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A rifle is a firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder, with a barrel that has a helical groove or pattern of grooves ("rifling") cut into the barrel walls. The raised areas of the rifling are called "lands," which make contact with the projectile (for small arms usage, called a bullet), imparting spin around an axis corresponding to the orientation of the weapon. When the projectile leaves the barrel, this spin lends gyroscopic stability to the projectile and prevents tumbling, in the same way that a properly thrown American football or rugby ball behaves. This allows the use of aerodynamically-efficient pointed bullets (as opposed to the spherical balls used in muskets) and thus improves range and accuracy. The word "rifle" originally referred to the grooving, and a rifle was called a "rifled gun." Rifles are used in warfare, hunting and shooting sports.
Typically, a bullet is propelled by the contained deflagration of an explosive compound (originally black powder, later cordite, and now nitrocellulose), although other means such as compressed air are used in air rifles, which are popular for vermin control, hunting small game, formal target shooting and casual shooting ("plinking").

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  1. User 1234

    new unfired CZ527 7.62x39 w 3-18 x50mm scope

    New, both the scope and the rifle. Swampfox Kentucky scope. Great for low light. Muzzle device not included. Will separate the scope from the rifle, would have to discuss that price split. This would be a great candidate for subsonic target shooting or coyote / boar hunting. Have x39 ammo...
  2. I

    Del-Ton Dissipator complete rifle kit

    NIB Del-Ton 16in Dissipator rifle length AR complete rifle kit. All you need is a stripped lower, magazine, youtube and a couple cold ones. Barrel: Chrome Moly Vanadium M4 Feed Ramps 16" Length 1x9 Twist A2 Flash Hider Manganese Phosphated Phosphated under Front Sight Base Taper Pins in...
  3. Dobbler

    New Diplomat Gear Molle Rifle Cases 44"

    I have two of these brand new - one is even still in the plastic. $40 each.
  4. Dobbler

    5.11 Tactical Rifle Case - New 44"

    Brand new unused. $75
  5. biggmac1

    Swiss K31 w/ Diopter Sights & 7.5x55 Swiss Ammo

    Swiss K31 w/ diopter sights, matching magazine w/ same serial number as rifle, (4) magazine chargers w/leather pouch, K31 bayonet w/ scabbard, 960 rounds GP11 (2 sealed cases) and 500 rounds Prvi Partizan (2 sealed cases and 5 boxes). Asking $2800. I have conducted a good amount of business on...
  6. NWCH

    Vintage The Marlin Firearms Co Glenfield Mod 60 .22 Rifle

    Vintage "The Marlin Firearms Co" Glenfield Mod 60 .22 rifle. About 41" long. Used and working condition. Regular small scratches on wood, minor tarnishing on barrel from use and storage as shown. It was my grandfathers sport rifle and I have no real use for it. Asking $150.00 picked up.
  7. Hueco

    What gun would you pair w/ a Malcolm?

    I've had a fascination with old school optics for quite some time (why, yes, I do use them in photography). As I started shooting more, I got more acquainted with the Malcolm style scopes... And I want one. But, what gun would you pair with it? Would you pair a period correct rifle like a...
  8. E

    Savage model 16 .243

    For sale is a savage model 16 .243 in great condition.Will sell with the scope or without.Barrel is in great shape rifling is excellent about 100 round count.Shoots sub moa at 100yrds.550$ with scope and 450$ without it
  9. D

    Bet You Can’t Identify Antique Quad Barrel Rifle - A. Leonard & Son

    Hey guys, I have a real old A Leonard & Son rifle. This is a powder rifle and has 4 manual rotating barrels and two triggers (two pairs of shots) But I’m clueless of the actual model. Weighs about 15lbs at least! My end objective is to sell it, but I’d like to find the rifle model so I can do...
  10. blueswarrior

    LOTS OF BRASS - 380, 9, 45, 243, 30.06, 7MM REM MAG, 300 WIN MAG

    9mm, 9lb bags of 1000+, $25 per bag, 9 bags available incl 4 nickel) SPF 45ACP, 12.6lb bags of 1000+, $30 per bag (4 available) SPF 380acp, 4lb bags of 1000, clean, $30 per bag (3 available) SPF 243 WIN, bags of 40+, clean, $10 per bag (4 available) 30.06, bags of 50+, clean, $10 per bag (7...
  11. B

    6mm Rem 95gr 40rds NIB $60 Hornady Superformance SST

    6mm Rem 95gr 40rds NIB Hornady Superformance SST. $32-38 per box at Sportsman's(if you can find them). Amazing Ammo! Found it after I sold the 6mm, so no longer have anything to shoot it with. Asking $30 per box, $60 OBO. Will meet up in Central Oregon or will ship if you want to cover shipping...
  12. dmmv

    Boyt Rolling Duffel Carrier (bug out / range bag)

    Have a like new Boyt rolling duffel / range bag. Probably 15 years old, still looks and smells like new. My father had it and never used it. Price online shows $360, offering at half price for $180 cash. Hard to capture size & composure of bag, but here’s a link to their site for reference...
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