In mathematics, the limit inferior and limit superior of a sequence can be thought of as limiting (i.e., eventual and extreme) bounds on the sequence. They can be thought of in a similar fashion for a function (see limit of a function). For a set, they are the infimum and supremum of the set's limit points, respectively. In general, when there are multiple objects around which a sequence, function, or set accumulates, the inferior and superior limits extract the smallest and largest of them; the type of object and the measure of size is context-dependent, but the notion of extreme limits is invariant. Limit inferior is also called infimum limit, limit infimum, liminf, inferior limit, lower limit, or inner limit; limit superior is also known as supremum limit, limit supremum, limsup, superior limit, upper limit, or outer limit.

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  1. RicInOR

    Other State  MA - 1st Circuit Rules Magazine Limit Ban is OK

    Short Circuit: A Roundup of Recent Federal Court Opinions Worman v. Healey Worman v. Healey Without Supreme Court Review, MA Judge Upholds Sweeping Gun Ban
  2. T

    Other State  California's Mag Ban Ruled Unconstitutional

    NRA-ILA | Breaking! Federal Court Finds California Magazine Ban Violates the Second Amendment
  3. arakboss

    Oregon  Does OSP have limit per 4473 for firearm checks.

    If HB3223 or IP17 is passed/voted in to Oregon law, how many of a persons own firearms could they run in one call to OSP at gunshow for $10 fee?
  4. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  SB501 permit required to own guns, 20 rounds per month limit, bans mags over 5 rounds

    Senate Bill 501 Requires person to secure permit before purchasing or otherwise receiving firearm. "May issue" by the Sheriff. Restricts ammunition receipt to 20 rounds within 30-day period. Prohibits transfer of firearm by gun dealer or private party until latter of 14 days or Department of...
  5. tac

    Bridge weight limit? Whaddya mean?

    Holeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Shirt!!! :eek: x 100 - Load Restriction? What Load Restriction? (the bus version)
  6. ATCclears

    California introduces new law restricting people to 55 gal water per day

    Perhaps they are preparing for the long-term aridification of the Southwest? New California Law Limits How Much Water People Can Use snippet: California is now the first state in the nation to enact tough new water-efficiency standards. The controversial rules limit how many gallons a...
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