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  • Synonyms 2a
  1. RedCardinalSeven

    Other State  Missouri's "Second Amendment Preservation Act"

    Below are three excerpts from a bill (HB 85) signed into law by Missouri's governor last Saturday. The Biden administration is "warning Missouri officials that the state can't ignore federal law ..." Apparently, DoJ attorneys don't study or understand Printz v. United States, 521 U.S. 898...
  2. kempoguy70

    National  Let’s all take a minute to stay informed and be proactive

    This came across my newsfeed this morning, so thought I’d pass it along. I’ve long stayed in the shadows enjoying my 2nd amendment rights without much a second thought until recently. Things like this are making me rethink my choices. Hope it gets some of you thinking on things as well. Stay...
  3. pizdous

    Views on Gun Control - Sammy Gravano

    This is why we need to fight to keep our 2nd amendment. Good video.
  4. RedCardinalSeven

    National  When cops and America’s cherished gun rights collide, cops win

    https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-police-immunity-guns/ Actually, one could and should add that Deputy Sylvester and the courts also stripped Andrew Scott of his 5th Amendment not "be deprived of life ... without due process of law".
  5. RedCardinalSeven

    Whitmer & the "Wolverine Watchemen"

  6. v0lcom13sn0w

    The Mulford Act-When The Government fears The People.

    i thought this was a very interesting and informative video from Colion Noir interesting history of the NRA in this video also.
  7. Maximillian

    Government over-reach, Your 4th Amendment rights, Access to information

    It's just my little rant, but here it goes. I got my stuff done and sat down for some TV. Red Dawn was on and it was pretty much the beginning. I can't imagine very many people on NW Firearms haven't seen it, but if not, I suggest you do, it's a good insight to what could happen to our country...
  8. Whisky Tahoe

    Recoil TV! In case you have run out of things to stream

    RECOIL has created a channel on RECOIL-TV to showcase products originally intended to be featured at the 2020 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville. Unfortunately the NRA event was cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. RECOIL-TV’s NRA ROADSHOW channel is currently presenting 45...
  9. B

    Washington  Support a new Governor that supports the 2nd Amendment?

    Just got this from Brubaker Arms in Yakima. (Professional Gunsmith) https://www.culpforgovernor.com 1st I've heard someone with common sense and supports the 2A is going to run for the governors office in 2020. I 'suspect' ferguson is going to pitch his worthless rear end in or maybe inslee...
  10. RicInOR

    Other State  Needles CA - Sancturary City for 2nd Amendment

    California Town Declares Itself A '2nd Amendment Sanctuary City' California town wants to be a sanctuary -- for gun owners Was Spike, Snoopy's brother, from Needles? "Spike lives alone in a cactus, in the middle of the desert near Needles, California, "
  11. RicInOR

    National  BRADLEY BEERS v. USA 2nd Amendment violation?

    BRADLEY BRADLEY BEERS; JOSEPH DIVITA; JOSEPH DIVITA -v- USA In 2005, Bucks County, Pa. man is involuntarily hospitalized after threatening suicide, putting a gun in his mouth. He's had no mental health treatment since 2006, and, in 2013, a doctor said he could safely handle firearms. Does the...
  12. O

    National  Atf director nominee speaks in favor of 2a

    ATF Director Nominee On The Record For Protecting Second Amendment Rights
  13. DB is Here


  14. O

    National  USDOJ posts brief in support of 2a in NY case

    Read more: U.S. Justice Department Submits Brief in Support of Second Amendment U.S. Justice Department Submits Brief in Support of Second Amendment Can't be mad about this.
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