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  1. Roymil666

    Build Thread  Gas issues on a new build

    So over the past few years I've built around a dozen black guns with pretty good success. But a current build has me scratching my head. The issue I'm having is failure to feed. Will eject a round but not cycle a new one. Tried multiple mags and 55 and 62gr. Running a BA Performance Series 16"...
  2. fstdraw

    Trigger issues?

    I went shooting this morning and had a couple of "delayed" fires. Pull the trigger and a couple of a hundredths later, bang! Is this an ammo issue or an issue with my $200.00 trigger? I've got a couple hundred rounds on this trigger and it is sweet, except for this issue. Thanks a ton!
  3. J

    FN 509 (All Versions) Issues

    I bought an FN 509 C MRD this month. Haven't shot it yet because of the price of ammo. I bought it based on the good reviews, the feel of it when I inspected it at the store, and my desire to diversify my collection of pistols. However, after doing a bit more research, I read about some issues...
  4. omenwolf

    Aero M5 Ar10 build gas issues

    So I built an Aero M5 Ar10 18" with rifle length gas system. All Aero parts including aeros .750 adj gas block. Its perfectly strait as well, I blocked the chamber and put air compressor on the tube and there is tons of air movement, I have the gas block set to full open with in their paper work...
  5. sagia308

    Swiss k11 308 at 300 yards having issues with the scope adjusting and reloads

    Okay I got to blame it on something couldn't be me jerking the trigger again 🤪
  6. EHJ

    Hi. I'm E. And I am working on my task completion skills and procrastination issues. Also - spel check dozn't seem to work in thread headers...

    I like firearms and firearm accessories. I grill with charcoal. There are maybe a half dozen folks who will never see this post. :) Have a nice day!
  7. Buckeyeguy98

    Legal issues forcing a liquidation

    Recent legal issues are forcing me out of the game....so come and get it boys.. I will have pistols, rifles, a shotgun and a bunch of ammo posted over the next week or so to move...all transfer fees are on the buyer and I would like to stay local within reason to make this happen... Thanks guys!!
  8. F

    Franklin armory AK binary install issues

    my safety selector while installed not engaging the selector switch .. When screwed in it moves freely no resistance between safe and fire, will not engage binary Any one have one of these you can post pics up or have this issue with install?
  9. BBQ Guy

    Shoulder issues and questions

    I have an appointment for an ultrasound steroid injection Monday morning. If it doesn't work next stop is shoulder replacement. Who's had the steroid treatment in their shoulder? Successful? Length of relief? I've had problems most of my adult life with the shoulder and have finally reached...
  10. ddjchemist

    Anyone has jamming issues with Henry 45-70 w/ +P Loads

    Today I was shooting 4 rounds of Grizzly 460 gr +P ammo with my Henry 45-70 Lever Action and the rifle had a hard time ejecting empty shells. Loading and shooting was smooth, but to eject each empty shell I had to pull the lever really hard and do it multiple times. Any other ammo that I shot...
  11. OldTengu

    P80 build firing pin assembly issues

    About 5% of the time, my firing pin assembly is coming free of the spacer sleeve and channel liner (I may have the terminology wrong), but I’m still seeing positive firing response and great (albeit stiff) extraction. After running some snap caps I pulled the slide off and saw this: I don’t...
  12. sagia308

    SKS 380 yards remote only having issues turning on my camera LOL

    that was so fast shooting at the end ARRG!
  13. Helocat

    .45 ACP loading issues thanks to .45GAP, 460 Rowland and &$^# small primer brass!

    Loaded up a bunch of .45 ACP Large Primer, from brass I bought “pre sorted” as Large Primers. Made the huge error and last time I will “assume” correct sorting was done. Few shorty .45 GAP showed up, visibly got them. But after 3 large primer detonations from NOT fitting the small primer...
  14. sagia308

    (401) yards SKS yugo sporter tula hp ammo soft primmers issues

    wow had 4 misfires all seem deep primer strikes enought to fire them? put all for back in the end of the video and they fired well i was shooting low too the right ,i had to shoot low do to the bush backstop i couldnt see the hits aiming at the plate
  15. cooperdh

    Shim issues

    Just got a SilencerCo Saker 762 and installed the ASR muzzle device on my rifle using the provided shims. As you can see in the pic, the shim got jammed in there. Anyone else have the issues and how do you fix it? The Shims were really hard to get on the threads which I thought was odd.
  16. EHJ

    Bipartisian Issues: *Lawmaker introduces bill to ensure people are alive when they vote.* Not humor.

  17. Will_White

    6.5 grendel AR issues.

    I just put together a 6.5 grendel AR and it is extremely hard to chamber or extract a round, is this something that will just smooth out with use or is there something I can do to speed it along.
  18. C

    ALICE hardware sources and issues

    I have so far found only one source for these pieces, and they require a minimum order of 1,000 each, but I cannot justify ordering that many if I am not going to make a thousand pouches or 500 sets of straps :s0001: I want to make a retro style QD shoulder strap set in Coyote Brown, or other...
  19. Lesliet

    Pricing and thoughts on buying a project revolver with issues to practice on?

    Been thinking lately about finding a project revolver to work on and increase my skills. I've enjoyed working on my S&W to get it competition ready, feeling like I can probably manage most repairs on these short of re-barreling. Wondering what is a good price range for something like a Smith or...
  20. kmk1012

    Ruger American Ranch 300blk Issues.

    Took my RAR to the range today for the first time and only got it to fire three rounds, very disappointing. Was having light primer strikes, they would not touch off on the second attempt either. Not reloads, all factory ammo. I guess a trip back to Ruger is in order. After doing some reading...
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