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  1. Doublesunder

    Is it required in WA State to show an officer your CPL on a traffic stop?

    Is it required in WA State to show an officer your CPL on a traffic stop ? Thanks
  2. Brutus57

    Could be a new record on renewal in Wa.

    Just renewed my WA license to carry. Application for renewal 7 days ago, approved 3rd day after app. Received here in the SOJ 7 days later. You just gotta love those rural Washington county Sheriffs! :cool: Brutus Out
  3. Dave Workman

    WA concealed carry surge continues

    Two takes on same story Washington concealed carry: Nearly 8,000 new CPLs in July Nearly 8,000 new concealed pistol licenses were issued in Washington State during the month of July, according to the latest statistics from the state Department of Licensing (DOL), which may be unsettling news...
  4. S

    WA state well over thirty days issuing permit

    This is my second one. I stupidly let mine expire completely, even the grace period. So I reapplied on Dec 28. I got the letter saying my prints were no good, come back in, which happened before, five years ago. I didn't hurry because I knew the permit was not contingent on the prints. Last...
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