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Video is an electronic medium for the recording, copying, playback, broadcasting, and display of moving visual media.
Video systems vary greatly in the resolution of the display, how they are refreshed, and the rate of refreshed, and 3D video systems exist. They can also be carried on a variety of media, including radio broadcast, tapes, DVDs, computer files etc.

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  1. Peteralexander78

    Why one cop carries 145 rounds

    Why one cop carries 145 rounds of ammo on the job Dont know if this is a repeat but I found it to be a great story.
  2. RedCardinalSeven

    The National Guard is not the Military

    An epic rant ...
  3. L84Cabo

    Video: Sgt. John A Chapman, Medal of Honor Recipient, Posthumously

    I've seen pieces of this video before but not one that is so complete and the narration really helps. But maybe it's out there and I missed it. The footage, however, is incredible! It was taken from a Predator drone and is supposedly the first recorded action of a MoH recipient. WATCH...
  4. DB is Here


    Doing some research for a holster that could be used when exercising outdoors, found this video to give a couple helpful ideas. Thought I'd pass it along... 5 Concealed Carry Holsters for Exercising (VIDEO)
  5. trikerdon

    It's long but interesting video on Ca. ammo & gun laws.

    How long before Wa/org. want to copy these laws? California Ammo & Gun Law Update with Sam Paredes
  6. Sporting Systems

    Washington gun law changes happening July 1 - video update

    1639 implementation video update. Sorry, I’m no hot little gun bunny or polished bullbubblegum artist. These are the facts, plain and simple. Low lights of the video. DOL is adopting an $18 tax per semi auto rifle. July 1. None of those funds are going to local agencies to help them comply with all...
  7. DirectDrive

    Eugene Stoner Video

    The Captain's Journal » Eugene Stoner: The Man Behind The Gun
  8. awshoot

    Oregon  ‘I’m sorry. I’ll leave:’ Oregon robber surrenders hatchet to clerk with gun, video shows

    LOL ‘I’m sorry. I’ll leave:’ Oregon robber surrenders hatchet to clerk with gun, video shows
  9. DB is Here

    Washington  Security video shows break-in at Sequim gun store

    Security video shows break-in at Sequim gun store | Peninsula Daily News
  10. L84Cabo

    Video: Why Ballistics Gel Works and Caliber Arguments are Dumb

    Great video by Lucky Gunner capturing their discussion with two ammo experts on their recent tour of Federal Ammo factory. :)
  11. awshoot

    Badgecam video of Roomba arrest

    I'm surprised this hasn't been posted yet -- funniest thing I've heard in the news for a while. News story: An Oregon woman called police to report a burglar in her bathroom. Armed cops found a trapped Roomba (The headline is inaccurate -- it was a man who called police)
  12. Flymph

    Vintage military training and firearms operation videos

    I would like this thread to be a repository for vintage military training and firearms operation videos. Newer animations of firearm operations are also welcome. Post old combat footage as well, if you like.
  13. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  Executive Session video on various bills

    Today, Thursday March 28th, 2019 in Olympia, the following bills are scheduled for an executive session vote in the Senate Committee on Law & Justice at 10:00 AM SBH1739 is for undetectable and untraceable firearms. The link to watch the live video that starts at 10:00am is posted below for...
  14. gunsmithkinks

    Washington  Gun bill hearings & video

    Senate Law & Justice. HBs 1465 (delivery of handgun with CPL) and 1786 (firearms/protective orders) will be heard in Senate Law & Justice at 10:00 a.m. on 25th of March today. Video link below for the 10am public Senate hearing today. watch – TVW, Washington States' Public Affairs Network
  15. arakboss

    Interesting video for new shooters.

    She had an interesting victimization experience that led her to learn how to handle a firearm.
  16. L84Cabo

    Video: Taco Bell Customer Gets The Crap Beat Out of Him By The Employees

    As if we really needed another reason to NOT eat at Taco Bell... Dude complains about a 45 minute wait time for tacos. Apparently they had an excess of Grub Hub orders. Several employees hop the counter, follow the guy out of the store and beat up him and his girlfriend...who wasn't even in...
  17. arakboss

    National  US H.R. 1112 Explained. Please Send This Video With Your Letters To Your Senators

    This passed in the US House on Friday. Some Republicans voted for it or abstained from voting on it. We need to make sure that this doesn't happen in the US Senate. If any of you FFLs have pulled a Benchmade and donated money to Antis, tell them to make good on those donations. Yeah, that...
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