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  1. coop44

    Reading cpl pamphlet, got a question

    Applied for my cpl the other day, and was given this pamphlet "Firearms Safety, Suicide Awareness, The Law And You". On page ten something caught my eye, ".....and fired therefrom at the rate of five or more shots per second. " this was the final line in the machine gun description. Huh? What...
  2. J

    Answered  Been a member for awhile but have not figured out to send pms. Wondering how its done. Thanks for helping

    Been a member for awhile and haven't figured out how to send PMS. Could use some help. Thanks
  3. J

    458x2 american

    Where can I get both reloading dies and reloading data for the 458x2 American?
  4. F

    Answer Looking For Question

    Seen a tv show recently. They were hunting cape buff in Africa with double rifle......which is nice and normal. The fly in the ointment was, the double rifles were fitted with Aimpoint sights. Maybe the glow in the dark optic for dangerous game double rifles is bigger than I thought. Strong...
  5. 2thdrglock

    Total noob rifle question...

    What is the advantage to buying a rifle kit and then a "stripped" lower receiver and building it? Also is the stripped lower removed from another rifle? Is it like building a Poylmer 80 "Glock 19" that you are not required to register or have a serial number? Thanks. Sorry for the dumb...
  6. pharmseller

    Legal question, minor in possession

    My 19 year old son was in the back seat of a car that was pulled over because the driver was speeding. My son had consumed alcohol, which is illegal in Oregon. The police officer asked the occupants of the car if they had been drinking and my son told the truth, yes he had. I know, mistake. The...
  7. RicInOR

    Question - should photos come with disclaimers as to editing?

    Is this a photo? OR digital art? Should it come with a disclaimer - indicating in broadstrokes what may have been manipulated? Even in camera, you can apply some settings - example film simulation can affect saturation/color. In the era of deep fakes, I am going to assume all images are...
  8. RicInOR

    Oregon  Renter Question

    I am not asking for legal advice - other than what I already gave which is talk with your lawyer. What I would like to get are suggested questions - for insurance agent, and lawyer. And if there are already resources --example rental agreement templates that address this. Situation. My...
  9. Oregonhunter5

    1969 c10 heater core question

    I’m replacing the heater core. I read on the net about some of these installs needing a flow restrictor near the heater core? Is this true? If anyone has any experience on this I’d love the input. Thanks!!!
  10. cowboygraphics

    Question  Can I access an ad marked: "THIS AD IS NO LONGER ACTIVE"?

    I had bookmarked an ad, but on following the link to it: THIS AD IS NO LONGER ACTIVE. Is there an archive kept of (all and or closed) ads from X amount of time (last month or other)? I can provide the URL / link to the ad to a MOD if wanted.
  11. H

    Hunting outerwear question

    Im looking into buying some waterproof (read goretex) outerwear for hunting coming up in november. I also work outside a majority of the time. My question is, would it be an ok idea to wear the same jacket for hunting and work. Or should I really try to keep my hunting stuff separate in a...
  12. L

    Question: Has there ever been a 'realistic' study of how many would be killed & wounded in a complete U.S. Gun Confiscation?

    Everyone, I pretty much put it in the title. Just like before the planned WW2 invasion of Japan, has there ever been a comprehensive, non-partisan, study of how many would be killed & wounded in an attempted, complete gun confiscation in the U.S. ? Rest assured that many would resist and...
  13. A

    What would you do? (consumer debt related question)

    I have a substantial amount of credit card debt. The total of my balances is equal to about 20% of my yearly gross income. I also have a relatively substantial gun, ammo and accessories collection. I would fairly value my collection to be about equal to the current total of my credit card debt...
  14. Diamondback

    Question for any recent Marines among us: Setting up the Ibiley Chest Rig

    Recently, I bought an overrun USMC Chest Rig--the idea is to build up a complete Rifleman Set of gear to go with my M4 and M16A4 clones, as part of a program of "a matched set of loadout for each issue rifle in the collection." Question is, other than a dump pouch, a canteen pouch or two and a...
  15. E4mafia

    Build Thread  AR pistol question

    Not sure which section to throw this in (Sorry mods) My questioning is this. I plan to buy a set up from PSA using a SB braced stock and a upper of at least 8.5" barrel. I hear that going under 10" makes 5.56 suffer but I am honestly not looking for long range engagement but more of a bugout...
  16. E

    Answered  7 day Rule for Classifieds: Applies to breaking up a bundle??

    I had a bundle of items listed together in 1 classified ad, I just sold a portion of the bundle and locked the ad. Now I have the remaining items I would like to list in a new ad, does the 7 day rule apply to this situation that does not allow posting until 7 days after locking an ad? Thanks...
  17. A

    Answered  How to filter out 'for sale' from viewing new posts

    The amount of 'for sale' posts has increased significantly, to over half of the new posts when I sign on. I poked around on the website and did not find anything on point, so I ask the question: is there a way to filter out the 'for sale' posts when I view the new posts to the forums? Thanks...
  18. E

    Answered  Modify Classified Main Body Text?

    I want to add text to my classified ad but when I hit the EDIT button I am only able to modify some of the main headings and not the main text. Can someone please advise on how to edit main text to add additional information? Thanks in advance!
  19. Mikej

    Question  I gotta say.....

    It's pretty annoying have all the emoji's you've used sitting at the bottom of the posts you're typing. That >>> :s0122: <<< is especially distracting/annoying.
  20. 4

    Washington  Where is the correct forum to ask a legal question?

    On the section guidelines for this forum it states that: "This section is for the discussion of current firearm laws and legal questions." SECTION GUIDELINES: Firearm Laws & Legal But on this thread it says "Since this isn’t an legal advice site, thread closed." Is it Legal...