1. oremike

    youth training day Issak walton

  2. ilikegunspdx

    Cool CQB training video

    This may have been posted before but I thought it was informative: I know Cerberus is starting a training session on CQB. Good stuff!
  3. Cerberus Group

    CQB 101 - Cerberus Training Group

    CQB 101 With the new shoot house, comes new courses... Offering 2 one day courses August 27th and 28th. This non shooting one-day class will introduce you into the world of CQB – Close Quarters Battle. This highly detailed course will start with the principles, and work through application...
  4. F

    Training…….to avoid 🫣

  5. Cerberus Group

    Shoot House - Cerberus Training Group

    It is coming along nicely. Have 8 more walls to put up, trim up some doors, and will be operational for classes starting next month.
  6. titsonritz

    North Dakota Firearms Training

    Looks like I am moving to western North Dakota, somewhere in the neighborhood of Williston and/or Dickinson, and would like to know of any good Firearms Training opportunities in the area. I know nothing about the area so any information on the local training scene would be super appreciated.
  7. Cerberus Group

    Cerberus Training Group - Washington Magazine Ban

    Out of state people; If you have any concern about training with us for rifle classes, we will have AR magazines only for you to use for no charge if you feel uncomfortable bringing your own. There are so many different pistols that we won't be able to provide pistol magazines. Any...
  8. Ballistics NW

    Local Gun Dealer

    We are a local NW gun dealer specializing in AR builds, ammo manufacturing, and custom long gun ammo manufacturing. We will be reinvesting everything we make for the next couple years to secure a supply chain in order to provide the tools needed for gun owners to maintain their arsenal and...
  9. Paolung

    When did NRA training get so expensive?!?

  10. Y

    Thank you for emphasizing safety training.

    I appreciate the emphasis on safety training. Can someone tell me the ways we are keeping guns out of the hands of mentally ill people?
  11. Cerberus Group

    Providing Free Training

    Am very happy to team up with Mike Glover and Fieldcraft Survival in providing my range for school officers, staff, and LE to train general firearms for active shooter situations...no charge.
  12. Cerberus Group

    Cerberus Training Group - Range Up!

    Range getting a much needed face lift. Back to 270 degree training. #loaderstractorsandcatsohmy #redrockarefriendsnotfood #270degrees #checkyourcompass
  13. Cerberus Group

    Cerberus Training Group - Revolver Operation

    Revolver Operation course will be held Saturday, August 20th 0900 - 1600 Cost 200.00 per person. https://cerberus-training.com/products/revolver-operation I started in 1987 packing a S&W Model 10 38 special for the Park Service. In the Park Service academy I was 2nd overall in firearms. I...
  14. 41mag

    speaking of a bit of 4" pistol target training....

    here's a couple paper target that help you evaluate where you may want to spend a little more practice. These are tough enough at just 15'. Do a few sessions to get familiar, then move them out a bit. Then add a timer. My performance changes with the timer. These targets come in a pad of...
  15. ATCclears

    Recommended book for gun-dog training?

    We have two English Springer Spaniel pups and one just seems very "willing", such that I thought it might be fun to do some informal training. At this time I don't have any plans to hunt with the dog. Any book recommendations?
  16. G

    I have started training I’m my now the family is interested and asked about.22L.R

    I have had one class and a private lesson, went with family. We all loved it shooting with red dots, lights, and laser. The told me we need more training I didn’t think that would happen and someone else said they want to take a class by themselves. The range is awesome. My favorite is a Sig...
  17. B

    Appropriate level of medical training?

    What level of medical training do you think the average person should have, and why? I have my own opinions on the subject, just curious what everyone else's views are.
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