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  1. A

    Question  I can't access editing functions on mobile

    The menu with bold, italicized, emojis, etc are not available for me to use on mobile. The menu is there but the buttons are faint looking and won't work for me. Any ideas on why?
  2. J

    Question for guys with red dots on there pistols?

    What distance do you sight you red dot for a handgun? Let’s say you set it at a 25 yard zero, how much is it off at say 15 yards? 10 yards?
  3. Bsteinhauer28

    Headspace and milsurp bolt actions question

    Hello All. I recently started my venture into collecting old milsurp rifles and started off with a Type 99 Arisaka and a 91/30 Mosin. Being new to gun ownership and inexperienced with some aspects of inspection I decided to take my Arisaka to a gunsmith (A&C in Gresham/Portland) to have them...
  4. Tdunn541

    Question about S & W model 14

    Hey everyone, I inherited my father’s old police service revolver. It’s a really cool S & W model 14 with a 6” barrel. It’s been modified. When he was going for ‘distinguished expert’ with the LAPD he had a bull barrel put on it. Also, at that time the LAPD required carry pistols to be neutered...
  5. ktzdaman

    Need some experts - Mannlicher–Schönauer question

    Hello all. Had this one in the family for over 40 years. It became mine not to long ago. Chambered in 243. I can’t seem to find a clear identification of it in the gun guides. Any insight on it and it’s history? Value? Thank you all in advance for your insight.
  6. B

    Online sale question - shipping

    As a seller can I ship directly to FFL if I do not have an FFL? Trying to eliminate the extra step and fee if possible. No one answered at ATF Friday.
  7. Phred

    Ballistic Vest Tech and Vulnerabilities Question I have a basic understanding of ballistic vests. In the above scenario, we don't know the type of vest used, or the incoming rounds that defeated it. So...

    A Hypothetical, Non-Racial Or Judgemental Question

    If a person is born of a black father and a white mother, how or why is it this person is identified as 'black' when he or she becomes the subject of racial discrimination accusations? Why is he or she not identified similarly as white ? How or why does the 'black' part take precedence ?
  9. gmerkt

    Question for the Glock armorers

    I've got a Glock 19 that I bought about 12 years ago. It's well within the top 10% of product satisfaction from guns purchased over a lifetime. It's been a good, reliable gun, I can shoot it well, and it will shoot anything I put in the magazine, even cast bullet rounds which the factory says...
  10. Reno

    Unwatched thread question?

    I unwatched a thread. It still alerts me and still getting emails.
  11. J

    Landmark Question

    I am not sure how many people have seen this house in Burlington, Or. (small burb just west of Portland on hwy 30), but wondering if anyone knows the history or story behind it...
  12. T

    Build Thread  Beretta Stampede conversion question

    I want to convert a Stampede from transfer bar to a 4 click pin on hammer revolver. As far as I can see it's a Uberti friendly parts gun, and there are old style pinned hammers available at places. The Stampede has a bushing in the pin hole in the frame with a springed pin. I'm just wondering...
  13. E

    Not A Bug  scrolling bar mobile issue

    I notice while browsing on mobile and scrolling down the list a white/greyish bar scrolls across the top of my mobile browser. It's going from left to right at the top. What is this? Using Android on a pixel 3a using FF and the experimental dark mode.
  14. cbenware

    Multnomah County CHP Renewal Question

    Lucky me my Multnomah County CHP is up for renewal during COVID. It expires 4/10 and the website says they're taking a month to process renewals. I mailed the paperwork and fee back in mid-February and my check was cashed 3/4 but I haven't received my new card in the mail. I figured I'd receive...
  15. GI JEW 555

    Reloading ? ( primers being pulled and used from blanks)

    So the primer situation is what it is and don’t see it getting any better over night. Wanted to know if this would work or any issues to be aware of. Hypothetical Question 1- Wondering if a guy could pull Primers from blank 5.56 , 7.62 or any other caliber for that matter. Could those primers...
  16. RobMa

    Leupold scope question

    Anyone know this scopes value? Mark 4 Near perfect condition, never mounted. Has turret caps for both 308 and 223/556 Mil dot reticle 3.5-10
  17. tedacker


    It seems like if people would removed their sold ads from the page, there would be a lot less cluttering up the pages. It is actually quite simple to do. Just saying
  18. JCPin

    Question About online FFL transfers

    Can anyone give me some insight on how I would go about selling a pew pew online? would I transfer from my FFL to theirs in a different state so long as state laws are followed? I have a friend in a different state who wants to pick up one of my pews but im unaware of how to finalize the...
  19. B

    Washington  FFL Transfer Question

    I'm in WA state and if I want to buy a semi automatic rifle from someone in OR can someone confirm the only two ways to do so are: 1. Have them go to an OR FFL and ship it to my WA FFL. 2. Have them cross state lines and meet me at a WA FFL near the OR/WA border. Lastly, in any of those...
  20. C

    Answered  Direct Message help please~~~

    Previously, when forums and boards were in the NEWS and getting SHUT DOWN... I shut down-closed my message thing of a mig. I was concerned that this forum would get shut down by WHOEVER out there and I might not be able to go in and clean out my few messages. So I closed it. Now, I want to be...
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