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  1. Jonnyuma

    Silencer Shop Kiosks

    Wondering if anyone has used them recently and how it went. I'm still up in the air over it due to the travel involved in the pickup... the closest OR kiosk is 1.5 hrs and a mountain range away in LaGrande. I can drive an easy half hour to Tri Cities to use the SS kiosk but the suppressor...
  2. wired

    Form 1 silencer tutorial

    Ive been asked to do a form 1 tutorial. I know theres quite a few of these out there but heres my take. Ive gotten to the point where as soon as I order a receiver or gun I prefill out a form 1 on eforms and while the dealer is running the BGC I enter the serial number on my phone and have it...
  3. wired

    Best deal Ive seen for a rifle Form 1 silencer

    https://matchgradecustoms.com/collections/solvent-traps/products/mgc-pro-kit Just ordered one up myself.
  4. PORSCHE928S4

    Silencer Central

    Has anyone ordered from them ? If so how was your experience online sales and ship to your door ?
  5. CountryGent

    China's Type 64 Silenced Pistol

    I found this video neat-o so passing it along.
  6. 40isforme

    Silencer co hybrid 46?

    Getting into buying my first can! Want something that can go all around from 9mm up to 308! The silencer co hybrid 46 seems like it fits the bill, but I'm sure I have to buy other attachments to make it compadable? Any one have any kind of info on this? Can't really find anything on the web...
  7. CountryGent

    National  Trump Administration Legalizes Commercial Exportation of Suppressors

    Just a heads up on a change to the silencer industry: Trump Administration Legalizes Commercial Exportation of Suppressors
  8. A

    Silencer Engraving

    I am preparing to build my first silencer with an approved Form 1 and need to find an engraver who can engrave on a stainless cylinder. Does anyone have an engraver to recommend in the South Sound. (Tacoma- Gig Harbor area)
  9. CountryGent

    Ruger Scout Rifle

    Whilst wandering about Ruger's site for an unrelated project, I happened upon this: Hmmm ... .308 Winchester, 10-rounds, light, and already threaded for a can. (The silencer I have in the pipeline will handle this cartridge as well.) I've been kicking around something in 7.62㎜ NATO for a...
  10. CountryGent

    National  End the Normalized Delay of Suppressors Act of 2020

    Interesting proposed legislation: End the Normalized Delay of Suppressors Act of 2020
  11. CountryGent

    Other State  Virginia Silencer Ban Defeated

    News about said here. Cheers.
  12. nammac

    Silencerco Omega 9K - Is it worth it?

    So, being that those whom have been elected to serve us are confused and think of us as their servants and serf’s, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and invest in my first can. My Requirements: - Compact (want to keep it as close to 6” mark as possible) - Must handle 9mm and .300 Blackout - Can’t...
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