1. Khalsa

    Geissele DDC AR15 lower, BEND OREGON Complete Sans FCG, One off. Super rare.

    Blemula rare DDC has all parts minus trigger guard and trigger group, and rear takedown pin,(I have that at home and I can give it to you. It’s a $1 part.) This is a gorgeous desert dirt color anodizing lower from Geissele automatics 5414809797 In BEND
  2. Newberg

    Take Off Browning Buckmark 22lr Parts

    Looking for some takeoff Browning Buckmark parts. Upgraded to a top rail? I need a factory top sight plate. Put on a threaded barrel? I actually need a non threaded. Etc. Thanks!:)
  3. N

    Latest Info from Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF)
  4. 2506

    Best Off The Shelf Rifle

    So a buddy has the hunting bug. Who’s turning out the best off the shelf rifle these days? Within a reasonable price <$700 or so. He’s decided on 7mm mag, but could be convinced otherwise but is new to shooting. wants to give both deer and elk a try but can only afford one rifle.

    Get out and relax! Blow off some 'steam'

    In light of current events I think my recommendation is a good one! I am going to go make some black powder smoke today!
  6. kbf64

    Sportsmans 20% off

    Of $100 or more, I think until November 8th.
  7. A

    Letters to Trump and Others Regarding BATF.

    If Trump pulls off a win, I would like to see him inundated with letters recommending that he fire the current BATF leadership team and replace them with outsiders that respect the 2A. There needs to be a heavy housecleaning over at the BATF. These two should be first to go...
  8. Sixsa

    This pisses me off! People actually do this!

    Feds are collecting "unwanted ammo" from people and YOU are paying up for 5 dollars a pound to drop it off! What a deal! This actually makes me mad. This 100% takes advantage of people who probably inherited ammo from someone else or otherwise doesn't know what they have, let alone the ammo...
  9. spider

    Man showing off gun accidentally shot himself in Lincoln City store

    Man showing off gun accidentally shot himself in Lincoln City store My fear of appendix carry continues to grow. But knowing this Einstein, he probably just replaced (not re-holstered) the firearm into his boxers and not a holster.
  10. eldbillbo

    Colt 6920 M4/Ar15 Take Off parts. FCG, Flash hider, Barrel nut and D-ring, M4 handguard cap

    These are new take-offs from a Colt 6920 Colt A2 flash hider with Washer $15 (no longer available) Colt real Mil-Spec barrel nut and delta ring assembly $45 Colt Hammer, Trigger, Disconnector with Colt Hammer, Trigger, Disconnector Springs $55 (SOLD) Colt Handguard Cap $10
  11. wired

    Looks like the heat is off the post office.

    The stuff that happens in an election year. A month and half ago I sent a package 120 miles away by priority mail. It took 8 days. I could have handily walked it faster. Thats typical for what packages were taking to get to me in the same period. Anyone who says the heat wasnt on the post...
  12. JeremyK

    Surplus AR parts

    A few gewgaws up for grabs. 1)detachable carry handles. The following forge marks are available: A2, A1, AB, AH, AA, and keyhole-4. Full disclosure: most, if not all, have the rear sight assembly canted. From extensive google-fu and personal experience (been issued a few rifles that had this...
  13. Oregonhunter5

    6.5 CM off the shelf ammo

    Just bought this gun for my kids to use. Bought a nicer Leupold CDS scope. Can someone tell me the most consistent and accurate off the shelf stuff there is? Im Not gonna load for this gun. I usually use nosler trophy grade, but couldn’t find any over here. Everyone is buying all the ammo up...
  14. Tarawa86

    Marines Call Off Search for 8 Missing Troops

    RIP to my 1st Marine Division brothers. Shipboard and related operations are always dangerous. "A war at sea. A war with no battles, no monuments... only casualties."
  15. GWS

    Barrel Cooler To Cool Off A Hot Suppressor?

    Has anyone tried using one of those barrel coolers to cool off a hot suppressor? Would it be worth trying or would it be dangerous for the silencer or the cooler? Trying to find a way to speed up the cooling off a can before going home from the range.
  16. sagia308

    125 Yards Remastered in the high country of arizona 3 pistols off boulder!

    a lot harder shooting of a boulder i notice seems to slip or less stable then a shooting stick the sr 40 ruger gave my hand a sting on one shot u see it was cool out notice my light jacket on this was in nov 2019 i think
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