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  1. ScottInPDX

    Northwest  Looking for the easiest way to handle SBR build for a friend

    I'm looking for suggestions for the easiest way to legally handle transfers and possession while I help a friend with his AR15 SBR build. Our situation: I'm an Oregon resident Friend is a Washington resident We have established a gun trust that is valid in both states to share NFA items. I am...
  2. rutilate

    Washington  I-1094 Signature Gathering--Need Everyone's Help This Weekend!

    Folks, we need everyone's help to gather 300,000 signatures by December 25 to repeal 1639. This is an ALL OUT PUSH TO THE END! Here are the signature-gathering locations for this weekend 12/14-15 that I know of. Which of these locations can you help out at? Organized by Curtis Bingham...
  3. F

    Online VS Washington in-store buying

    I'm wondering if you still need the 1639 training if your a WA resident and your purchase is online shipped to WA FFL dealer? BTW I'm a new member and have never posted before.
  4. arakboss

    I-1639 and OR FFL transfers to WA residents.

    I spoke with an Oregon FFL this morning who said it is business as usual for semi-auto transfers to WA residents. He said they were told by the Feds and Oregon State that they can legally transfer semi-auto firearms to WA residents just as they had been prior to July. If you are in the market...
  5. E

    I1639 and Bi-mart OREGON will not sell firearms to Washington state residents July 1st

    Was just thru the bi-mart earlier today and seen a note on the shelf that said effective july 1st Oregon will not allow sales of firearms to Washington state residents. Just passing this along
  6. B

    Washington  Repeal I1639 Petition

    Didn't see this elsewhere...from Sign the Petition Boss
  7. Cerberus Group

    I-1639 Firearms Safety Training Course

    If anyone needs the "Firearms Safety Class" certificate to comply with I-1639, contact me and I will do it for no charge! I can do it over the phone, course lasts about 10-15 minutes...and mail or email the certificate. Did the course for the Carson area gun club members this past...
  8. CyberBill

    WA I-1639 Compliant Firearm Safety Class

    Hey everyone - I know everyone is unsure about what training requirements will come up starting on July 1st, but I wanted to let you know that I've done a ton of leg work to find out what's likely going to happen and to create a cheap online class that meets those requirements.
  9. Y

    I1639 and inheritance interstate?

    So Grandad's will says his Son-In-Law gets the Match Garand he's been shooting in competition since the Korean War. They live in different states with one in WA. How does the transfer happen legally after July 1? Before July 1 the SIL would just drive a long arm home, no paperwork other than...
  10. Joe Link

    Washington  How are gun owners preparing for I-1639?
  11. Sporting Systems

    Washington  Washington purchases after July 1.

    Understanding purchases in Washington after July 1. Lots of changes coming, for rifles, pistols, lowers, frames and "other" firearms. Working to get an injunction filed to stop this insanity...more to the story that just came in, but trying to diagnose how that plays out for the court...
  12. rdb241

    I-1639 and boarder cities and receivers?

    Can you cross the boarder and purchase a stripped riffle receiver of any kind?
  13. rdb241

    Federal Judge Denies Motion to Dismiss I-1639 Lawsuit

    Federal judge denies motion to dismiss I-1639 lawsuit
  14. 2


    FEDERAL JUDGE DENIES MOTION TO DISMISS SAF/NRA I-1639 COURT CHALLENGE A U.S. District Court judge in Tacoma has denied a motion by defendants to dismiss a federal lawsuit challenging Washington State’s gun control Initiative 1639, ruling that law-abiding gun owners and firearms retailers do not...
  15. fredball

    Washington  I-1639 / More info

    Washington State I Drank 3 cups of coffee reading this B.S. Office of the Attorney General Attorney General Bob Ferguson Initiative 1639 Initiative 1639: Frequently Asked Questions In November 2018, Washingtonians overwhelmingly adopted Initiative 1639, which made a number...
  16. WowReactsOnly

    i-1639 training

    After much looking looks like here's the training for I-1639: I-1639 Firearms Safety Training I wonder though is this training truely what meets requirements?
  17. B

    Washington  Law Enforcement Pushing Back on New Gun Laws

    Some good news...let's hope there's a good bit more to follow... Hearings today (1/29/19), super easy option to take action: NRA-ILA | Washington: House Committee to Hear Ammunition Ban & Other Anti-Gun Bills...
  18. JustSomeGuy

    Washington  Some Say Attorney General Broke Law in Endorsing I-1639

    Some say attorney general broke law in endorsing I-1639
  19. iamasa

    Washington  i1639 and building

    I am 19 and want to build an ak-74 from a blank childers reciever. is this a felony? is my possession a felony? worried about doing anything that might put my dog in danger of the atf. thanks in advance.
  20. ActionHero1980

    Washington  i1639 and bolt action rifles ?

    Maybe you guys can clear something up for me. What effect does i1639 have on purchasing bolt action rifles? Will they require the training class and waiving your medical privacy rights also? Thanks.
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