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  1. akeefer

    OR 3 Day FFL Transfers

    Hi All! Been awhile, so excuse me if I'm out of the loop, but just checking if anyone has a general list of Oregon (Portland, Salem, etc) FFLs that are honoring the 3 day release? I typically get instant, but would rather not risk getting something stuck in a long wait, so just checking. I...
  2. thorborg

    Non firing guns and transfers

    I posted an ancient rifle for sale with the breach welded closed as a wall hanger or parts. I told the interested party to come pick it up and was asked about transfer. I did not believe it to be required on a non functioning gun. in the process of plug welding the breach it was also welded...
  3. Vaz

    FFL transfer, please recommend

    Can someone recommend a FFL for private transfer, preferably in SE Portland/Milwaukie area? My friend is moving out of country in a hurry and I want to buy his guns. Is there a possibility to do it in a week or so? Thanks.
  4. arakboss

    FFLs how are you handling braced pistol transfers in current environment?

    I'm not sure if the ATFs new rule has hit the Federal Register yet but how are you handling braced pistol transfers that are coming in currently and after the rule hits the Federal Register?
  5. G

    Question about Oregon FFL’s and rifle/shotgun transfers to out of state residents

    Hey everyone I’m new to forum as I’ll be moving out to Portland at the beginning of March and thought I should get on one of the local forums. I did have a question about FFL transfers and out of state residents in Oregon. I understand that according to federal law dealers can transfer rifles...
  6. B

    MTS gunsmiths for FFL transfers

    Has anyone used MTS gunsmiths (Joe Hirt is the FFL) in Vancouver for fIrearm transfers ? How are they for price, availability and communication ? It's getting harder to find local FFL 's that will ship to the buyers FFL. Especially given the new UPS rules and regulations . Your experience ?
  7. S

    Currrent transfers

    Does anyone know of any ffl in, or around the Portland area doing personal transfers for people without chl's? Lost track of the 114 jargon. Thanks.
  8. arakboss

    FFLs How Are You Going To Handle 11+ Capacity Mags Included With Shipped In Transfers?

    FFLs may soon have to deal with 11+ capacity mags coming in with shipped in transfers. Unless the court suspends the mag ban, it will be illegal to deliver 11+ capacity mags to customer. What options will you be offering to your customers to remove mags from the State?
  9. Dwurgy

    Anyone know of any Gun shops between Salem and Eugene still doing transfers for person-to-person sales?

    These are crazy times and I am trying to sell my G17 before Dec 8th. Anyone have the scoop on FFLs doing transfers? I have tried to call around but a lot of them aren't answering their phones right now cause they are so busy. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
  10. arakboss

    Which FFLs Are Still Doing Private Transfers After Dec 7th?

    Lots of firearms are still being listed in the classifieds. Which FFLs are still going to be doing transfers from Dec 8th forward assuming no relief is provided by the courts?
  11. Lilhigbee

    AFT in Gresham is still doing transfers!!

    Good News!! I just stopped in at Advance Firearm And Training in Gresham and talked to Jeremy, the owner. He said they will take mail-in firearms for transfers as well as walk-in person-to-person transfers. Of course subject to whatever stupidity comes of Measure 114. For those of you...
  12. N

    Transfers in limbo

    I have not found an answer to my question. If I have a transfer in the wait and it has not been completed by 12/8, what is the outcome ? Am I out of a gun and my hard earned money ? Thanks
  13. arakboss

    National  How Does FFL Typically Handle Firearms When Transfers Are Denied?

    Let's imagine that OSP denied all transfers in the system whenever the effective date of M114 begins. What happens to the firearms the FFLs are holding? What does FFL typically do with firearms when a transfer is denied?
  14. ronin223

    Oregon  Gun stores which have stopped transfers.

    To make it easier to keep track which gun stores have stopped transfers because of 114 So far oregon rifleworks has stated they will stop all new transfers
  15. CharlesAFerg

    Oregon Rifleworks just stopped performing transfers

    Their online form has been disabled, and there is now a disclaimer on their site.
  16. J

    Official statement from A Cut Above Pawn regarding transfers

    Alan from A Cut Above Pawn here. As of today, 11/12/2022, we have notified all online vendors that we will not be able to receive orders placed effective immediately. We are doing this because the large amount of firearms arriving are quickly taking up every inch of storage we have. This should...
  17. Nick Burkhardt

    International  Canada Freezes ALL Handgun Sales
  18. S

    Washington  Lower receiver transfers - classify pistol vs rifle?

    I have a few question on transfers of lower receivers. Do they need to be classified as pistol or rifle on transfer? The reason that I ask is that I've recently bought two receivers, and the transfers are different (same receiving FFL) 1) Uzi semi receiver (McKay) - Shows "Pistol Transfer"...
  19. J

    Washington  WA State Law - Private Transfers as “Receiver Only”

    Hi All, I’m hoping to clarify my understanding of WA state law regarding private transfers of pistols. Specifically, my understanding is that if a “complete” firearm is being transferred, then WSP runs the background check and includes psychiatric history, as well as criminal history, and a...
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