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An amendment is a formal or official change made to a law, contract, constitution, or other legal document. It is based on the verb to amend, which means to change for better. Amendments can add, remove, or update parts of these agreements. They are often used when it is better to change the document than to write a new one.

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  1. bentoncity

    Washington  Support a new Governor that supports the 2nd Amendment?

    Just got this from Brubaker Arms in Yakima. (Professional Gunsmith) 1st I've heard someone with common sense and supports the 2A is going to run for the governors office in 2020. I 'suspect' ferguson is going to pitch his worthless rear end in or maybe inslee...
  2. RicInOR

    Other State  Needles CA - Sancturary City for 2nd Amendment

    California Town Declares Itself A '2nd Amendment Sanctuary City' California town wants to be a sanctuary -- for gun owners Was Spike, Snoopy's brother, from Needles? "Spike lives alone in a cactus, in the middle of the desert near Needles, California, "
  3. RicInOR

    National  BRADLEY BEERS v. USA 2nd Amendment violation?

    BRADLEY BRADLEY BEERS; JOSEPH DIVITA; JOSEPH DIVITA -v- USA In 2005, Bucks County, Pa. man is involuntarily hospitalized after threatening suicide, putting a gun in his mouth. He's had no mental health treatment since 2006, and, in 2013, a doctor said he could safely handle firearms. Does the...
  4. Honor

    Second Amendment friendy or at least not hostile banks in Vancouver

    I'm shopping for a new bank and am having some difficulty ascertaining which banks give to gun control causes or have restrictive relationships with businesses in firearm related industries. Who knows of banks in Vancouver (preferably in SE Vancouver) that I should look at? (The internet is...
  5. arakboss

    National  Description to P-R Act Amendment Promoting Public Ranges on Fed Lands

    New Federal Law Will Promote Target Range Development on Public Lands
  6. DB is Here

    National  NRA helps sheriffs fight gun laws in Second Amendment 'sanctuaries'

    NRA helps sheriffs fight gun laws in Second Amendment 'sanctuaries'
  7. RicInOR

    National  Even Legal Visitors to U.S. Can Be Denied Second Amendment Rights

    Even Legal Visitors to U.S. Can Be Denied Second Amendment Rights So says the Ninth Circuit, treating legal visitors as subject to the same reduced protection as that applied to illegal aliens.
  8. Vrod

    Oregon  Granddaughter is 2nd Amendment Advocate

    After 5 years of trying to get our granddaughter out of a bad situation in California, she's 14 now, we have succeeded in achieving legal custody and a few weeks ago brought her up to Oregon. Although thinking about it, what situation isn't bad living in California? Our granddaughter is very...
  9. DB is Here

    Other State  Florida returns to its Second Amendment roots after launching a gun-control movement

    Florida returns to its Second Amendment roots after launching a gun-control movement The act requires a safe-school officer in every school and provided $67 million to school districts to use that money to train and arm school personnel who weren’t classroom teachers.
  10. awshoot

    National  Largest Bump Stock Supplier, RW Arms, Announces Lawsuit Against United States Government

    Fort Worth firearms dealer sues government after having to destroy 73,000 bump stocks RW Arms ( Leading Retailer of Bump Stocks to Turn in Entire Inventory to ATF - RW Arms ) is suing for compensation under the 5th Amendment's takings provisions after turning in 73,000 bump stocks for destruction.
  11. Joe Link

    Oregon  [Curry County] Second Amendment workshop slated

    Second Amendment workshop slated
  12. arakboss

    Oregon  Potential Gut & Stuff List of 2019 Firearms Related Bills With Direct Amendment Links

    Note: I just performed the check through all these bills and it took about 1min 30sec to do. Volunteers for midday and evening check wanted. I put this list of firearm related bills together with links that take you directly to the Amendment list for each bill. Since the Gut & Stuff procedure...
  13. Schultzey

    Oregon  Defend the 2nd Rally 3/23/19

    Pro 2A Rally at the Salem Capitol Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 12 PM – 5 PM Event put together by Radian Weapons and Noveske Full details and updates at Defend the 2nd Rally For those not on Facebook, Radian has launched a website Defend the 2nd | Now is the time to stand together.. This post...
  14. WasrNwarpaint

    Other State  25 of New Mexico’s 33 counties have declared “Second Amendment Sanctuary” status

    Illinois State Rep. Terra Costa Howard (D) is pushing legislation to make it illegal for counties to declare “Second Amendment Sanctuary” status. Her bill comes as counties in Colorado, Illinois, and New Mexico reject state-level Democrats’ push to place more and more gun control on the back of...
  15. awshoot

    National  Hawaii Senators Seek 2A Repeal

    Hawaii signs resolution to repeal the Second Amendment The article indicates a Hawaii Senate resolution to request that the US Congress propose amending the 2A (there's a mouthful) has passed but the HI Legislature's page shows only that it was offered: Measure Status And it was only signed...
  16. gene of oregon

    National  Gun Control Bill Would Restrict Vets' 2nd Amendment Rights

    I knew this was going to eventually come about. This really F---ing pisses me off!! The liberal left really don't know how F---ing close they are to a civil uprising the way their headed!! Gun Control Bill Would Restrict Vets' 2nd Amendment Rights, Lawmaker Says
  17. RicInOR

    National  2nd Amendment Rights for Young(er) Adults

    much good thought at this link: Second Amendment Rights of Young People Couple more articles linked below:
  18. Jerry

    Washington  2nd Amendment Rally Woodland Saturday Feb 23

    There will be a rally in Woodland at Horseshoe Lake Park on Saturday at noon. Please show up if you can. It's to show support for the Cowlitz County commissioners and the Cowlitz Sheriff for their constitutional stand against I-1639. There was an article in The Reflector newspaper yesterday...
  19. ATCclears

    Supreme Court Rules Against Excessive State Fines

    Supreme Court Rules Against Excessive State Fines snippet: The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Wednesday that states may not impose excessive fines, extending a bedrock constitutional protection but potentially jeopardizing asset-forfeiture programs that help fund police operations with...
  20. rdb241

    National  House Democrats Plan Vote to Criminalize Private Gun Sales This Week

    This is truely a full on assault against the 2nd amendment. House Democrats Plan Vote to Criminalize Private Gun Sales This Week
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