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A Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) is a Member of Parliament (MP) in the United Kingdom who acts as an unpaid assistant to a minister or shadow minister. They are selected from backbench MPs as the 'eyes and ears' of the minister in the House of Commons.PPSs are junior to Parliamentary Under-Secretaries of State, a ministerial post salaried by one or more departments.

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  1. L

    Oregon  Private Party from same (shotgun purchase)

    Quick question: I'm an Oregon resident but have been traveling and not up on current Oregon law regarding private party to private party sales. Do I have to go through an FFL to purchase a shotgun from another Oregon resident? Or is face to face legal for the transfer of the shotgun...
  2. R

    Washington  As a non-licensee, can I transfer a handgun to a private party in michigan via a FFL?

    Hello I am new resident (and new member of this forum) and I had a few questions regarding the current background check requirments in WA state law. A friend of mine in Michigan was interested in a handgun that I own. I am trying to figure out the most cost-effective way to legally get the gun...
  3. arakboss

    Can Oregon, Washington or a Californian resident legally buy/sell firearm to private party in Idaho?

    I understand Idaho doesn't require a background check for firearm transfers between private parties. If a resident from OR, WA or CA is in Idaho, is there any Idaho law or Home State law that would prevent them from transferring a firearm to another individual who is also located in Idaho?
  4. Delasangre4231

    Oregon  Private party background checks

    So the prospective buyer of my rifle says his shop wants a $35 "transfer" fee from each the buyer and seller so $70 total. Is that utter BS?
  5. T

    Private Party Transfer - Handgun

    I plan on selling one of my handguns I bought in California (it is registered), and I want to know, when I do the private party transfer at the gun store (NW Armory), will they notify the government that I am no longer in possession of the gun? will the gun store give me some sort of proof...
  6. papahepcat

    Oregon  Private sale background check exemption for CHL holders

    This is specific to Oregon, related to SB941 from 2015. I asked my state Senator and Representative - Girod and Gilliam, respectively - if they'd consider introducing legislation that'd add CHL holders to the list of exemptions for doing background checks on private party firearm sales. Girod is...
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