Background may refer to:
Background (journalism)
Computer wallpaper
Cultural heritage
Ethnic background
Field (heraldry), background of a shield
Natural heritage
Operational definition, distinction between an object from its background of observation; identifying what is and is not part of it
Performing arts and stagecraft:
Background actor
Background artist
Background light
Background music
Background story
Background vocals
Science and engineering:
Background extinction rate
Background independence, a condition in theoretical physics
Background noise
Background radiation, the natural radiation that is always present in a location
Background (astronomy), small amounts of light coming from otherwise dark parts of the sky
Cosmic background (disambiguation)
Gravitational wave background
X-ray background

Background process, software that is running but not being displayed
String background
Recorded works:
Background (1953 film), a British drama
Background (1973 film), a documentary
Background (album), 1992 album by Lifetime

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