1. idadd4

    New to NW Firearms

    Good day everyone, I am new to these forums and actually new to doing anything "online" related to firearms. I am a techie by trade and gun hobbyist by choice. I am no where deep into firearms, I enjoy shooting and looking at them, but lately have found that I am rather fond of the reloading...
  2. A

    FAXON FIREARMS FX-19 RMR CUT FAXON CUSTOM GLOCK 19 pistol new UNFIRED in pelican style case

    This a a faxon firearms FX-19 pistol new UNFIRED $1099 Slide Faxon Match Series G19 Barrel Machined in-house from 17-4 Stainless Steel Enhanced front, rear, and top serrations Optic cut for Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C Machined posts in optic cuts for optic locating and recoil absorption...
  3. IM Shootin

    New England Firearms .223, scope, bipod - Excellent set-up!

    I have a NEF handi-rifle in .223. It’s single shot and is all black It has an extending bipod on it that folds up. It has a Bushnell 3x9x40 scope on it It has a bull barrel It has a great should recoil pad on it. This thing is very accurate and almost no recoil with the heavy barrel. If you...
  4. 41mag

    Oregon  How many firearms are out there?

    Rounding these up may be a Herculean task ..... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 434 Million Firearms Manufactured for Private Ownership over Past 25 Years The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) indicates 434...
  5. D

    Colt to be acquired by CZ

    Already addressed:
  6. 8x68s

    Radical Firearms 16", 5.56 Upper

    WTS 5.56 upper with approximately 100 rounds down the tube. Standard 16" model offered by Radical Firearms (see link). Complete with BCG. Sells for $450 new. Selling at a firm price of $300 face to face or can ship for $325. No trades! Moving to 6mmARC... PM me here...
  7. PiratePast40

    Firearms forums being attacked

    We knew the censorship was coming. has been attacked this morning and has been out for some people. It initially seemed to be carriers blocking them. I've been on most of the morning, but now can't get there via xfinity or Sprint. Not sure if it's an ISP specific issue, DNS attack...
  8. J

    Remington Firearms

    Given Remington's bankruptcy, it is my understanding other manufacturers may obtain the rights to build other Remington firearms, but I am more curious about the 870 and if anyone knows who might be manufacturing this?
  9. 32blownhemi

    What's the best gun store in Eugene for selling my firearms on consignment?

    I'm looking to sell some of my firearms. Handguns, AR-15's, SKS's, Ruger 14 & 30, etc. What's the best gun store in Eugene to take them to? Thank You! Bill
  10. W

    Firearm want list

    Here's a few things I'm on the look out for, if you have any of these your willing to part with feel free to reach out and we will see if we can set up a deal. I'm also always down to trade/part trade so check out my other adds. Desert eagle in 50ae Fs2000 G36/t36 10mm pistol not glock or xd May...
  11. Brownsalamander

    Hillbilly Firearms Micro Galil .223

    $2900 firm. CNC Warrior receiver “699” Micro Galil built by Hillbilly Firearms. You can’t get much better than this. Comes with two mags. Unfired by me. Just Picked up this pistol up from my FFL. Done too much buying lately and need to recoup some funds. Can accept an arm brace which...
  12. Mark W.

    Diversification of firearms collection

    I walked into a BiMart today just to see what they had. No need to buy anything I reload virtually everything but maybe the first box or two of ammo for a new firearm in a new caliber so didn't need anything I have been very well stocked for years Just the way I am. But there on the shelf were...
  13. D

    "Midwest" firearms?

    Obviously there is a Northwest Firearms. I also see it's sponsored by a Southwest Firearms which appears very similar layout as NWFA, so I assume same website owner. Is there also a Midwest version of the forums? I'm looking for similar community once we move to SD.
  14. N

    National  Last chance to stop gun confiscators peacefully

    If you'd like to keep your firearms without having to use them against gun confiscators, consider making a contribution to the pro-2A senate candidates in Georgia. Their election is January 5, 2021 - 16 days from now. Donate to Kelly Loeffler via the internet...
  15. Sixsa

    Northwest Firearms might as well be renamed to Oregon Firearms.

    Maybe the majority of people in Washington are all on WaGuns. It seems like almost everyone that I see post lives in Oregon, specifically the Portland, Beaverton, and Hillsboro areas. If I see a Washington profile, 10 dollars says that you live in Vancouver. It sounds like I'm whining over...
  16. CaptJack

    New guy to Northwest Firearms - NOT

    Well I've been on the board for a few years. Bought and sold, posted my opinions. And today, I just realized I never did a formal introduction email...... Here goes. Moved to this area in 1993 in my final 2 tours in the navy (Navcomtelsta Puget Sound 93-97 and 97-2001 USS Carl Vinson) retired in...
  17. RicInOR

    National  ATF has a list of the origins of over 6.8 million firearms linked to criminal activity

    ATF has a list of the origins of over 6.8 million firearms linked to criminal activity. Sounds juicy! A group files a FOIA request seeking to find out how many of those guns were owned by law enforcement (not the identities of those officers). ATF: No way; searching the database would create a...
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