Oregon (/ˈɔːrᵻɡən/ AWR-ə-gən) is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Oregon is bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean, on the north by Washington, on the south by California, on the east by Idaho, and on the southeast by Nevada. The Columbia River delineates much of Oregon's northern boundary, and the Snake River delineates much of the eastern boundary. The parallel 42° north delineates the southern boundary with California and Nevada. It is one of only three states of the contiguous United States to have a coastline on the Pacific Ocean, and the proximity to the ocean heavily influences the state's mild winter climate, despite the latitude.
Oregon was inhabited by many indigenous tribes before Western traders, explorers, and settlers arrived. An autonomous government was formed in the Oregon Country in 1843, the Oregon Territory was created in 1848, and Oregon became the 33rd state on February 14, 1859. Today, at 98,000 square miles, Oregon is the ninth largest and, with a population of 4 million, 26th most populous U.S. state. The capital of Oregon is Salem, the second most populous of its cities, with 160,614 residents (2013 estimate). With 609,456 residents (2013 estimate), Portland is the largest city in Oregon and ranks 29th in the U.S. Its metro population of 2,314,554 (2013 estimate) is 24th. The Willamette Valley in western Oregon is the state's most densely populated area, home to eight of the ten most populous cities.
Oregon's landscape is diverse, with a windswept Pacific coastline; a volcano-studded Cascade Range; abundant bodies of water in and west of the Cascades; dense evergreen, mixed, and deciduous forests at lower elevations; and a high desert sprawling across much of its east all the way to the Great Basin. The tall conifers, mainly Douglas fir, along Oregon's rainy west coast contrast with the lighter-timbered and fire-prone pine and juniper forests covering portions to the east. Abundant alders in the west fix nitrogen for the conifers. Stretching east from central Oregon are semi-arid shrublands, prairies, deserts, steppes, and meadows. At 11,249 feet (3,429 m), Mount Hood is the state's highest point, and Crater Lake National Park is Oregon's only national park.

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  1. ilikegunspdx

    Oregon  3 and 5 year old kids shot in Gresham in drive by

    Yea that disbanding the gun violence task force is really delivering results. Hardesty is the one who pushed for it to be eliminated. https://www.koin.com/news/crime/2-kids-hurt-in-suspected-drive-by-shooting-in-gresham/ meanwhile the rioters are trying to burn down yet another police precinct...
  2. awshoot

    Oregon  Portland Antifa Shoot At Car Turning Around to Avoid Them

    A very short video clip in which you can hear shots being fired at the car making a U-Turn: Direct link to video: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1290914832015794176/pu/vid/1280x720/Mz8VUZmv4XSBtlGe.mp4?tag=10 There is mention in the news of a car being hit with gunfire last night, but...
  3. T

    Oregon  Beaverton, Cedar Hills: Open carry is prohibited?

    Seems to me I recall that Pdx, Beaverton and Salem prohibit open carry? So, if Antifa comes down my Cedar Hills street, I can not be on my front porch with a shot gun across my lap?
  4. DB is Here

    Oregon  Portland July 2020 Shootings More than Double One Year Ago

  5. S

    Washington  Carrying in Washington

    I am headed to Washington for some camping/hiking/fishing. Not that I anticipate being stopped by anyone for my legitimate outdoor activity, but I want to be sure I am legal just in case. My carry of choice at the moment is a glock 26, with glock 17 mags and a xgrip sleeve. This makes my...
  6. awshoot

    Oregon  150 rd Shooting In Portland

    Not much info yet, but last night there was a shooting in which a number of apartments and cars were hit as well as one woman who was struck in the arm, non-life threatening. https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/news/read.cfm?id=251058...
  7. H


    A old hunting buddy of my dads wanted to by a ar platform rifle and he had a friend of ours bring him up to see mine it is a AR-15 from R&Janderson in m,cminnville i let him look at it and he sarts talking about tradeing a 1946 hi startdard pistol and som cash and told him buddy ive wanted one...
  8. Gunguy931

    Oregon  I want to verify something I heard

    I was told by a worker at a particular gun store that if you have a tax stamp on a firearm it cannot be confiscated if the state imposes a law restricting the ownership of said firearm. An example of this would be if you had a stamped short barreled AR-15 and the state drops a bunch of...
  9. RedCardinalSeven

    Black Marine Corps vet holds US flag high amid riots in Portland; gets trailed home by Antifa

  10. RedCardinalSeven

    Portland Riots Read-out: July 24

  11. D

    Background wait ?

    Filled it out Monday at a Bi mart and it is Thursday almost Friday ...Is this Normal with how many people are buying guns ??? Should i go in and Check or just wait for the phone call ???
  12. Nick Burkhardt

    Drug Dealers Threaten a Man and His Dog

    Drug Dealers Threaten a Man and His Dog
  13. Iceman04503

    Oregon  Transfers during Covid

    Theres a pawn shop in beaverton that I used a couple of times for person to person transfers. Before covid the shop takes possession of the firearms while BGC is being approval. But during covid this shop gives back the firearm to the seller until the BGC is approved. And once the BGC is passed...
  14. T

    Any WA residents with OR CCL?

    is it even possible? I do a lot of work in Oregon and with the way things are going might have to start carrying. However, I am a WA resident and saw that OR does not allow out of state CCL. Has any WA resident gotten an OR one? thanks
  15. Cavedweller

    Oregon  Bill Post doxed

    "A Dallas-based journalist for Vanity Fair and MSNBC posted an Oregon lawmaker's personal information online early Friday morning, as a tit for tat after the lawmaker posted information about supporters of an initiative to ban assault weapon sales in the state. Kurt Eichenwald launched an...
  16. EHJ

    Oregon  Let's say I finish an 80% lower...

    But now want to have it professionally coated/finished. (Cerakote, anodize, etc...) Do I still need to do this work or can I job it out?
  17. alleyoop

    Oregon  CHL Renewal re Covid - 19

    I've got a family member that has had some fairly scary contacts with BLM folk and likely to have more. She needs to renew her CHL in Marion county. I could not locate the procedures as they stand during this Covid - 19 rules. I suspect they have a method for doing it all by mail but could not...
  18. K

    Oregon  CCW with DUI conviction

    Hey y'all! I am finding conflicting information on the Google so I thought I'd ask here. I had a DUI in 2013 and I failed diversion and ended up being convicted. I believe the conviction happened in 2015. Everything I can find about the Oregon law says you are barred from getting a CCW if you...
  19. JonathanW95

    Oregon  Traveling with NFA items

    Hello, I’m traveling to a new state with my firearms including NFA items(Suppressors and destructive device) Do airlines treat NFA items any differently then regular firearms when declaring them on the plane? Especially the destructive device
  20. aksu747

    Businesses price gouging ammo right now

    Lets get a list started of businesses in Oregon that are price gouging on ammo right now I'll start. Was at A Cut Above Pawn today, usually(pre-panic) was a great place to deal with, that has changed. I was shocked to see they wanted $325 for 500 rounds of Tula 122 grain hp 7.62x39, that is...
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