Off-off-Broadway theaters are smaller New York City theaters than Broadway and off-Broadway theaters, and usually have fewer than 100 seats. The off-off-Broadway movement began in 1958 as part of an anti-commercial and experimental or avant-garde movement of drama and theatre. Over time, some off-off-Broadway productions have moved away from the movement's early experimental spirit.

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  1. 373rd_35GMI

    Waiting for a good day off to sling some lead down range

    Just picked this sucker up a few weekends ago and waiting for a good day off where my old lady doesn't have anything to write down on my " honey do list " so I can go spend my valuable time off and get my red dot sighted in. I might just take off my red dot but not sure yet. We'll see.
  2. sagia308

    Canik tp9SFX knocks dixie cup off plate at 170 yards w/vortex redot

    wow i didnt even know i did that it was so far away LOL
  3. Richo877

    A few more off the streets
  4. Jay Walk

    Brandon to cut us off from Lake City 5.56

    Apparently not content with its efforts so far to make gun ownership more difficult and expensive for America’s 100 million firearm owners, a source tells TTAG that the Biden administration is taking steps to reduce the availability of .223/5.56 ammunition available to the average shooter.
  5. Ttuck

    Laid off, In need of a new job/career.

    Not sure if this type of thread goes in this sub forum. Mods please move if necessary. I was laid off last Friday unfortunately. I'm looking for a new job/career now. Hoping for something more permanent than some kind of retail, gas station attendant etc etc. I have almost 5 years experience...
  6. kmk1012

    Off Duty Marion County Deputy had Firearms Stolen from Car.

    Good thing the police are exempt from the safe storage laws we peasants are required to abide by. Hope this link works but it’s the top story on Marion County Flash Alerts page.
  7. Nick Burkhardt

    Another Evil Gun goes off and shoots up an AirBnB

    Another Evil Gun goes off and shoots up an AirBnB Mugshot Innocent owner of the Evil Glock
  8. ilikegunspdx

    Hovapet352 Chinese? symbols in off topic area

    About 10 odd spam? Threads all in a row in off topic section. What the ?
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