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  1. Echo2020

    Washington  shotgun question

    If I have a older shotgun I purchased back in the 1990s from a private sale and it never went thruogh a background check, can I sell it still today? and if so, is there a special form I need to fill out or does it just require the background check at an FFL like I'm selling a new gun? thanks
  2. O

    Question  how to find your closed threads?

    how do you find your old closed threads? dont show up when i click my tab
  3. A

    Oregon  Question 11e and private firearm transfers in OR

    A majority of Oregon voters and/or legislators (at some point) believed that cannabis use should be legal and they believed private firearm transfers should require background checks. Why don't we have a different/better process for private party transfers that doesn't involve Form 4473. My...
  4. gmerkt

    Washington  Question about shipping a rifle from Washington

    Okay, I've sold long guns before out of state. So long as I was shipping to an FFL in another state, I could mail it myself without having to go through an FFL dealer on my end. Is there anything in I-1639 that would bar me from shipping a semi-automatic rifle to an FFL outside of...
  5. Basedgreaser

    Eform1 paperwork question

    So ive read through a bunch of instructions watched quite a few videos and im a little confused. I filed and got my email for eform1 sbr. I printed out the two atachments. Cover letter pdf and form.pdf. The form.pdf has a series of pages some say atf copy and others say cleo copy and the last...
  6. T

    Rookie Question - Sighting in

    I'm sighting in a rifle for the first time and have a question. I've seen many pictures posted of people's groupings or sighting in targets and they're almost never actually on the bullseye. Below is my target from trying to sight in my rifle/scope yesterday. The target has 13 rounds shown...
  7. DizzyJ

    Another stupid stainless steel media question.

    Ok, I've searched and read, but I'm not specifically finding an answer to this. Has anyone used this particular ss tumbling media? I don't like the fact that pins can still remain in...
  8. Jordan Pointer

    Obtaining possession of a pistol from ex wife question

    my husband's ex wife has a 9mm that is registered to him. We want it back. Is she required by law to return it?
  9. Reno

    Answered  Question, remove all Covid 19 threads?

    Just a thought. NWFA, like many others, kind of took a turn down a rabbit hole. Long term members turning on each other. People just sort of nasty and on edge. Not my website or forum, just a random thought from a paying member goer dude. Reno
  10. jp1985

    Fal question

    I was looking for a fal and found one and have a question about it. it’s a pacific armament fal built on an imbel receiver. are they a good brand? I’m still new to FAL’s and have wanted one for a while but was wondering if this is a brand to stay away from.
  11. UNO

    Glock trigger compatibility question

    Howdy ya'll. So I've got a glock 20 10mm. I did the 25c trigger job, installed a ghost 3.5 connector, upgraded spring kit. Now I want a new trigger. Preferably flat faced. My big question here is "Are all glock trigger shoes compatible across all models"? I'm seeing a lot of trigger shoes that...
  12. 2thdrglock

    Newbie AR-15 building question...

    Hello All, I am new to guns in general although I am 58 yrs old. We have a few pistols purchased within the last year or so (3 Glocks, 1 Walther, 1 Sig), have done our basic training and have put several hundred rounds through our small collection. Of course I recently got the bug for the AR...
  13. UnionMillsNW

    Disabled Veteran Hunting Question

    Hey Folks, I'm picking up General season deer and elk tags for myself this year. I'd like to have a military buddy of mine come out and hunt as well. He is 100% disabled from an IED in Afghanistan (although he's able to walk, light hike, and shoot fine). While I can see there is a "Uniformed...
  14. arTen

    Answered  How do I download a picture into a PM?

    I am unable to download a picture into a PM. However, I can easily do it in a topic. How do I download a picture into a PM?
  15. D

    Ammo Question

    I ran across this ad today and i was wondering if I can shoot this in my M1 Garand. I'm not sure what "AN" refers to. Does anyone know if this is safe to shoot in my Garand? Here's the link to the ammo: ARMSLIST - For Sale: 160 Rounds WW2 30 cal AN-M2 ammo
  16. Dan_g

    I just turned 18 and have a question about gun ownership

    My brother (32 years old and avid shooter) has an amazingly beautiful pistol. It's nice to the touch and easy to handle. Anyways, I want to buy one just like that. So, I joined the NRA and began researching ways to acquire one. Sadly, I after literally 2 minutes of research, it came upon me...
  17. quneur

    Washington  Question on SCOTUS and upcoming cases

    There are cases being discussed in committee. Whether or not the SCOTUS actually takes up the case is another story but if they do and rule in favor of the plaintiffs, would this effectively eliminate I-1639? The cases in question are Worman v. Healey and Wilson v. Cook County, The then...
  18. joken

    SP1 question

    Did colt still mgf them in 1986?
  19. Echo2020

    I 1639 law question

    quick question...Is a semi-auto shotgun fall into this category, I was wondering because I was recently told it was


    I recently took in trade a Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact frame in 9mm and am currently in search for a slide. Is there anything special I need to be aware of? I have found a Kimber KHX Ultra slide assembly on Gunbroker. Will it fit? I have many 1911 pistols so I am familiar with the...
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