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If You Want Loyalty Buy a Dog is the seventh album by Little Axe, released on October 24, 2011 by On-U Sound. It was the first album Skip McDonald produced without the aid of fellow Tackhead members Keith LeBlanc and Doug Wimbish.

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  1. CountryGent

    Destroyer Carbine

    I am looking for a Spanish-made Destroyer carbine. My main concern is that it is in good, shooting condition. Cosmetic issues, within reason, aren't a big deal as I can correct them and/or have a gunsmith do so. One in the most common 9㎜ Largo would work, though a specimen in the more rare 9㎜...
  2. BPOR11

    want to buy or trade for Eley subsonic

    I have a couple rifles that love this stuff. I can buy or trade for other ammo maybe.
  3. Baseacegoku

    WTB OR  SP-01 magazines

    Recently purchased a new SP-01 and have a need for more mags. Let me know what you have.
  4. USMC-03

    WTB OR  Walther PPK Magazines

    Looking for one or two more magazines for my PPK in .380. Not picky as long as it’s reliable. Just massage me - thanks.
  5. D

    WTB ID  Wanted: Temp housing or secure parking/storage in CDA

    I'm a recent transfer/transplant to the north Idaho city of Coeur d'Alene and need to find temporary housing while I look for a place to buy. I'm currently in my camper at a local RV park and need something a little more secure and stable. I work for UPS and I'm pretty busy M-F 8-8 +/-. I'm open...
  6. D

    WTB OR  Ruger Mini 14 folding stock pistol grip

    Looking for the plastic pistol grip, for a factory Mini 14 folding stock
  7. TacticalOptions

    Ruger Precision Rimfire .22lr

    looking for. RPR in .22LR, Let me know what you have of if you’ve seen a good deal on one in a shop, willing to travel for the right deal, best price I’ve found is $380
  8. OregonDonor

    WTB OR  Swaro ATX 85mm scope cover

    Looking for a cover for my ATX. Don’t want to buy a new one because they are too dang much. Checking someone has a used one???
  9. Hyak55171

    WTB WA  Blr

    Looking for a browning blr, preferably 308 but open to others
  10. P

    WTB OR  Leupold VX2 2-7x33 Scope

    Let me know if someone has this available and would like to sell. Thanks! Sully
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