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Firearm Type
A rifle is a firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, with a barrel that has a helical groove or pattern of grooves ("rifling") cut into the barrel walls. The raised areas of the rifling are called "lands," which make contact with the projectile (for small arms usage, called a bullet), imparting spin around an axis corresponding to the orientation of the weapon. When the projectile leaves the barrel, this spin lends gyroscopic stability to the projectile and prevents tumbling, in the same way that a properly thrown American football or rugby ball behaves. This allows the use of aerodynamically-efficient pointed bullets (as opposed to the spherical balls used in muskets) and thus improves range and accuracy. The word "rifle" originally referred to the grooving, and a rifle was called a "rifled gun." Rifles are used in warfare, hunting and shooting sports.
Typically, a bullet is propelled by the contained deflagration of an explosive compound (originally black powder, later cordite, and now nitrocellulose), although other means such as compressed air are used in air rifles, which are popular for vermin control, hunting small game, formal target shooting and casual shooting ("plinking").

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  1. KRaven

    Savage 111 BTH

    I have a Savage 111 BTH .30-06 Maintained well, lightly used. (never taken a trip through the woods) Asking $600 OBO TRADES: lever action 45-70 GOVT Have plenty of .30-06 ammo I can through in. (Golden Bear) (will update with actual quantity later)
  2. Roymil666

    CMMG 16" Barrel $100 OBO

    I have a stock take off barrel for sale. Asking $100 obo. It's a 16" W.A.S.P treated barrel, 1:9 twist, off of a CMMG M4LE. Had approximately 500rnds through it before I swapped it for a "competition" one. I believe it's a medium taper profile with .750 gas block diameter; 1/2-28 threaded...
  3. 5

    Bushmaster BACR 90704 223/5.56 AR $1,200

    I’m asking 1,200 for this rifle. This AR has some extras from stock. It comes with two 40 round and two 30 rounds mags, black soft case, sight mark red dot sight and mag-pul pop up sights. I’m an FFL dealer so we can run this transaction at our shop that charges 30 total for a transfer. Feel...
  4. W

    Rare Colt CRP 18 Pro w/optic $1800

    Barely used and beautiful Colt CRP 18. Less than 200 rounds through it. Purchased to run in 3 gun, but never got around to competing. If you are not familiar with this from the factory, higher end rifle, here are the details: Match-grade, air-gaged, polished 416 stainless steel 18”...
  5. S

    Fleece Lined Canvas case for M1 Carbine, etc

    Very nice repro case. My M1 dreams were shattered and never got to use the case. Will work perfectly for similar sized carbines as well. Canvas with fleece lining and heavy duty zipper. brand new. $30 Located in Vancouver, can meet in PDX some days and probably no shipping on this one...
  6. jbett98

    Commercial Safe made by the Gary Safe company

    For sale, a repurposed commercial cash safe that is ready for your custom designed rifle racking/storage shelves. It's probably weighs over 2,600 lbs. The door is 1-1/2" solid plate and the walls are 1" thick plate. I installed a new Sargents & Greenleaf combination dial lock and it includes...
  7. glockguy

    Ruger 10/22 new with scope

    Ruger 1022 brand new with weaver 3-9x40 scope I'll toss in 2 boxes of ammo 330 out the door. Deal can be done at my ffl in Lebanon. Not looking for any trades.
  8. Shootz9mm

    Aimpoint PRO w/QRP2 mount

    Gently used, but in great condition. Decided I want to give the Leupold LCO a try instead. $350 firm. Red dot comes with original box and whatever comes in the box. I will get pictures up as soon as I can.
  9. C

    WTS/WTT: AR-15 dissipator build complete rifle

    Just making some room for some other projects. Never fired, but complete and ready to go. Must be willing to meet at Sound Pawn in Everett to do the transfer. Prefer cash, unless you have a really great trade offer. Tennessee Arms hybrid polymer lower receiver with a Palmetto State Armory false...
  10. Mica

    Izzak Walton Gun Range

    Just wanted to share with the folks in the south valley area. Our annual sighting in days is fast approaching. We open our range to the general public. For the two weeks prior to rifle season. We provide targets, spotting scopes, sand bags. Also any help that's needed sighting in for rifle...
  11. S

    Massive Steaming Pile of Rifle Cases! With Lower Prices!!!

    Cleaning up the garage and realized I had like 1000 cases piling up everywhere.... time to let some go... Prices, pics and details below. Located in Vancouver, can sometimes meet in Portland. Will consider trades for: POWDER: Unique, 4064 & 748 PRIMERS: any standard primers, rifle or pistol...
  12. S

    Stag Arms AR-15

    I have a stag ar-15, selling it. I’ve shot 20 rounds out of it, previous owner said less then 500. Has the polymer mbus flip up sights. Only looking to sell, 500 obo.
  13. A

    Black Rain Ordnance Spec 15 AR $425

    For sale $425 Only a few hundred rounds. No problem, nice and clean. With Magpul MBUS flip up sights. I AM WILLING TO DRIVE TO PORTLAND TO MAKE THE SALE!! NEED CASH BUT WILLING TO MAKE PATIAL TRADE PLUS CASH. Specs Barrel 16” 4150 Chromoly Barrel BCG Nitride Coated SPEC15 BCG Calibers...
  14. T

    Am I correct that "illuminated" rifle scopes are illegal for big game hunting in Oregon?

    Was thinking that I'd pick up a 4 x 12 rifle scope with an illuminated "cross hair red dot" but think I read a reference that "illuminated" scopes were illegal. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
  15. sothoth

    Ar15 trade for knife makers belt grinder

    I’m looking to trade my ar 15 for a knife makers belt grinder. I’m looking for a 2x72 belt grinder with a 2hp 3 phase totally enclosed motor with a variable speed control. I have cash to make up the difference if it’s a nice grinder... will also sell for cash, make me a reasonable offer... it...