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  1. B

    AWESOME Watch Story (Tudor hit by a bullet in Vietnam 50 yrs ago)

    Saw this elsewhere, worth a share. Boss
  2. tac

    For watch-lovers and Vietnam veterans - this will make you smile...

    and if you are anything like me, maybe cry a little, right? If you are a watch lover, and even more, a veteran of Vietnam, then you MUST watch this two part article on youtube. A wounded US Marine is getting care and attention in the jungle from a Corpsman - take my watch, he asks. Fast...
  3. Neostratos

    The Real Reason the US Lost in Vietnam - US Troops Were in Open Revolt

    I thought this article so interesting I wanted to share it with NWF. The title explains it. The Real Reason the US Lost in Vietnam - US Troops Were in Open Revolt, Killing Over 300 Officers in 1971 "THE MOST neglected aspect of the Vietnam War is the soldiers’ revolt–the mass upheaval from...
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