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  1. RicInOR

    Question  Please Add "Northwest" to List of Thread Location Prefixes in Firearms Laws & Legal

    As some are governed by the 9th Circuit Court, that regions should be defined. Forums Legal & Political Firearm Laws & Legal
  2. B

    Washington  Firearms Policy Coalition Links for WA Legislation

    Keep on the gas folks, keep the emails/calls going! Click & Go, make your voices heard! Oppose:
  3. V

    Uprising Firearms Will Steal Everything Beware !

    Hi , I would like to let everyone know how a criminal with an FFL can rob you blind and do it again and again. I purchased a hard to find Hungarian AK-47 on a 1.5 feg receiver finished beautifully with laminated furniture from Matt Chojecki of Uprising Firearms in Paulson Arizona. After making...
  4. awshoot

    Washington  Cap & Ball Revolver, BGC (resurection of old issue)

    I have read in numerous places that all pistols, even muzzleloading pistols or cap and ball revolvers require the usual BGC in WA and are not exempt like traditional muzzle loading rifles. My searching even found a few threads here on this site. Many times during my search I saw reference to...
  5. B

    "Any firearms in the vehicle today?"

    NOT a tutorial, but pretty entertaining. Take a moment to chuckle a little.:D Boss PS - There's ALOT of gun legislation in play in Olympia right now...firearms REGISTRATION (yes, registration), mag restrictions, CPL training requirements, etc. Multiple resources for you comment on...
  6. RicInOR

    Other State  CA- 'Ghost guns' investigation: Law enforcement seeing unserialized firearms on daily basis in SoCal

    Almost half of the firearms seen by the ATF in Los Angeles are 'ghost guns.' Well, what do you expect after you kill the guns?
  7. HighLine

    HighLine Firearms, Carlton

    Good Evening Everyone, My name is David, I am the owner of HighLine Firearms. We officially opened back in November and are a small home based shop with big goals. A brief history on myself.. I grew up in the area and joined the Marines at 18. Spent 8 years in the Corps and then moved back...
  8. LuLuBelle

    GREAT Firearm for sale !!! High Standard Supermatic Trophy ~ Fluted barrel

    Been buying and now its time to thin the herd. I am selling half a dozen GREAT pistols all in excellent condition. I am also selling a pre '64 Winchester lever action carbine and a Mossberg 590 "Street Sweeper". BE SURE to look at my other ads !!! High Standard Supermatic Trophy. It has a 7...
  9. ar addict

    International  ITAR FIREARMS REGULATIONS SIGNIFICANTLY LESSENED This should help some, now pass hearing protection act, repeal Hughes Amendment. Get rid of a couple clowns in Olympia.
  10. C

    National  Most firearms manufacturing no longer under ITAR President Trump's administration has just finalized a push from President Obama's administration to remove the majority of firearms manufacturing in the U.S. from ITAR restrictions, moving them to the State Department. Now, to...
  11. Mark W.

    National  Interesting story on ABC about how Lower Receivers are not firearms in themselves

    Just read a rather interesting story on facebook about how people are getting charges reduced or dropped because Lower Receivers do not meet the legal definition of a firearm serial number or not...
  12. RVTECH

    Other State  Virginia bill to make firearms training an "illegal paramilitary activity" and felony?

    I heard about this and didn't believe it so i looked it up myself.
  13. No1camaro

    Merry Christmas NorthWest Firearms!

    Merry Christmas NorthWest Firearms and a Happy New Year!
  14. RicInOR

    Other State  NC - Bill - Register Firearms

    GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF NORTH CAROLINA SESSION 2019 H D HOUSE BILL DRH30367 - MLf - 113. (1) The name and current address of the person registering the assault weapon. (2) The name of the manufacturer and importer of the...
  15. CountryGent

    2020 Firearms Plans?

    So, the new year is soon upon us. Do you have any fun firearms plans for 2020? Could be builds, hunting, getting into a particular shooting discipline, etc. Personally: Like to get back into grouse hunting. Will wrap up what will likely be the last NFA project for the foreseeable future...
  16. D

    Need assistance understanding how to comply with law for legal sale of firearms

    I have several firearms that I need to sell as soon as possible. However I have not been following the news, discussions, and the wording of the laws requiring background checks. I need quick advice on how to comply with back ground check requirements. 1. I want to meet the legal...
  17. Siglvr

    Donations. "Your AmazonSmile charity (Oregon Firearms Educational Foundation) received a $453.65 donation"

    Reminder: If anyone is curious what that is, Amazon has a program they call Amazon Smile where they donate to someone you name every time you buy something from them. You have to go through Amazon Smile, it costs you nothing. If anyone can suggest a better org, I'm all ears, but that's who's...
  18. A

    Rationalizing Loss On Firearms You Sell.

    I am planning on selling some of my firearms in the near future. In today's over supplied market, I'm expecting to take a loss on the sales. One way I am trying to make myself feel better about the loss is by estimating what it would have cost to rent the firearm vs buying it for the same period...