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  1. Phantom

    Yote Hunting ; Want to switch from eastern Oregon to west of Cascades, - any suggestions for where is legal and good ?

    Especially concerned about areas that would be "legal" to hunt on. Secondarily the terrain is not as open as the eastern side of the state and generally more populated with folks but also more populated with yotes. So I would assume, (yeah I know what "they" say about assuming), that clear-cut...
  2. E

    How things work: ATF and NICs leaked memo edition.

    https://www.ammoland.com/2021/04/leaked-document-shows-atf-spying-gun-buyers-through-nics/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter WASHINGTON, D.C. –-(Ammoland.com)- According to an ATF document leaked to AmmoLand News, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) can legally...
  3. Floobinator

    Addressing the current inability to obtain CCW in Whatcom County, Washington State

    Here in Whatcom County, Washington State, the Sheriff's office has been closed for months, prohibiting the ability to obtain a CCW and thus the legal concealed carry of a firearm in Washington State. Of course this represents how the requirement of such nonsense is a violation of the 2nd...
  4. donovan

    Legal backing for concealed carry

    I am set up to be able to sign people up for legal defense through LegalShield that covers concealed carry and use of force incidents (including trial defense for civil and criminal proceedings), and unlike many other programs this covers any other issue that you would need legal defense for as...
  5. K

    legal sales

    Is it legal for a washington resident to sell a firearm to a FFL dealer in oregon?
  6. GWS

    Are Binary Triggers Legal In Washington?

    Like the title says. I was looking at ShootingIlustrated and saw an ad by Franklin Armory and they have them for CZ Scorpion as well asARs and others. So...Legal or not?
  7. DuneHopper

    Legal Rights Question ...

    I saw on the news a group in Oregon was suing the Trump Administration over climate change. Claiming Constitutional Rights they have. ( THIS THREAD IS NOT TO DISCUSS CLIMATE CHANGES DO NOT CARE HOW SILLY ETC THAT IS OR NOT) This case is being heard by Oregon Courts to see if it proceeds. IF...
  8. RicInOR

    TX - Now Legal to Carry Brass Knuckles

    It's now legal to carry brass knuckles in Texas. Because, 'self-defense'
  9. RicInOR

    National  Even Legal Visitors to U.S. Can Be Denied Second Amendment Rights

    Even Legal Visitors to U.S. Can Be Denied Second Amendment Rights So says the Ninth Circuit, treating legal visitors as subject to the same reduced protection as that applied to illegal aliens.
  10. T

    Optics dynamics 40 mm night light legal for coyote hunting in Oregon...

    Can it be used to hunt coyote or cougar at night? Can the target be seen at 200 yards with 40-50 mm scope?
  11. RicInOR

    Other State  California Dems Legalizing Soviet-Style Reporting of Legal Gun-Owning Co-Workers

    California Dems Legalizing Soviet-Style Reporting of Legal Gun-Owning Co-Workers
  12. WowReactsOnly

    Cancelled my USCCA membership and joined Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network

    ACLDN It was sad doing this but once my plan is expired it will no longer be legal here. So I joined armed citizens after reading some reviews of their work. Anyone else a member of them? They are NOT insurance so they don't get banned by Washington and are actually headquarted up here. The...
  13. arakboss

    Is AR receiver , a receiver based on this definition?

    If a person defines a receiver or frame as the following: ‘Frame or receiver’ means the part of a firearm that provides housing for the hammer, bolt or breechlock and firing mechanism and that is usually threaded at its forward portion to receive the barrel. Not counting the last part which...
  14. T

    National  Missouri Bill All to own ar 15 type rifle for legal residents

  15. T

    National  Cato Institute Discussion on legal policy and high capacity mag ban; critical talking and research p

    Losing Count: The Empty Case for “High-Capacity” Magazine Restrictions
  16. arakboss

    National  LEOs Have Legal Cause To Ignore Enforcement Of Laws That Violate Our Constitutional Rights

    I proposed this idea in another thread but it deserves it's own. This Federal law prohibits LEO's from violating our Constitutional rights: Law Enforcement Misconduct The federal criminal statute that enforces Constitutional limits on conduct by law enforcement officers is 18 U.S.C. § 242...
  17. 4Freedom

    National  Alabama Police Shoot and Kill American Soldier with Legal Permit and are Acquitted

    Police officer justified in fatal mall shooting of black man: Alabama AG Stories like this just terrify me.. A law-abiding citizen with a concealed handgun license was sitting in ready position after gunfire erupted in the mall. He also was in the Army and serving our country. The police saw...
  18. RicInOR

    Other State  DGU: CCW Defends Life - Chicago

    Bad guy with a weapon is dead. https://patch.com/illinois/southside/attempted-robber-shot-dead-woman-concealed-carry-license Initial information from police indicates the man, a 19-year-old approached the 25-year-old woman while she was standing at a corner and displayed a weapon while...
  19. Fieryotaku

    Are Binary triggers or double tap triggers legal in Oregon?

    I noticed that franklin armory and several others do not have Oregon on the list of restricted states. I want a double tap trigger for my kriss vector but dont want to risk the ATF shooting my dog can you help me out.
  20. arakboss

    National  Taking long gun across state lines to sell it, legal?

    Merry Christmas everyone, I have a buyer from Washington lined up to buy my shotgun from. I live in Oregon and the buyer wants me to meet him at WA FFL to handle the transfer. Any special rules/laws I should be aware of in this situation? I have purchased a long gun from ffl in WA and have had...
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