1. G

    12 gauge Conceal Carry

    Stopped at hardware store. Guy was in the welding area. After a double take, asked if I could take his picture. Not a joke. He goes about town with a single shot 12 gauge hanging from his belt.
  2. Lennie

    Other State  Ohio Gov. DeWine signs bill into law allowing people to carry concealed weapons without a permit

    https://www.cleveland19.com/app/2022/03/14/ohio-gov-dewine-signs-bill-into-law-allowing-people-conceal-carry-without-permit/ Another state adopts no permit carry
  3. T

    Looking for a nice conceal every day carry what do you have? Trying not to break the bank.

    Interested in what's out there located in Jackson county
  4. H

    Washington resident looking for oregon conceal carry

    Hello, I’m looking for advice on how to get a conceal carry in oregon. I’m from Washington and work in oregon every day and want to be able to legally carry my firearm with me when I can. Any county’s willing to give an out of state resident a conceal carry permit? Thank you
  5. peteNW503

    What is the best reasonably priced tac belt for conceal carry?

    I never paid much attention to the type of belt I use when I conceal carry, but recently I’ve seen the pros to getting a quality belt designed specially for carry or load-bearing. I would appreciate some input! I’m searching for a tactical belt that can hold my gun and possibly other belongings...
  6. RicInOR

    Disney -vs- Conceal Carry

    Tourist brought AR-15 rifle, handgun to Disney World over worries about Orlando protests " Disney World policy bans visitors from bringing weapons on its property. “Our policy is clear that guns or weapons of any kind are not allowed at our resort regardless of whether someone has a permit,”...
  7. EHJ

    Is this conceal or open carry?

    This is (some pic) of the holster for a Walther PP I carry sometimes... Always wondered if it could still be argued concealed in a full covering holster visible off my hip.
  8. W

    Washington  New Conceal Carry Application

    I'm in Bellevue and with all the nonsense going on I want to get my concealed pistol license but according to the King County site, they're not accepting new applications bc of corona virus. They will accept new applications once King County is in Phase 3. To enter P3 would requires less than...
  9. MikeSD

    Washington  Is it ever legal to conceal a TAC 14?

    RE: Loaded only Obviously one conceals their loaded TAC 14 when it's in their home. That's a form of concealment. And technically it's legal to carry loaded, but not concealed. But there are intimidation laws that make that impractical. But what if you are somewhere out in the woods or...
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