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  1. T

    Private transfers in Washington state

    I live in Oregon and have a gentleman that wants to purchase a couple of my firearms. He claims that he can’t locate a FFL in the Vancouver area that will do a private transfer. Is this what Washington residents are currently facing?
  2. Warren Andrew

    New to Northwest Firearms and ready to serve all of your firearm maintenance and repair needs.

    Battle Ground Gunsmith/Firearms dealer ready to service all of your firearm needs. Preservations, Restorations, Repairs, Upgrades, Transfers, Sales, Trades, and more. Traditional bluing, Cerakote, wood refinishing, and much more. Call or text 360-690-5168 and check out my Facebook page @Warren...
  3. Ducati_Meister

    Store policies on waiting periods for firearms purchases and transfers.

    I'd thought I'd ask people here if they have had experiences with gunshops etc. holding onto firearms longer than the minimum wait period time as required by law. I've always wondered why they do that stuff in the first place. Also, does it make sense to have a shop say they will not hold onto...
  4. JCPin

    Question About online FFL transfers

    Can anyone give me some insight on how I would go about selling a pew pew online? would I transfer from my FFL to theirs in a different state so long as state laws are followed? I have a friend in a different state who wants to pick up one of my pews but im unaware of how to finalize the...
  5. BrotherGlacius

    Wait times for FFL transfers in Oregon or Washington?

    Just curious if anyone has transferred a bolt action rifle recently. I called my local FFL just to be safe and he said there could be a 10 day to two week wait for the background check to clear. Is there a big difference in doing the transfer in Washington as opposed to Oregon. The last time I...
  6. A

    FFL transfers of AR/AK type pistols.

    Has anybody here had an FFL deny performing a transfer for an AR/AK type of pistol since this ATF threat nonsense begin? If you here of any denying to transfer them please share it here.
  7. ScottInPDX

    Northwest  Looking for the easiest way to handle SBR build for a friend

    I'm looking for suggestions for the easiest way to legally handle transfers and possession while I help a friend with his AR15 SBR build. Our situation: I'm an Oregon resident Friend is a Washington resident We have established a gun trust that is valid in both states to share NFA items. I am...
  8. Iceman04503

    Oregon  Transfers during Covid

    Theres a pawn shop in beaverton that I used a couple of times for person to person transfers. Before covid the shop takes possession of the firearms while BGC is being approval. But during covid this shop gives back the firearm to the seller until the BGC is approved. And once the BGC is passed...
  9. Sporting Systems

    PSA - Understanding private party transfers and online purchases with WA residents.

    PSA of the Day - Out of state private party transfers and online sales. Handguns, Semi auto rifles, lowers, frames and "others". As a border region shop, we are faced with this more often than many shops, but the same applies to private party or online sales. With the number of transactions...
  10. S

    Reasonably priced FTF transfers in SE PDX area?

    Any suggestions? Seems a lot of places think $50 is a great place to charge :rolleyes: Looking for a reasonable price AND who would be open amid the Coronavirus madness.....
  11. H

    Anyone in the PDX area doing 3rd party transfers?

    I bought a Glock frame online, but because everyone is so busy, they don't want to deal with transfers. Please let me know if you've done a 3rd party transfer lately so I can get my frame. Thanks
  12. Dallas Ken


    Are there any places (Gun Stores) open in the Salem area to do transfers? We still have lots of adds on our site here but I don't know of any place to do the transfers? Any info from anyone on this?/ Thanks Gents and have a great day and above all ..Stay Safe.
  13. C

    Washington  South Sound 911 is stopping processing transfers

    And will formally deny any application sent to them after their deadline. Care to be a part of their 'DENIED' list/statistics? Guess you don't have to close gun stores if you go this route..... SMH
  14. Joe Link

    Oregon  Oregon firearm purchases and transfers without updated address stickers

    The owner of Tigard Pawn emailed today and asked me to spread the word about this, as Oregon no longer provides updated address stickers.
  15. O

    Firearm transfers in Oregon City

    Does anyone know of a FFL in the Oregon City area that does firearm transfers at reasonable cost?
  16. EHJ

    Oregon  Spouse to Spouse transfers... Is there paperwork involved?

    I've bought her a couple - she's done the same... Is there any formality necessary to claiming individual ownership?
  17. E

    Oregon  SB 941 exemption for private security professional

    So according to SB 941, little over looked thing I seen and inquired about thru my boss who has a lawyer on retainer. I questioned about the bit of private security professionals being exempt. It was stated that so long as you have a valid DPSST in the state of Oregon, you do not need to do a...
  18. benchmark

    OR vs WA Gun Transfers

    What? As a WA resident, I can pay to have an Oregon CPL, but I CANNOT transfer a gun in OR since I'm an out of state resident? I came across a baby Desert Eagle that I wanted and drove the 3+ hours only to find this out. All on me of course for not doing my homework, but I would have NEVER...
  19. R

    Person To Person Transfers - East County?

    I didn't come up with much on this in a search so am asking the community - Who do you use for person to person firearm transfers in the East Portland/Gresham Area? Who's your favorite and what do they charge? Thanks for your help :) RKBA
  20. A

    I-1639 and OR FFL transfers to WA residents.

    I spoke with an Oregon FFL this morning who said it is business as usual for semi-auto transfers to WA residents. He said they were told by the Feds and Oregon State that they can legally transfer semi-auto firearms to WA residents just as they had been prior to July. If you are in the market...
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