1. kirchevavenir

    Question about Vietnam veterans

    So I have a question for veterans/civilians. First of all, if your a veteran of any sort I’d like to say thank you for your service. So I heard a while ago that it’s very impactful to to tell a Vietnam veteran “Welcome back” over “Thank you for your service”. This is because of all the...
  2. tpkoenigsr

    Greetings, from Vietnam

    Or at least that was my official notification introduction when they sent me my Draft Notice ! That was in 1966, guess that will teach me for dropping out of University of Oregon and going to work for Electronic Specialties, now known as Boeing. So, wasn’t necessarily too excited about stomping...
  3. CountryGent

    Documentaries about America in the 1960s?

    So, a book I've been reading on and off, followed by a couple documentaries recently watched, has drawn me back to studying the time period. Just curious if anyone has some documentary or lecture recommendations that focuses on some aspect of American culture during those years (and close to...
  4. CountryGent

    Hitler's Weapons - Vietnam War

    Sort of an interesting one from Mark Felton, so passing it along:
  5. R

    Russian SU 35 shot down over Ukraine by Vietnam era SA 11 SAM missiles

    I was at Ramstein in Germany in 1971 when the SA 11 were deployed into East Germany my friends in electronic counter measures told me about their evaluation of this system over beers scared the USAF to death at the time but this is 2022 - a Russian SU 35s Flanker E SAM suppression aircraft...
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