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  1. C

    Oregon  Oregon Firearms Federation or Oregon State Shooting Association?

    I’d like to start supporting an Oregon 2A group. Does anyone have feedback on Oregon Firearms Federation or Oregon State Shooting Association? They are probably both doing good work, but is there much to differentiate them? Any factors to help me choose when I can support only one?
  2. zrussell17

    Hello NW Firearms

    I'm just a guy who loves guns, gear, and America!! 🇺🇸
  3. PORSCHE928S4

    1980'S Firearms

    1980's guns that came and went like the Raven
  4. Kimber Custom

    Introduction to Firearms Ownership class this Friday @DRRC

    Know someone who has made noises about buying a firearm but not sure where to start? This 3 hr show n tell covers safety, vocabulary, training resources and more. Cost is $10 for adults. Youth free with paying adult.
  5. PORSCHE928S4

    Firearms you would never sell

    Firearms you would never sell as in never part with no way no how ! I will go first a S&W 686 Your turn
  6. Brenton 541

    For the love of the second amendment and enjoying firearms

    Hear to buy sell trade learn and collect
  7. CountryGent

    How's firearms availability from your perspective?

    There has been, naturally, a panic buying spree on-going since at least early 2020. Just curious how others are perceiving firearms availability now. Better, worse, back to good times, or still in the desert? The topic of this thread is actual firearms, not parts, ammo, etc. which have...
  8. CountryGent

    Firearms (or families of said) that you don't think were fully developed to their potential?

    The jokes we're making in the meme thread reminded me of a conversation on Forgotten Weapons about firearms that, for one reason or another, were good but never really progressed a whole lot beyond the initial design. Ian seemed to think the FAMAS rifle fielded by our French allies (and some...
  9. kelciesman

    Advanced firearms training llc grand opening today

    Hey all, my buddy is having his grand opening today at aft gun shop, got some tacos and stuff going come show some love. 1121 ne division st Gresham or 97030
  10. arakboss

    Pretend for a moment that all future firearms and parts sales were going to be prohibited beginning Jan 1, 2022. What would you buy before the ban??

    For the sake of this hypothetical discussion, you could keep whatever you have and whatever you received before Jan 1, 2022. Ammo and ammo components would still be available but transfers of firearms and firearm parts would be illegal (felony charge).
  11. UnionMillsNW

    Which Combo to take on a Road Trip?

    Hey Folks, I'm planning a road trip to some distant states this fall (TN, KY, AR, MO, ect). I'll be mostly avoiding major cities and camping along the way or staying with friends. I generally take a rifle with me on road trips. I'm torn between two options Option #1 AR-15 (5.56) w/...
  12. Koda

    The 8 Best Hunting Guns that Double as Self-Defense Firearms

    This is a fun article that kinda eludes to the idea of a "one gun" to own. I disagree with a few of them but mostly agree with the rest on their list. All of these guns offer some kinda hunting discipline certainly, but aside from the fact that technically -any- gun (caliber) can be used for...
  13. wired

    What's the worst money you have ever spent firearms related?

    Lifetime NRA membership Whats yours?
  14. Aero Denezol

    Atlantic Firearms RC K98k's

    Did anybody get one last week? They were in stock for about 5 minutes.. By the time I got home and checked my email - SOL. I wonder where this batch of K98's came from. They looked in decent shape.
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