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  1. R

    Any Stores Local to Portland Area Carry Steel Shot for Reloading?

    Is there a local shop that carries steel shot? Cabela's, SW, and all the small gun shops that I have tried do not. (Even lead shot shell loading supplies are rare.) I am in need of loose steel shot and steel shot wads for reloading. My recent Ballistic Products order got FUBAR'd. I would...
  2. DB is Here

    Other State  Following legalized campus carry, universities report no increase in violence
  3. DB is Here

    Washington  What Is Behind Washington’s Concealed Carry Climb?
  4. U

    Promoted  Springfield XD mod 2, 3" barrel

    Comes with a 13 and 17 round magazine, and a Tulster AIWB. Looking for a trade, will take a partial trade plus cash, or will add cash on my end. You can send me a PM, for a faster response text me at 585-410-3063. Gun was cleaned, I ran less than 200 rounds through it, cleaned again, and put in...
  5. R

    Conceal carry at Singing Christmas Tree?

    Anyone been to the Singing Christmas Tree this year with Conceal carry permit?
  6. L

    My potential carry comparison. P290RS, P365-MS, 43X

    With the purchase of a P365 with manual safety I wanted to compare 3 of my pistols. First post will be the measurements. I then want to go out and shoot the three pistols side by side. I'm thinking 50 rounds through each with a 5 shot group at 7 yards. Groups will be shot standing...
  7. Fieryotaku

    Conceal carry an SBR?

    Stupid question I am waiting on a stamp for a Kriss vector SBR with a folding stock turns out it fits perfectly in my Vertex commuter sling bag. This bag was previously used for my CZ Scorpion pistol. From what I understand I cant carry my Vector around concealed as it is a rifle after the...
  8. Not BATFE

    Removable Carry Handle Sights

    Have two removable carry handle/sights for flattop AR rifles with square forge marks. Both are in excellent shape. $45 each, shipped, insured OR $75 for both. Also have another, but the quality isn't as nice as the two square forge mark ones. $20 Shipped, Insured.
  9. Seej333

    Glock 27

    For sale is my Gen 3 .40 caliber Glock 27. I am the original owner and am selling to fund other gun purchases. This firearm has been stored in my safe with very little use (less than 100 rounds). Comes with 2 mags, one with the grip extension. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you.
  10. S

    Kimber Ultra Carry .45

    Kimber Ultra Carry .45 3 inch barrel Matte Black 1 Mag Original Case with manual and such Never Bern Fired I bought this last year for the Mrs. in hopes she would use it as a concealed carry. I was wrong . It is never been fired and been atored. Cash only, no trades. $800.
  11. DB is Here

    Other State  Black Female Concealed Carry Holder And Police Chief Make Case For Being ‘Legally Armed In Detroit’
  12. BarbusBadarse

    KAHR PM9 nice carry piece with holsters

  13. L84Cabo

    National  Number Of Concealed Carry Permit Holders Exceeds 18,000,000

    And aren't we up to seven states now that don't require any permit at all? :)
  14. DB is Here

    Other State  Georgia Carry and Phillip Evans win Five Year Legal Battle at Supreme Court
  15. M

    Detacheable carry handle/A2 sight

    Looking for a quality/name brand A2 sight/detacheable carry handle. About to buy one on eBay for $40. But decided id ask here first.