Purchasing is the process a business or organization uses to acquire goods or services to accomplish its goals. Although there are several organizations that attempt to set standards in the purchasing process, processes can vary greatly between organizations.
Purchasing is part of the wider procurement process, which typically also includes expediting, supplier quality, transportation, and logistics.

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  1. G

    Bought my first handgun, still have to wait

    I know the title seems like i’m gonna complain, i just didn’t know how to word it otherwise. I went into Ticklicker Firearms in South Salem, purchased a glock 26 for conceal carry, and i was told i’m around number 2,000 in queue. unfortunately i wasn’t given an estimate on how long that would...
  2. heavyduty59

    Looking to purchase executive ordnance grips

    Hi, I am looking to purchase executive ordnance grips. If you have one to sell please let me know. Thank you and have a great day.
  3. arakboss

    Washington  Private Party Washington to Oregon handgun purchase. Payment suggestions, stolen firearm check.

    I am going to pursue a handgun purchase from an apartment neighbor of my father. Seller is WA resident, I'm an OR resident. If I decide to purchase the revolver I will ask him to have local WA ffl ship it to my Oregon ffl. Will the WA ffl check to see if it has been reported stolen before...
  4. fredball

    Washington  I-1639 / More info

    Washington State I Drank 3 cups of coffee reading this B.S. Office of the Attorney General Attorney General Bob Ferguson Initiative 1639 Initiative 1639: Frequently Asked Questions In November 2018, Washingtonians overwhelmingly adopted Initiative 1639, which made a number...
  5. Tarawa86

    I see a new gun purchase in the near future...

  6. P

    Next firearm purchase

    So, I want to buy another gun, and like any responsible gun owner. I want to do as much research on said gun as possible. However, I don’t know what to purchase next. So I am asking for opinions. I am torn between an AR pistol build, selling my psak gen 2 and getting a wasr, getting an ak74 or...
  7. RicInOR

    National  Guns don't kill people, Credit Cards Kill People

    Guess what time it is campers ... Majority of mass shooters finance their weapon stockpiles with credit Obvious time. Would you guess that most guns are bought with credit cards. Guess what that means.
  8. American123

    Wanted a 1 time purchase price hobby - tomahawk throwing

    As if I didn't have enough things keeping me busy, recently I got the itch to purchase some tomahawks. Why? The predominant reason being that I wanted something fun, low cost / 1 time expense that I could enjoy doing in the gaps between range visits. I can't legally shoot in my back yard...
  9. arakboss

    Need Guidance on Used Glock Purchase.

    I own a single Glock (Gen 4 G17) and would like to add the following capabilities and features to my Glock collection: 1. Add Barrels to shoot 40 and 357sig, calibers for range use only. 2. Aquire Finger grooveless frame either Gen 2 or Poly80. 3. Ability to run my gen 4 slide on to finger...
  10. T

    First Handgun Purchase Questions

    Hi, I purchased my first pistol today, an M&P22 full size. I've never been through the process before on a handgun, so this has been a learning experience. From what I understand, my background check has been sent to king county LE and the ffl is now waiting for them to return a clean background...
  11. L

    Oregon  Private Party from same (shotgun purchase)

    Quick question: I'm an Oregon resident but have been traveling and not up on current Oregon law regarding private party to private party sales. Do I have to go through an FFL to purchase a shotgun from another Oregon resident? Or is face to face legal for the transfer of the shotgun...
  12. RicInOR

    Other State  Social Media Check, As Part of Gun Purchase Background?

    CIVIL RIGHTS UPDATE: New York Lawmakers Drafting Bill That Would Allow Social Media Checks Before Gun Purchase. “Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and state Sen. Kevin Palmer’s proposal would allow authorities to review three years of social media history and one year of internet search...
  13. clearconscience

    Other State  Vietnam Vet get 7yrs for M14 purchase in the 80s

    Vietnam War hero sentenced to 7 years for decades-old rifle purchase: report I call this a shame. This guy deserves a pass. All these gangster atraw buyers get off with probation and this Hero gets 7 years. F our justice system
  14. T

    Nikon Black FX 1000 MOA: Purchase with illumination?

    Mainly target shooting, some hunting, and my eyes are 70 years old? Maybe long range shooting with Vanguard 308 if the end of the world comes with zombies. I think there is a $100.00 dollar difference in purchasing non-illumination vs illumination. Would illumination work in freezing weather...
  15. old11bravo

    My last purchase from SGN before it's demise, is his first ever rifle. Happy Birthday son!

    I picked up this Mosin Nagant off SGN last week (only a few days left before that forum shuts down for good). What a great deal it was too. It came mounted in an Archangel stock with a Timney trigger installed and threaded barrel with brake done locally by a smith in Snohomish. It also came with...
  16. colekpalmer

    Moving to Oregon, unsure where to purchase shotgun

    I'm moving to Oregon from California in a couple months and would like to purchase a 12 gauge to go skeet shooting with. I understand I need to produce an Oregon DL/ID in order to purchase the gun there, but I would like to avoid all the red tape nonsense in California. Once my first utility...
  17. Joe Link

    Other State  Lawsuit filed against Cabela's by family of Wilmington woman killed with straw purchase gun

    Lawsuit filed against Cabela's by family of Wilmington woman killed with straw purchase gun
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