1. arakboss

    Oregon  Call To Action For 2022 Election and Mitigating Gun Control Issues In 2023 Session.

    To avoid thread closure please keep this political thread focused on the issue of firearm freedoms and how we can protect them from the gun grabbers in Salem and around the State. Oregon voters have a good opportunity this November to mitigate the damage that is likely to come next session if...
  2. Ura-Ki

    Brandon did it again, U, S Coast Guard issues fuel warnings for boaters ahead of summer vacations!

    Welp, Brandon did it to us good this time, mandating the addition of MORE ethanol to our automotive fuel, bringing a host of major issues with it! The U. S Coast Guard has issued a warning to all boaters, not only to NOT purchase gasoline containing more then 10% Ethanol, but that it's also...
  3. Flyboy3394

    Issues with Holosun 509T plate- Glock 45 MOS

    Hi all, Recently purchased a G45 MOS with a Holosun 509T on it. Overall everything works great EXCEPT that the mounting plate (Botach) is bent upwards (pics attached) and the screws are stripped. Stripped screws aside, I am realizing I likely need to get a new mounting plate. I can use the...
  4. ORGunGuy77

    Tokarev Slide Issues

    Hey everybody, I got a(nother) Chinese Tokarev recently and took it out to the range, where I encountered an issue with the slide not going fully into battery, and getting hung up while closing. If I gave it a slap it would go into battery and function as normal. I tried this with different...
  5. Quester50

    Trigger finger issues

    I have a CZ RAMI and when shooting it sometimes my trigger finger will become numb like it's been slapped several times. Any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong? Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. officially5150

    Anyone have issues with holosun optics ?

    Had a holosun hs407k on my p365xl Sold the 365 and attempted to trade the optic to another member for a hs510c but received a text from the member the optic would not power on so went back out and traded back and now I'm looking at having to deal with a warranty repair. Anyone dealt with those...
  7. kmk1012

    LOS Bullets OAL Issues

    Do any of you have experience with their 147gr 9mm FMJ’s. I loaded up close to 1000 this past weekend and had continual OAL issues. The bullets varied as much as .035”!!! It’s a modest load and I have no worry about excessive pressure but was very disappointed in the consistency of them.

    Oregon  Muzzle Brake Legality Issues

    I ASSUME a thread-on, muzzle brake/flash suppressor device is entirely legal as long as it is solid and one piece correct? Reason is I am going to machine one for my Ruger PCC. Mostly just as a hobby project and nothing actually necessary but I have been wanting to make one for it and I...
  9. ATCclears

    Supply Chain issues

    My daughter has first management job at auto-glass replacement place in Seattle. She previously alerted me to a glass shortage (auto and home). This weekend she said there is a shortage coming soon on tires (rubber compound?). So if you need new tires...
  10. arakboss

    CDC Czar on the hunt. Covid is not keeping her busy enough.

  11. ejmpnu92

    Change of address and background check issues

    Today I had an appointment with the Oregon DMV, to get the Real ID DL. Had all my paperwork in hand, presented what I needed to, to the DMV guy and his first question was: When did you move to Canby? Me, a resident of Hillsboro and have been since 2015, said: hmmm, I did not move Him: hmmm...
  12. terrypen

    New build and sight in issues

    Ok, so I’m an ex 67N20, and have messed with my fair share of M16A2’s! I decided I’d build my first AR15 and that if I was going to do it , I’d go full Monte and start with an 80% Arms version! This doesn’t have anything to do with the issue I had when sighting in! I installed an MBUS front...
  13. Roymil666

    Build Thread  Gas issues on a new build

    So over the past few years I've built around a dozen black guns with pretty good success. But a current build has me scratching my head. The issue I'm having is failure to feed. Will eject a round but not cycle a new one. Tried multiple mags and 55 and 62gr. Running a BA Performance Series 16"...
  14. fstdraw

    Trigger issues?

    I went shooting this morning and had a couple of "delayed" fires. Pull the trigger and a couple of a hundredths later, bang! Is this an ammo issue or an issue with my $200.00 trigger? I've got a couple hundred rounds on this trigger and it is sweet, except for this issue. Thanks a ton!
  15. J

    FN 509 (All Versions) Issues

    I bought an FN 509 C MRD this month. Haven't shot it yet because of the price of ammo. I bought it based on the good reviews, the feel of it when I inspected it at the store, and my desire to diversify my collection of pistols. However, after doing a bit more research, I read about some issues...
  16. omenwolf

    Aero M5 Ar10 build gas issues

    So I built an Aero M5 Ar10 18" with rifle length gas system. All Aero parts including aeros .750 adj gas block. Its perfectly strait as well, I blocked the chamber and put air compressor on the tube and there is tons of air movement, I have the gas block set to full open with in their paper work...
  17. sagia308

    Swiss k11 308 at 300 yards having issues with the scope adjusting and reloads

    Okay I got to blame it on something couldn't be me jerking the trigger again 🤪
  18. EHJ

    Hi. I'm E. And I am working on my task completion skills and procrastination issues. Also - spel check dozn't seem to work in thread headers...

    I like firearms and firearm accessories. I grill with charcoal. There are maybe a half dozen folks who will never see this post. :) Have a nice day!
  19. Buckeyeguy98

    Legal issues forcing a liquidation

    Recent legal issues are forcing me out of the game....so come and get it boys.. I will have pistols, rifles, a shotgun and a bunch of ammo posted over the next week or so to move...all transfer fees are on the buyer and I would like to stay local within reason to make this happen... Thanks guys!!
  20. F

    Franklin armory AK binary install issues

    my safety selector while installed not engaging the selector switch .. When screwed in it moves freely no resistance between safe and fire, will not engage binary Any one have one of these you can post pics up or have this issue with install?
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