1. ZigZagZeke

    4J School District Contemplates Prohibiting Licensed Concealed Carry on School Property

    4J School Board in Eugene has been contemplating prohibiting concealed carry on 4J property per recent new laws. It is too easy to manipulate and stifle public testimony at board meetings (see below), so the most effective means of getting our point across is email. Here are the email...
  2. beaconrocker

    To carry or not to carry

    I’ve recently gotten into solo backpacking and was considering bringing my uberti reproduction 1858 Remington revolver with me. I have a conversion cylinder for it which allows me to load cartridges but only cowboy loads. I understand that it is far from the ideal choice for woods carry but I...
  3. oldcorpgunny

    We Discuss Various Concealed Carry Firearms, how about real world calibers?

    I enjoy the various discussions and opinions concerning handguns, holsters, etc. , but I have a sense that some of the responses are more wishful thinking than actual real world experience. I have no idea how many of you have actually had to engage an assailant or an enemy combatant, but I think...
  4. 1775usmc

    For those of you who appendix carry

    This question is for those of you who appendix carry, as do I. While driving do you put your seat belt in front of, or behind the pistol? I’d like to hear your reasoning. I’ve heard arguments for both sides when it comes to accessibility as well as potential damage if involved in an accident...
  5. 1775usmc

    Just another example of why you should carry medical.

    I know medical equipment isn’t “sexy” or the instagram fad but it’s important. Not only to carry but to train with and know how to use. IMO if you carry a gun you should be carrying at minimum a TQ on your person as well. The likelihood of using a TQ is much higher than your firearm. Whether it...
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