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  1. B

    Oregon  FFL & AFT certs

    I have been doing research for a bit and would like to speak with someone about the order of LLC/FFL/ATF certs. Can anyone recommend a law firm or someone that has their business set up be willing to share 10m to talk about the process? I don't want to go into a busy shop and disturb management...
  2. S

    Washington  Type 7 FFL, Insurance, Fees etc.

    Questions: 1: How much is liability insurance for a small Type 7 FFL selling a small number of parts (a few dozen at first) like adjustable gas blocks etc???? How much insurance should I carry? 2: Can I register the LLC after I get my FFL??? That way, if I don't get approved to have an...
  3. coltemp

    Washington  FFL Question. Needed or not, this looks grey to me

    So we have a 1898 Krag that is in play. It's been sporterized but still shoots the original ammo. It does have a serial number that confirms it was manufactured in 1898. According to RCW 9.41.010 definitions (1) "Antique firearm" means a firearm or replica of a firearm not designed or...
  4. S

    Shipping a rifle myself or through dealer questions

    Is there a gun shop that I can pay near me (Albaby Oregon) to ship a rifle or handgun to a buyer on gunbroker? I'm thinking of listing my 1903 there and a handgun because I'm not having luck locally. I have a FFL for collecting so I can ship but I haven't found any videos on anyone packing a...
  5. Landhawk Arms

    New Gun Store in Town

    Hello Fellow Gun Lovers, My name is Bryan (Landhawk) and I just opened Landhawk Arms. I have been buying/selling/trading here on Northwest Firearms for a couple of years now. So I decided to go and get my FFL and open my own shop. I am starting small with an online store and hopefully will...
  6. A

    I-1639 and OR FFL transfers to WA residents.

    I spoke with an Oregon FFL this morning who said it is business as usual for semi-auto transfers to WA residents. He said they were told by the Feds and Oregon State that they can legally transfer semi-auto firearms to WA residents just as they had been prior to July. If you are in the market...
  7. A

    Any FFLs in the Metro area who will do transfer for 4 items sent from another FFL for $35 or less total?

    I am contemplating jumping on this deal but normal FFL fees will kill the deal for me: Taurus G2S 9mm Black Subcompact Pistol & Three (3) PSA AR-15 Safe/Fire Lowers I heard there was an FFL in maybe the West Linn area who would do multiple items for the same fee as one item but I don't have the...
  8. JuglansRegia

    FFL for transfer in the Springfield/Eugene area

    Looking for recommendations for an FFL to handle a gunbroker purchase/transfer in the Springfield area, I am having a communication issue with the guy I have been using so looking for a back up plan.
  9. M

    Washington  1639 and C&R FFL

    Here's a thought that popped into my mind. 1639 classifies all semiautomatic rifles as "assault rifles" and requires a safety certification to purchase as well as a 10 day cooldown period before one can take their purchase home. How does this affect C&R license holders? Given, for instance, that...
  10. T

    C&R FFL in WA

    I did the Google thing and didn't come up with anything meaningful. Can anyone tell me what impacts, if any, i1639 and any of the other nonsense laws that have passed in the last few years have on 03 FFLs? Specifically, are there any state restrictions or requirements beyond the standard...
  11. CountryGent

    Laser Engraver, Side Biz Idea, etc.

    So, I am working on another NFA Form 1 project. One of the steps, of course, is engraving the Trust information on said. I'll likely take it to a local shop as I've done in the past, or send off the part to a firm that specializes in said. That said, out of curiosity I looked into what that...
  12. A

    Oregon  HB 3427 will hit mom and pop FFL and small gun shops hard.

    This Gross Receipts Tax bill is a regressive tax that will have a negative impact on our smallest FFLs and firearm related businesses. FFLs may even have to pay the gross receipt tax on State background check fees they collect. We can expect these businesses will have to raise fees and prices if...
  13. E

    Washington  Out of state FFL transfer question

    Can a Oregon FFL conduct a firearm transfer between two Washington state residents? Thanks, Edmon
  14. C

    Looking for a good FFL In Eugene for a person to person transfer

    Looking for a good FFL source for a person to person firearms transfer in Eugene. Trying to find someone that charges $25.00 dollars. $15.00 for the FFL holder & $10.00 to the state. Thank you
  15. po18guy

    So. King No. Pierce County area FFL to ship gun for repair?

    Auburn/Enumclaw/Federal Way/Bonney Lake/Kent?
  16. B

    Longview WA FFL for transfers?

    Need help finding an FFL in Longview area. I’ve made many attempts to get through to Gators with no luck. Bobs and Sportmans don’t do transfers.
  17. CountryGent

    Oregon  Adding Responsible Person to FFL?

    I mailed in the paperwork, prints, picture, etc. to add my wife as a Responsible Person. The reason was so that she could conduct business if/when I'm not around. That was over six weeks ago. Does anyone know if you receive some kind of acknowledgement that the person was added? Thanks.
  18. Haftard

    Longview ffl

    Where can you get a ffl done in longview on a Monday!
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