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smith & wesson

Firearm Manufacturer
Smith & Wesson (S&W) is a manufacturer of firearms and BB guns in the United States. The corporate headquarters is in Springfield, Massachusetts. Founded in 1852, Smith & Wesson's pistols and revolvers have become standard issue to police and armed forces throughout the world, in addition to their popularity among sport shooters. Their revolvers have been featured in numerous Hollywood movies, notably Clint Eastwood's Dirty Harry.

Apart from firearms, Smith & Wesson has been known for the many types of ammunition it has introduced over the years, and many cartridges bear the company's name.

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  1. EZtriker

    Truglo night sights for the S&W .380 EZ

    Just wanted to give you guys like me who love their 380EZ but want Night Sights. Type in Truglo TG TG231MP3W in your search engine.
  2. JO JO

    40 S&W Brass

    40 S&W brass 1100 pcs cleaned $30
  3. mrblond

    S&W 15-2 38 Special

    Another of my moms guns. bought it in 2012. She never shot it much and neither have I. Its got a sweet trigger and it functions as it should. Has some holster wear on the end of the barrel. I don't know alot about revolvers But I will try to be as clear as I can about it if you have any...
  4. G

    New S&W M&P 9C 2.0 $350

    Purchased a firearm Sunday from a local store before hearing back from an online seller that a gun that had been on backorder was in stock. For sale is a brand new, in box, never been fired Smith & Wesson M&P 9C 2.0 4". It comes retail with 4 backstraps and 2 15 round magazines.
  5. E

    S&W Model 57 no dash

    S&W model 57, N frame 41 magnum, 4" barrel. Aftermarket grips, target trigger and target hammer. It's finish is a pretty good but has minor muzzle wear from a holster. $850 free local transfer, will ship to your FFL of choice at your cost.
  6. GOG

    Need help for S&W 5906 Problem

    I changed out the grips on a 5906 that I picked up here. I thought it would be simple; slide the old grip off, slide the new one on and make sure the mainspring and cap are set correctly. Didn't happen that way, the grip changed out easy but not the pistol won't cock. I also can't get the slide...
  7. L

    Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 .45 / 4.6 inch

    Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 Full Size .45 | No thumb safety 10+1 capacity - Striker-Fire Color is Black - 4.5 inch barrel Aggressive textured grips with different palm-swell backstraps Steel 3-dot White sights (not night sights) 3 x 10 round Black S&W magazines Lock, case etc. included. Great...
  8. 3

    Smith & Wesson Victory 22, Kryptek, Highhl, new in box, $300.

    This is brand new in the box and all the original box, papers, etc. Never fired. Not interested in trades and cash only. $300 503-830-7818 text is the best way to contact me.
  9. OregonJohn

    Smith & Wesson model 29-2 4” 44 magnum one of a kind

    I have had this revolver for four or five years. I haven’t shot it much. Used a hunting backup. I bought it from a buddy and was told that it was ordered from Smith with the hard chrome finish. Smith sent it out to be hard chromed. Then it was boxed up and sent to the original buyer who was LEO...
  10. R

    Springfield XD-M .40 cal S&W, 3.8" Compact Two-Tone, iron night sights + accessories

    For sale is my beloved XD-M 3.8" compact with available full-size grip extension. The gun is very clean and well cared for and hasn't been shot very much. Includes: Full box kit with original packaging materials, manual, locking cable, plus: -Replaceable grip backing so you can adjust your...
  11. I need guns

    Smith & Wesson 629 .44mag/.44 special LOW ROUND COUNT

    Smith & Wesson 629 .44mag/.44 special Comes with accessories! Amazing revolver with Super Low round count! May trade for Glock 19 Gen4 and AR9
  12. A

    Unfired S&W M&P Sport 2 AR15 Rifle Package With Soft Case and Caldwell Mag Charger

    For sale is my M&P Sport 2 Rifle. It is unfired and the condition is like new. The barrel is marked 5.56 NATO 1/9. The rifle was purchased as part of a kit which included the M&P marked soft case and a Magazine loader. All materials that came with rifle and the box are included. Asking $475...
  13. J

    S&W m&p 9c

    Beautiful two tone S&W m&p 9c. Comes with 6 count em 6 12 round magazines lock and all the stuff Smith puts in the box. $385.00
  14. A

    Smith and Wesson Model 57 no dash. 6 “ inch BBl..

    Here is a Beautiful S&W 57. 41 Mag, 6” inch BBl. No Dash, almost no drag mark. all the TT goodies Ser # N885XXX...1980- 1983...from what I can tell. See pics for all the details. Priced at $ 1,250. Price firm. Contact for more information and purchase details.
  15. D

    S&W Model 19-3 Revolver 6 in. bbl

    This is a Smith & Wesson model 19-3 .357 magnum revolver, in blued steel, with a 6 in. barrel. According to the serial number, it was manufactured around 1970. It is pinned and recessed. Accurate, deadly, and reliable, this used to be the standard police sidearm in the U.S. for many years. In...
  16. M

    Collectors Corner: S&W SD-9 Performance Center

    Limited Run Only 174 Made Wow they just do not make them like this anymore. So far this is the most accurate 9mm I have ever shot. I wish it were mine. Who else owns one? I have never EVER seen one in person until now.
  17. Gassyman

    HKS speed loaders for K-frame S&W 22lr

    Selling 3 K-frame 22lr S&W HKS speed loaders. Will work with some other medium frame 6 shot revolvers as well. Ammo shown included. $30
  18. PNWet

    S&W 66-4 .357 Combat Magnum snubnose

    Time has come to let her go to a new home. Fabulous shooter (not a safe queen or museum gun). Great condition with no issues. Pre-lock and that better build quality/parts that you find on these earlier models. This will come with S&W wood grips and comfy Uncle Mike’s rubber grips. This will...