Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) is the primary television and radio public broadcasting network for most of the U.S. state of Oregon as well as southern Washington. OPB consists of five full-power television stations, dozens of VHF or UHF translators, and over 20 radio stations and frequencies. Broadcasts include local and regional programming as well as television programs from the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and American Public Television (APT), and radio programs from National Public Radio (NPR), Public Radio International (PRI), American Public Media (APM), Public Radio Exchange (PRX), and the BBC World Service, among other distributors. Its headquarters and television studios are located in Portland.
OPB is also a major producer of television programming for national broadcast on PBS and Create through distributors like APT, with shows such as History Detectives, Barbecue America, Foreign Exchange, Rick Steves' Europe, and travel shows hosted by Art Wolfe.
As of 2006, OPB had over one million viewers throughout its region and an average of over 380,000 radio listeners each week. The part of southwestern Oregon not served by OPB is served by KLCC radio, Jefferson Public Radio, and Southern Oregon PBS.

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  1. arakboss

    Oregon  OPB Directs Media Assault Towards Open Carry

    They manage to put about two sentences in the article pertaining to open carry. And they are not negative. The rest of the article really has nothing to do with open carry. You sure wouldn't guess that by the title. Oregon Open Carry Law Creates Training Challenge For Police
  2. CountryGent

    "Unprepared" by Oregon Field Guide

    This episode of Oregon Field Guide is on the topic of "the big one" and Oregon's level of preparedness, or lack thereof. The show also compares and contrasts with preparations in Japan for similar events. Anyway, I watched it today, and just thought I'd pass along in the event it is of...
  3. HuckleberryFun

    NPR Listening 2A Gun People? Really?

    I was at an all day training event this weekend. After a day of shooting we were packing up our guns and gear and I saw one of the cars had an Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) sticker on it. I thought "wow," talk about cross-demographics! But now I wonder how many on here listen to public radio...
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