1. 41mag

    National  SCOTUS rules on Domestic Violence & firearms carry

  2. arakboss

    Why do many FFLs dislike receiving incoming firearms from private parties?

    Question in title.
  3. woosterarmory

    Coming soon to Beaverton, New shooting Range and firearms dealer.

    COMING SOON TO BEAVERTON! Oregon’s Premier Shooting Range and Firearms Dealer. We are having an Open House this Saturday, February 4th from 9 to 5. Everyone is welcome!
  4. tow2171

    New to Northwest Firearms

    I’ve been in the Portland-Vancouver area for about 12 years and an avid firearms enthusiast but am new to this site. I look forward to using it.
  5. Flymph

    OFF's legal fee's Dine & Dash

  6. arakboss

    How Will You Adapt To War On Privately Made Firearms?

    The Feds and some States, possibly including Oregon soon are cracking down on our ability to buy components, legally make firearms at home and possess privately made firearms. If you have been making firearms or were planning to make firearms at home, how will you adapt to any new restrictions...
  7. simpleguy

    Oregon  SJR3 - Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution establishing right to carry concealed firearms.

    Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution establishing right to carry concealed firearms. Refers proposed amendment to people for their approval or rejection at next regular general election...
  8. N

    $100 bucks to transfer in Bend

    Yep, you read the subject right. Hammer Down in Bend on 3rd St..
  9. JohnnyMac

    Trading Firearms Question

    My neighbor and I want to do a little horse trading of pistols. When we go to the FFL to fill out paperwork, do we have to leave the guns there or can we bring them back home until the BGC gets the go ahead? Also does anyone of you know if Gator’s in Kelso does private party xfers? Thanks!
  10. arakboss

    What are the most common reasons a person would want to store firearms at an FFL?

    What are some of most common reasons somebody would want to store firearms at an FFL? I recall see threads on this in the past and it seems like at least one of the members was going through a divorce.
  11. RobMa

    Governor floats the idea of confiscating grandfathered AR's and other semi automatic firearms...

    These people are really trying hard to push this country into a Civil War... I mean that's the only thing I can think here... other than "are they crazy?"
  12. arakboss

    National  Rules & Regs Around Manufacturing vs Reconfiguring vs Privately Made Firearms.

    I bought a handgun recently and the FFL (seller) delivered it in person to my FFL. I inquired about separating the slide from frame and only transferring the frame. He said that the firearm had to leave his book in the same classification as it was entered into his book. I have read that FFLs...
  13. P

    Oregon  Background checks deliberately stalled?

    Like many, I was in the queue for my background check last Tuesday, I was 7,090 in line just off the phone with my FFL today, I'm 6,783, which amounts to almost 5 business days. The state has processed 307 background checks or about 61 a day some other posts mention they should be able to...
  14. T

    Oregon  How do you transport firearms with tubular magazine to the range?

    Under Measure 114, there are allowances for transporting 10+ round removable magazines to the range, for training, etc. How do you do this with a tubular magazine on a shotgun? Are you supposed to disassemble the firearm to transport it to the range? Does anybody have an idea how this is...
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