Salem may refer to:
Salem (Bible), the home of Melchizedek as given in Genesis 14:18, possibly to be identified with Jerusalem
Salem, Massachusetts, a city in the U.S. state of Massachusetts
Salem witch trials of 1692, which took place there

Salem, Oregon, the capital of the U.S. state of Oregon
Salem, Tamil Nadu, a city in India
Salem (name), people with the name
Salem may also refer to:

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  1. G

    Bought my first handgun, still have to wait

    I know the title seems like i’m gonna complain, i just didn’t know how to word it otherwise. I went into Ticklicker Firearms in South Salem, purchased a glock 26 for conceal carry, and i was told i’m around number 2,000 in queue. unfortunately i wasn’t given an estimate on how long that would...
  2. Aero Denezol

    NFA/SBR Engraving in Salem?

    Who does this type of work in the Mid-Willamette Valley? I know everyone likes BYE in Portland but I'm hoping to avoid traffic and gasoline by keeping it local. Many thanks in advance.
  3. Aero Denezol

    Oregon  ATF Compliant Fingerprint Cards FD-258 (and other SBR questions)

    I am contemplating converting a PTR-9 to SBR. Anybody know the best place in or near Salem to get the ATF fingerprint cards done? I would like to do the online Form 1 but I understand you still have to mail in your fingerprints. How about an engraver near Salem? I know engravers, but I want...
  4. Soren

    Four Corners Rod & Gun Club

    I joined the Four Corners Rod and Gun Club in Salem a couple weeks ago. Anyone else a member?
  5. PiratePast40

    WWII Aircraft and Flight Demonstrations in Salem Fathers Day Weekend

    Salem, OR - McNary Field Airport (SLE) - The Collings Foundation We don't see much in the way of older warbirds here in Oregon so this is a chance to get up close and personal. If it's like years past, they'll do flybys and demo flights several times a day. If you've never been inside a B-17...
  6. IOM

    Good place for firearm transaction in Salem area???

    Need some information for Oregon as I haven't been following all of the new laws. I'm from Washington and will be transferring a rifle, personal transaction in the Salem area, any good reasonable locations to do so...??? And is it still legal for an out of stater to purchase a rifle...
  7. UnionMillsNW

    Places to Shoot Near Salem, OR

    Hey Folks, I'd like to take a friend out this weekend to shoot (pistols) and am looking for a range recommendation for the greater Salem area (up to Woodburn, down to Monmouth. ect). We've been to Tritac before but was wondering what else is out there. Thank you!
  8. joken

    Salem female officer shot. This woman is awesome.

    Tourniquet, ballistic vest save life of veteran Salem Police officer during traffic stop
  9. The Heretic

    Salem, Oregon - Stolen cannon from private war memorial

    On Friday, May 3rd, the Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of the theft of a war memorial cannon. The cannon was taken from a Vietnam War memorial at a prrivate residence in South Salem. The victim, a local Vietnam War veteran, assembled this memorial to honor their family and friends who...
  10. BrandonOR

    Oregon  Salem Man shoots 2 year old daughter at Winco

    Just hearing about this, I don't know all the details, don't want to assume accidental discharge or anything. It was posted on Facebook but then people started posting personal info and it got deleted. South Salem Commercial St WinCo. Sad. I'm not one to preach or lecture at a time like this...
  11. arakboss

    Oregon  Great Day To Get Your Legislative Feet Wet In Salem Thursday 3/14

    For those who can get away this Thursday 3/14/19, this is a great chance to get familiar with the Capitol and learn how to best fight the anti-rights bills that will be impacting our gun rights the most. You will be able ask questions about HB3223, 3265, 2251, etc Here is FB screenshot of a post...
  12. Mikej


    Services, Maps, and Routes | Cherriots This is public transit in Salem. The way I see it, parking may be in short supply near the capitol, so we're considering finding a place to park some distance away from the capitol, buying a day pass and busing to the capitol mall.
  13. arakboss

    Oregon  Anybody Here Going To Salem Tuesday To Counter Mom's Demand Infringement Visit?

    Oregon Push Back It looks like they will be swarming the legislators on Feb 26, from 11am to 3pm.
  14. thereddog

    Salem Oregon Protest Info??

    With the recent barrage of legislation to transform citizens into serfs by incremental disarmament, I thought I read something about a planned event in Salem on Tuesday but I'll be shucked if I can find it on the site now. What is the story? Sorry if this is the wrong spot on the forum to...
  15. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  Salem Rally time Tuesday 1/15

    PATRIOTS: The plan is to meet at the Capitol in Salem on Tuesday, January 15th 11AM to 3PM and rally. Also present a redress of grievances to Sen and House Leaders. That list is LONG! PLEASE bring Gadsden flags....and-- if you want to-- wear yellow shirts or yellow vests. We are going to...
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