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  1. arakboss

    Need advice on dry media and additives for rcbs vibratory case cleaner

    Edit: I just picked up a rcbs vibratory case cleaner. I am looking at purchasing some lyman tufnut for my first media purchase. Any advice on other media options, additives or techniques would be appreciated. I am not concerned with having that new super polished brass look. I just want clean...
  2. Spec.-K

    Media Range Day

    I'm sure it's been discussed before, but I'll take another shot at it. I think we should come together and invite a reporter from Seattle and/or Portland to come out to the range with us. Take them to the range, explain the safety portion of it (because let's face it, they probably have NEVER...
  3. DB is Here

    Other State  Mathematics Ties Media Coverage of Gun Control to Upticks in Gun Purchases

    Mathematics Ties Media Coverage of Gun Control to Upticks in Gun Purchases Thanks Capt. Obvious...:rolleyes:
  4. pharmseller

    Final project: Free speech and social media

    My son (a good MAGA hat wearing, gun-toting high school senior) is writing his final paper of his high school career. He selected the topic: “Free speech and social media: do social media platforms have an obligation to limit hate speech and false information?” It’s easy to say yes, but then...
  5. Dyjital

    Venezuela: what you don’t see on US Media

    Anyone see this on 20/20 or any other alphabet soup news channels? The real look at socialism after the riots..
  6. nehalemguy

    ATF Social Media Dumpster Fire

    If you would like to see an absolute train wreck, head over to the ATF Facebook page and find the post honoring the four agents killed at the Waco/Brach Davidian compound. 9k comments and over 7k shares so far in the 21 hours since it was posted. The very first comment nailed it....."This is...
  7. arakboss

    Oregon  OPB Directs Media Assault Towards Open Carry

    They manage to put about two sentences in the article pertaining to open carry. And they are not negative. The rest of the article really has nothing to do with open carry. You sure wouldn't guess that by the title. Oregon Open Carry Law Creates Training Challenge For Police
  8. C

    National  Schools are safer than they were in the 90's. Number of mass school shootings down.

    This article is not new, but I had not seen it before and thought it was an interesting read. Schools are safer than they were in the 90s, and school shootings are not more common than they used to be, researchers say
  9. T

    Video Evidence Shows Lying Media Falsely Slimed Teenagers for Interaction with Native American Man a

    This issue originally got my attention when they seemed to focus not on the fact that kids were being morons, but the fact that they were catholic and wearing MAGA hats. What a surprise, only one side of the story was represented and blown out of proportion. The story changes a lot when you...
  10. B

    Resources for contacting you state law makers & media

    Greetings, As a friendly reminder, these might be helpful for some in the next few weeks. Keep it professional and fact based. Write your law makers (this one works pretty well, putting in the needed info automatically matches you to your law makers): Take Action! - NRA ILA Write the media...
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