

    need advice on building rimfire backstop for home range

    Have some acreage and am wanting to build a backstop that wil STOP rimfire rounds at 25 yard sdistance. Thinking of uprights, then two by lumber in two layers, with sand or small grain gravel 9chipped, rather than round) to fill the space between. My question: HOW THICK does that gravel need...
  3. UnionMillsNW

    Virginia and Proper Fitting of Body Armor

    Hey Folks, Many of us followed the events in Virginia closely. Some of our fellow citizens that attended the rally chose to wear plate carriers to the event. That is their right. However I was shocked at the number of pictures I saw of citizens improperly wearing the plate carriers; most of...
  4. DB is Here

    National  Everytown for Gun Safety issues July 4 call for sensitivity: 'Consider gun violence survivors'

    Everytown for Gun Safety issues July 4 call for sensitivity: ‘Consider gun violence survivors’ Really?
  5. Cerberus Group

    I-1639 Firearms Safety Training Course

    If anyone needs the "Firearms Safety Class" certificate to comply with I-1639, contact me and I will do it for no charge! I can do it over the phone, course lasts about 10-15 minutes...and mail or email the certificate. Did the course for the Carson area gun club members this past...
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