CWP Renewables is an Australian developer and owner of renewable energy systems such as wind farms and solar farms. It was established in 2007 as a joint venture of Continental Wind Partners and Wind Prospect. It is now majority owned by venture capital group PostScriptum.

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  1. bentoncity

    Washington  Some SCARY bubblegum CWP Permit Holders INFO

    I was UNAWARE of this until today. A friends CWP renewal 'notice' came from the Washington State Dept of Licensing instead of from the county in December/2021. So, "if" there's no "tracking/registration" of who/whom has CWP's, then why in the hell is the State involved? I want answers! Right at...
  2. bikemutt

    Maybe I'm the only one with a non-resident AZ CWP

    Just an FYI, took from Oct 5 '21 until today to receive a renewal permit.
  3. BillM

    Arizona non-res CWP renewal time

    One of the permits I carry is a Arizona non-resident. It expired April 5th. They received the renewal app on 2/18, and the website said "allow 45 days for renewal, up to 75 days if a background check was required." Almost 5 months now--and just got an email that they are now processing...
  4. C

    Idaho Enhanced CWP

    I am considering getting an Idaho nonresident concealed weapons permit. Apparently they have two types, a standard and enhanced . The enhanced permit includes additional training. I have looked on the web at several organizations that do the concealed weapons training for the Idaho license. They...
  5. pdxparabellum

    PDX Metro Area members, tap in!

    Mornin' folks! A little while back I ran a poll querying which EDC guns y'all specifically carried when in PDX. Thank you for your feedback on here - immensely helpful! Any members of the forum living in the Portland Metro Area / City Of Portland ? (Not just travel here.) I have not seen many...
  6. RicInOR

    Other State  FLA CWP

    We are a nation of laws. Hope she chooses to obey the law - and not the NRA and not "people".
  7. Runwithryan

    Why Open Carry?

    Hey gun lovers! I've been carrying concealed for three years now. I got my license soon after turning 21 (yep youngin' here, seeking your knowlegde). It's become a way of life, like many of you know, the whole being prepared thing is pretty important. That being said I'm all about carrying...
  8. Nightshade

    Question on CWP Renewal

    Hi If you have renewed you permit to carry but have not gotten you card yet, Is it a good idea Not to carry if your old permit has expired. sometimes it takes longer to get you card. Thanks
  9. RicInOR

    Idaho (ID) CWL / CHL / CWP/ CHP Question

    I was talking with a friend yesturday, he is recently back to OR from Idaho. Asked what he was doing there, getting a CHP. I thought that interesting. He reports that as a non-resident, you have to be IN ID to take the class, and then RETURN to ID to get your permit. Something to do...
  10. HuckleberryFun

    UT, AZ and other permits for Oregon residents

    I sent my Arizona CWP application off in the mail today. I sent Utah off the day before yesterday. We'll see which one I get first. I already have my Oregon CHL, but want to legally carry when I travel. Do other OR residents on here have Utah, Arizona, or other out of state permits? Do you use...
  11. pietro beretta

    Oregon CHL, Move to Washington.

    I recently moved from Oregon to Washington and was a bit confused how I would renew my Oregon Concealed Handgun License. I wasn't sure if I would have to apply as a New License or Address Change. Answer: Address Change. Don't let your license expire, if it is going to expire before you...
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