1. Knebel

    Oregon  Is this legally Open or Concealed?

    Whats the law on this? Would this legally be considered open carry? Asking for a friend. Please move if wrong forum section.
  2. D

    Oregon open carry question - in practice

    I'm pretty new to firearm ownership. The primary reason I decided to become a gun owner was for home and personal defense. So my question is this. Though I intend to start working towards my concealed carry permit at some point soon, is it realistic to open carry until then? The most likely...
  3. v0lcom13sn0w

    The Mulford Act-When The Government fears The People.

    i thought this was a very interesting and informative video from Colion Noir interesting history of the NRA in this video also.
  4. jeepguy88

    Open Carry in use

    I think this fits in here. Seems to check alot of political boxes as well. Check out my girlfriend exercising freedoms. Share and like She's working on more pro 2A videos
  5. arakboss

    Oregon  OPB Directs Media Assault Towards Open Carry

    They manage to put about two sentences in the article pertaining to open carry. And they are not negative. The rest of the article really has nothing to do with open carry. You sure wouldn't guess that by the title. Oregon Open Carry Law Creates Training Challenge For Police
  6. DuneHopper

    Does Conceal and Open Carry Stop Crime ?

    Well you been a member on this site, or any other site you've no doubt heard the discussions of one should open carrier concealed carry. That's not what I'm asking or discussing in this topic. It's more the statement. To see whether affects a firearm have in the possession of a person, we have...
  7. Joe Link

    Oregon  Oregon Open Carry Law Creates Training Challenge For Police

    Oregon Open Carry Law Creates Training Challenge For Police
  8. Frank RW

    Open carry on the 2nd of the month... any tips/advice?

    I'm considering doing something I never have, open-carry. Doesn't seem prudent to do so every day, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon of those who celebrate their rights every 2nd of the month. I've watched a fair share of videos on the subject. Although there's a few gems, IMO, most of the...
  9. G

    OMG. 9th Court finds right to carry outside the home.

    The world is upside down! U.S. Appeals Court: Constitution Gives Right To Carry Gun In Public | HuffPost
  10. anthonydo503

    Open Carry in Colorado (It will be my first time that I will open carry)

    I'm planning to visit Colorado and Utah around late September/early October of 2018, and I'm planning to bring my handgun when I travel. I'm not worried about carrying my handgun in state of Utah since they honor Oregon CHL. However, the state of Colorado doesn't honor Oregon CHL nor any...
  11. asbtg

    Washington  Open Carry rally Seattle

    *EDIT* I've done some checking into this rally and it's not just for gun rights. It's also a platform for a "Senate Candidate" whose affiliations and views I cannot in good conscience support. I may be down there to view the spectacle but I won't be associating nor demonstrating. Hey all...
  12. LuckySG

    NAA Belt Buckles Just Might Be the Most Legit Open Carry

    Back ordered no more! On their way next week, who wants to pick one up at only $60? Can also ship for a reasonable price. What? Don't have a NAA revolver to put in your new favorite belt buckle? I can help you with that! Just let me know if you prefer rosewood ($205), pearlite ($214), or...
  13. gryghin

    Open carry holster

    Maybe I looked in the wrong place, but didn't find any threads that covered this. I carry everywhere. I'd like to open carry while hiking in the public forests. My backpack has my camp knife on it, as well as a external pocket that I keep the hatchet. I've noticed that the back pack comes down...
  14. RicInOR

    TX - Normalizing Open Carry

    In Texas People Take Their Guns Everywhere with Them (9 pics) | STATIONGOSSIP Target with a Shotty - although I'd remove the sticker Walmart with an AR etc.
  15. Runwithryan

    Why Open Carry?

    Hey gun lovers! I've been carrying concealed for three years now. I got my license soon after turning 21 (yep youngin' here, seeking your knowlegde). It's become a way of life, like many of you know, the whole being prepared thing is pretty important. That being said I'm all about carrying...
  16. RicInOR

    Ban Open Carry

    Opinion | Ban the Open Carry of Firearms John Feinblatt is the president of Everytown for Gun Safety.
  17. R

    Rules on open carry with licenses

    So can someone explain the rules on carrying a loaded weapon in Oregon that is not concealed? I read that you are allowed to open carry a loaded weapon as long as you have a license but a co worker of mine told me it is not legal only concealed carry? So I was just hoping someone could clarify...
  18. B

    Open Carry Culture Oregon

    First let me apologize if this is in the wrong section. I was wondering what the open carry culture was like in Southern and coastal Oregon. I have my CHL so I know I am exempt from any local laws, but I wanted to make sure it was somewhat socially acceptable to open carry in Lake, Klamath...
  19. RicInOR

    National  Convicted from Video

    Open-carry advocates convicted on 'silliest' technicality, attorney says But from a video showing him putting a rifle in the trunk of a car. What that video actually shows is up for debate, and appeal.
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