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  1. MKB1988

    Washington  Wa long guns ccw permitless?

    I’m not sure anyone has addressed this yet, but rcw 9.41.050 doesn’t mention carrying firearms concealed but only pistols. Here is the full text “ (1)(a) Except in the person's place of abode or fixed place of business, a person shall not carry a pistol concealed on his or her person without a...
  2. citizen a

    CCW in Washington without a permit

    I have an Oregon CHL which is not valid in Washington. Hiking in WA this weekend. RCW 9.41.060(8) appears to allow concealed carry without a permit while hiking. Anyone have any experience with this?
  3. D

    CCW Renewal

    I have a non resident CCW issued in Washington that is coming up for renewal in June. Does WA still issue a CCW to non residents or has that gone the way of the dodo bird?
  4. FreedomPI

    Utah CCW for reciprocity

    Going to travel soon and Utah CCW covers all the states I will be crossing. I had one years ago expired, who do we know around Tigard who can do this certification?
  5. MfnLeadFarmer

    CCW During Last AWB: Preparing For the Next One

    I was not old enough to CCW during the last AWB. Other than a mag limit to 10 rounds, did any of you who were carrying back then encounter any other problems. I’m thinking of buying a wheel gun in 9mm or .45acp (since I have plenty) in response to the possible eventuality. Also do you think...
  6. HaveGun

    Failed miserably as a CCW holder tonight.

    My girlfriend and I drove to my parent's house for card night around 7pm. When we pulled into their drive, I noticed the garage door was open, which is odd since dad is a retired Chief of Police and never leaves anything unsecured, even in the low-crime town he lives in. He and mom were...
  7. S

    CHL renewal online wait time

    Hello. Jut finished my renewal online for my CHL and was curious the wait times? Ive herd the horror stories of first timers taking very long times and was wondering if its the same for renewal.
  8. ma96782

    What is your NOW appropriate CCW piece?

    Being that CNN has announced that BIDEN is the 46th President and they have said that.............. "Cities Erupt In Celebration After Biden Beats Trump" What is your NOW appropriate CCW piece? No more riots. Rrrright? So, something with less capacity.....maybe? Aloha, Mark
  9. kbf64

    Washington  No CCW insurance plans in WA, even for those in other states?

    Is it true that if you live out of WA state, but carry there from another state, your CCW insurance can't be used in WA?
  10. B

    Virginia non resident CCW permit is better than the Utah non resident permit

    Click the state of VA in this map, it fully covers far more states. When you click the Utah one, many of the states it "covers" have restrictions. I'm actually also surprised how many states WA covers. The VA permit is only an online course rather than an in person class...
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