first time

Events are often triggered when a stochastic or random process first encounters a threshold. The threshold can be a barrier, boundary or specified state of a system. The amount of time required for a stochastic process, starting from some initial state, to encounter a threshold for the first time is referred to variously as a first hitting time.
In statistics, first-hitting-time models are a sub-class of survival models. The first hitting time, also called first passage time, of the barrier set


{\displaystyle B}
with respect to an instance of a stochastic process is the time until the stochastic process first enters


{\displaystyle B}
More colloquially, a first passage time in a stochastic system, is the time taken for a state variable to reach a certain value. Understanding this metric allows one to further understand the physical system under observation, and as such has been the topic of research in very diverse fields, from economics to ecology.The idea that a first hitting time of a stochastic process might describe the time to occurrence of an event has a long history, starting with an interest in the first passage time of Wiener diffusion processes in economics and then in physics in the early 1900s. Modeling the probability of financial ruin as a first passage time was an early application in the field of insurance. An interest in the mathematical properties of first-hitting-times and statistical models and methods for analysis of survival data appeared steadily between the middle and end of the 20th century.

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  1. Gunbuggy

    Going to Westport WA for the first time… suggestions?

    I am a longtime SW WA resident. I grew up in salmon creek before it was a town. I would ride my dirt bike for hours before touching pavement. I still live in salmon creek now and it’s a real town now, no longer ridgefields little brother. I grew up going to Long Beach, Ilwaco, cannon beach...
  2. patmenace

    I shot a gun for the first time 2 months ago

    Hello, it's nice to be here. I shot a gun for the first time 2 months ago in a handgun saftey class that I took with my wife. We are both in our 40s and recently bought our first house and took the class to see if a gun would be something we would be comfortable having in the house for...
  3. Mrlomeli

    First time owner here, appreciate the hospitality! Also have a question.

    Fairly new to the world of firearms, found this forum while combing the laws here in the PNW. Just purchased my first handgun, a Glock G42. Unfortunately I was put in que so i wasn't able to take it home today. Has anyone experienced the wait time recently to pick up their firearm? If so how...
  4. rdb241

    This is the first time I have heard of anybody charged with these crimes

    Unlawful manufacture of an untraceable firearm with the intent to sell the untraceable firearm Undetectable or untraceable firearms, knowingly/recklessly allow/aid/facilitate/abed the assembly/manufacture by person ineligible to possess Failure to use dealer to facilitate transfer between two...
  5. Lennie

    Drug overdose deaths top 100,000 annually for the first time, driven by fentanyl, CDC data show

    Firearms deaths do not even come close to this number. And yet most of these deaths are caused by drugs that are illegal to possess.
  6. Evo8117

    First time edc looking for advice

    Looking for a little advice. I have these 3 pistol to choose from. A P320 Xcarry 9mm M&P 2.0 9mm and a glock 23 gen4 .I'm leaning forward the P320. I have a tactical muffin top. And the M&P grip is rough on the skin. And witch way the carry apex owb or iwb?
  7. B

    First Time Pistol Seller

    Trying to sell a pistol for the first time...WA state...have a prospective buyer in the I just have my FFL transfer the pistol to the buyer's FFL, and I then don't have to worry about my liability regarding who that buyer is/is not? Also, I can't see sending the pistol until I get...
  8. B

    I opened carried for the first time in my life

    I spent the last two weeks in the free states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Instead of my normal compact concealed carry piece, I opted for my P229 in a OWB holster, and in some places my 460 magnum in a shoulder holster, grizzly country after all. For the most part, not a single care was...
  9. SrMachoSolo

    First time carrying while cycling, had to call 911...

    I bike once in a while and have been looking for solutions to bring something for self defense. Especially after being attacked by three dogs while riding years ago... I was lucky to get out of that one alive, and have the missing parts of my leg as a reminder. I bought a bag that straps to the...
  10. Erick

    Long time creeper, first time caller...

    I've been on for a while, but following another Facebook ban I find myself with enough spare time to joy something down. Anyways, I'm a auto shop owner in Hillsboro and a resident of Frosty Grave (Forest Grove), long time gun owner and enthusiast. I like NFA stuff, AR's, CZ's, and anything...
  11. Lennie

    Woman qualifies for Naval Special Warfare Command crew for the first time
  12. gmerkt

    There is always a first time

    I've been shooting for nearly 60 years, and reloading my own ammo for 36 years. I've never before stuck a bullet in a barrel. Yesterday, I had my first. Shooting cast bullet 9mm Luger loads in a Colt Government Model. I'd already fired 50 jacketed bullets, then another 43 cast bullet...
  13. Partyslayer

    Longtime listener, first time caller

    Casual shooter. Aggressive Chef. Passive sleeper. Curious forager. Absolute unit.
  14. Used To Hunt

    First time saying hello on this account? Or glitch in the Matrix...

    Hello everyone, I have been a happy NWFA member for a couple years and always encourage other shooters to join. I am also a classified ads junkie but do venture out into the other forums to make a fool of myself every once and a while. Above all I am a staunch supporter of individual freedom as...
  15. JohnnyMac

    Any homebrewers have tips for a first time hop grower?

    My hop rhizomes arrive this weekend. My intentions were to grow them out of two large pots (24" across) with 3 rhizomes in each and two types (Cascade & Fuggles). For now I'm going to just use a couple 4x8 sheets of lattice on edge as a trellis. They are first year so will be smaller than in...
  16. B

    Awesome sight this AM- 3 female first time gun buyers at my LGS all at the same time . . .

    Was at my LGS this AM that I frequent on a regular basis, picking up a couple of Glocks I had ordered. Got there when they first opened, and had my paperwork done and in the queue, placed at #10, so about a 10-15 minute wait. While I was waiting, three completely separate unconnected groups...
  17. Hold8404Fast

    First time poster

    Hi everyone, Native Oregonian, Navy Corpsman vet from Bend, OR. Moved up to Portland w/ my wife after I got out of the service in NC. Just moved out to Pleasant Valley area in our first house. My Dad worked Fish and Game for OSP for many years and I’ve Been a serious hunter, fisherman and...
  18. Juniper9mm

    Lifelong Gun Owner, First Time Carry

    I'm heading in tomorrow for pics, fingerprints and such for CHL application. When approved I'll carry a G19. I'm thinking small of the back IWB carry, but having never carried, I don't know if this is recommended, as I'm just thinking academically, and not from any position of experience. I...
  19. El Duderino

    Long time listener, first time caller

    Glad to be here. Look forward to learning from everyone and looking at your beautiful guns. I like to hunt, shoot guns made of wood and steel, would like to get into reloading. This is from a few weeks back, when things were a little more colorful.
  20. AMT

    First time loading for .308 Winchester and need some help/advice.

    I’m fairly new to reloading. So far I’ve only loaded pistol. 9mm, 45ACP, 45 SUPER, 44AMP, 357AMP, 50AE. Probably a few thousand rounds total. So, I understand the basics. This is the first time loading for rifle and I’m starting off with .308 Winchester. I have some questions and am hoping for...
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