A baker is someone who bakes and sometimes sells breads and other products made using an oven or other concentrated heat source. The place where a baker works is called a bakery.

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  1. tac

    Baker rifle by Rob.....

    For GooseBrown....enjoy!
  2. Daily4605

    New member from Baker City Oregon

    Howdy all new to the forum, heard about it from Gryghin. I typically duck hunt and shoot skeet but after my service as a Corpsman in the Navy (sorry 8406 not 8404) where I got to shoot some much bigger caliber weapons am looking at expanding my arsenal from my old pump shotgun to some more fun...
  3. RicInOR

    National  Convicted from Video

    Open-carry advocates convicted on 'silliest' technicality, attorney says But from a video showing him putting a rifle in the trunk of a car. What that video actually shows is up for debate, and appeal.
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