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  1. Tht_guy_josh

    Are otf knives illegal in Oregon

    Optics planet has a good deal on the hk hogue otf knife but i just got an email that i need to prove im a leo or some sort because they arent available to the general public? I thought the laws said it was ok to have but not to conceal
  2. Pacesetter

    FBI Data - Knives Hammers Kill More People Than Guns

  3. ETs Dad

    Pistol Bayonet

    The Laserlyte Pistol Bayonet features a razor-sharp, full tang KA-BAR blade with a black Teflon coating. The handle is made from glass-filled nylon. The Pistol Bayonet will attach to medium to large frame pistols that have a rail, and a custom polymer sheath is included to protect the blade. New
  4. S

    Bradford Knives Guardian 3.5 w/M390 Steel, Sabre Grind, Leather Sheath

    -Bradford Knives Guardian 3.5 w/M390 Steel, Sabre Grind, standard Leather Sheath -carbon fiber scales In like new condition. I never cut with it, previous owner did not either. comes with original box and paperwork. MADE IN THE USA by HAND! Specs: Overall Length: 7.25" Blade Length: 3.5"...
  5. William Jones

    Auto knives in Wa

    I know automatics are illegal in Wa. Does anyone know what class of crime it is or what penalty one might incur? I really miss carrying a good auto and don't mind risking a ticket-able offense, just don't want anything nasty on my record. Can't find anything definitive in the Wa laws. Thanks
  6. tourproto

    International  Time to start banning knives too

    This happened today in Paris AT A POLICE STATION https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-49919305 People who want to kill other people will use whatever they can. Knives, rocks or bats. I just can’t understand how people think guns kill people. People kill people. Period. With whatever...
  7. cigars

    Just when you thought you knew everything about knives

    Hmmm, science. In a nutshell: Highlights •An ethnographic account states an Inuit man made a knife from his own frozen feces. •We experimentally tested knives manufactured from frozen human feces. •Knives manufactured from frozen human feces do not work...
  8. 1

    2 Ka Bar TDI knives with 3 sheaths.

    Just like the title says. 2 TDI knives knives and 3 sheaths. 2 are the Ka Bar original ones and one is a kydex horizontal sheath. Both knives are barely used.
  9. ma96782

    Knives: Time to ban them?

    Politician looking for a cause: "Because....there are too many mass stabbings going on!" Really mass stabbing are on an increase..... 'Baby, I've been stabbed 5 times': Suspect named in 'massive' Tallahassee, Florida stabbing We need to control these "weapons of mass destruction" and "weapons...
  10. czgunner

    WTS knives, bayos

    NIB Benchmade 583-1 Barrage Warn Brand new in box. Never carried, never cut. Neat collaboration with Warn. Would be great for a 4x4 guy or girl to match their winch! This is a great assisted open knife with safety to prevent unintentional firing. $125 shipped. User Benchmade Reflex mini...