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A shotgun (also known as a scattergun and peppergun, or historically as a fowling piece) is a firearm that is usually designed to be fired from the shoulder, which uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small spherical pellets called shot, or a solid projectile called a slug. Shotguns come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 5.5 mm (.22 inch) bore up to 5 cm (2.0 in) bore, and in a range of firearm operating mechanisms, including breech loading, single-barreled, double or combination gun, pump-action, bolt-, and lever-action, semi-automatic, and even fully automatic variants.
A shotgun is generally a smoothbore firearm, which means that the inside of the barrel is not rifled. Preceding smoothbore firearms, such as the musket, were widely used by armies in the 18th century. The direct ancestor to the shotgun, the blunderbuss, was also used in a similar variety of roles from self defence to riot control. It was often used by cavalry troops due to its generally shorter length and ease of use, as well as by coachmen for its substantial power. However, in the 19th century, these weapons were largely replaced on the battlefield with breechloading rifled firearms, which were more accurate over longer ranges. The military value of shotguns was rediscovered in the First World War, when American forces used 12-gauge pump action shotguns in close-quarters trench fighting to great effect. Since then, it has been used in a variety of roles in civilian, law enforcement, and military applications.
The shot pellets from a shotgun spread upon leaving the barrel, and the power of the burning charge is divided among the pellets, which means that the energy of any one ball of shot is fairly low. In a hunting context, this makes shotguns useful primarily for hunting birds and other small game. However, in a military or law enforcement context, the large number of projectiles makes the shotgun useful as a close quarters combat weapon or a defensive weapon. Militants or insurgents may use shotguns in asymmetric engagements, as shotguns are commonly owned civilian weapons in many countries. Shotguns are also used for target shooting sports such as skeet, trap, and sporting clays. These involve shooting clay disks, known as clay pigeons, thrown in various ways.

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  1. H

    CZ Drake, 12 GA, 28", 4 chokes

    CZ Drake, 12GA, 28” bbl, 4 chokes, Turkish walnut stock (SKU: 06092) *Used – About 1000 shells shot (all at the trap range). Comes with factory warranty* Asking: $500 OBO (NO TRADES PLEASE) MSRP: $702 Willing to ship or meet in Portland/Vancouver metro areas! BUYER PAYS SHIPPING AND TRANSFER...
  2. H

    CZ Redhead Premier, 20ga, 26” bbl, 5 chokes

    CZ Redhead Premier, 20ga, 26” bbl, 5 chokes, Turkish walnut stock (SKU: 06472) *Used – About 500 shells shot. Comes with factory warranty* Asking: $700 FIRM (NO OFFERS/TRADES PLEASE) MSRP: $988 Willing to ship or meet in Portland/Vancouver metro areas! BUYER PAYS SHIPPING AND TRANSFER...
  3. DeanMk

    One powder for handgun, shotgun AND rifle?

    Probably not, but I'm not too up on all the powders out there these days. If it were only handgun / shotgun, I'd probably use Universal Clays, but mix in a long arm and I'm not so sure. Educate me, Dean P.S. The title should read "One Powder for handgun, shotgun AND rifle?" Sorry. Didn't see...
  4. dunerider21

    3 gun starter shotgun

    I am looking to upgrade from a pump to semi auto shotgun to start 3 gun shooting. I have narrowed my search down to Mossberg 930 JM Pro, Stoeger m3000, and Stoeger m3k. I am not in a position to spend $1k plus for a serious competition gun. I have heard the inertia system on the Stoeger is very...
  5. C

    Want Shotgun Target Ammo - ALL Gauges - will trade....

    I have .223 , 5.56 ( Black Hills , Winchester, Federal etc) , 9mm - all FACTORY will trade for shotgun ammo 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge or .410 LEAD ONLY Shot size 7.5, 8. 9. Also have over 1000 .38 Super reloads - all reloaded by me with high volume powder and copper plated target...
  6. C

    WTB WA  Shotgun Target Ammo - All gauges 12, 20, 28 , .410

    Looking for shotgun AMMO --Trap - skeet - Sporting clays-- LEAD ONLY target ammo.....al gauges Shot size 8, 9, 7.5 Will buy outright or trade for .223 , 5.56, 38 Super , 9mm OR CASH :cool:
  7. DeanMk

    Real Shotgun weights and more mindless ramblings

    So I've been seeing a few threads lately about concerns over shotgun weight and it prompted me to weigh the 5 shotguns we have here at the house. Hopefully some of you may find this info useful. I used an old Hanson 25 lb. kitchen scale to weigh these guns. Despite its pedestrian looks its...
  8. clearconscience

    Other State  Ford asks dealer to end shotgun promotion

    Ford asks dealer to end free shotgun promotion after fatal shooting at California store Of course California has to ruin everything
  9. TXtransplant32

    Savage .270 110 w iron sights

    Nice model. Only posting to get another nice hunting shotgun. I usually grab the .35 Remington for rifle shootin, so this one just sits in the safe. Comes w a little ammo. $350 cash, or trade for a wingmaster or other nice gun. Located in south Salem. Willing to travel but not far. Thank you for...
  10. mikeybuck

    Wanted shotgun stock for Stevens

    This is my uncle's gun. He's not doing so great right now and I'd like to find a stock for his old Stevens pump action shotgun. Keep an eye out if you happen to see a pile of old shotgun stocks some place. Thanks
  11. B

    Saiga 12

    IZHMASH SAIGA 12 Shotgun with four ten round mags & one five round mag. I used it for 3-gun. $875 I am open to review offers Shipping and FFL transfer is not included.
  12. auggie doggie

    SRM 1216 Semi Auto Shotgun NIB

    NIB SRM 1216 and in perfect condition. If you need pics send an email address and I will get it out and take pictures for you. Meet at an FFL from North Everett to Arlington. No trades and FIRM on price. $1500.00
  13. Jonah Mahoney

    Police Trade-in Shotguns - $225/ea

    Botach currently has used Police Trade-in shotguns on sale for $225/ea There are a bunch of models to choose from at the price http://shrsl.com/1naim
  14. H

    WTB OR  Remington model 11 Shotgun barrel wanted

    Hi guys, I recently bought this shotgun, but someone had shortened the barrel. Its a semi auto, same as the Browning Auto 5. I would like to put it back to original with the compensator, but will entertain other compatible barrels. Thanks for looking.
  15. JeremyK

    Finding top center of a shotgun barrel

    So does anyone have any advice for finding top dead center on a shotgun barrel so I can drill and tap for a front sight bead? Basically, I’ve got two shotguns that I shortened the barrels on, and I want to install beads, but can’t puzzle out how to mark/punch/drill/tap a hole so that it’s (more...
  16. LuLuBelle

    Mossberg 550 custom "BAD bubblegum" fighting shotgun

    Mossberg 550 ... probably the most reliable shotgun made. Replaced stock wooden stock with fold stock/pistol grip. Added a forearm pistol grip as well for total control. Added extra shell holders upping the 7 in the chamber by 11 more onboard. Put some grip tape and a rubber band on the...
  17. DB Wesner

    New Interordnance Bullpup Shotgun

    Quick Look: New Interordnance Bullpup Shotgun | Range 365 OK, this thing looks like fun.
  18. MuhRights

    Century PW87 lever action shotgun

    ***price reduced*** got a Century PW87 shotgun for sale. Its is in pretty good condition and works well if you know how to use them. You have to work the action very aggressively to get the action to work, which I know is common in these guns. Pretty cool piece for someone who wants a neato...